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In Topic: DeAngelo says he's out for a few weeks with a high ankle sprain.

Today, 01:30 PM

High ankle sprains are hell on football players, especially skill position guys.


"Couple of weeks" is probably a pipe dream.


Its a cautious way of telling fans "I appreciate the 50mil and Im gonna try and be back as fast as possible"

In Topic: shula is a symptom, not the disease

Today, 01:26 PM

I dont know what you want to call the NFL. Passing league, Rushing league, whatever.  All I know is the calls you get from the refs and risk/reward you get for being a passing team outweighs any reason for having a heavy running team. At this point the rules committee and the refs are funneling teams to more passing.


You cant sneeze on receivers anymore, can barely hit the QB, tackling restrictions. . it just doesnt make sense to not take advantage of that. 40 yard penalty cause this guy blew a kiss at at a receiver while he was running his route. Now the receivers are getting bigger and it just looks like the defense can only answer by getting to the QB as quick as possible.


Fiz, you could at least make an effort to use a euphimism instead of 'when he's dead'. whatever

In Topic: DeAngelo says he's out for a few weeks with a high ankle sprain.

Today, 01:06 PM

couple of weeks? high ankle?


I thought high ankle sprains were a 4 to 6 week deal.

In Topic: Normally you can't blame a loss like this on one person, but in this case...

29 September 2014 - 01:50 PM

My favorite moment was Shula's call to run the draw on 3rd 8 in the 3rd or whenever it was. Somewhere John Fox is clapping and chewing more gum.

In Topic: Still working with 'Rudys'

29 September 2014 - 01:46 PM

I'd agree. And I'm okay with that.

Just have to have the right building blocks long term.

I don't think Bell and Chandler are long term starters.


I wonder how theylll run things when we do have money. I cant lie, Im still nervous about finding out that answer.

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