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In Topic: Thomas Davis on NFLN

Yesterday, 03:41 PM

Im glad he spoke his mind when it came to the pro-bowl snub. Good, let em know.

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

Yesterday, 03:28 PM

Considering they don't go higher than a third, no. And we didn't get one for peppers because we signed more people than we lost.


Well that sucks doubly . .triply because I was fine not knowing that.


So what if a player does want out of particular coaches' style and a team had invested in a Griffin Cousins type scenario where the offense didnt fit Cousins (not that it doesnt for the skins)? Cousins wants out and the team has invested a 3rd, or worse, Griffin wants out because the Skins decide to go with Cousins and theyve invested their future.


Either way its a tough blow to a team. If the latter were to play out it would be far worse and at the very least worth a 3rd. A 3rd is still spot to pick starters from.

In Topic: Godfrey back to S? Per BBR

Yesterday, 03:02 PM

Don't hate him.  Just don't like him at safety.  He doesn't seem to have the football smarts for it. 


Corner is a more 'reactive' spot (and the spot he played in college).  Fox and Hurney never should have switched him, but nothing can change that now. 


Had he been moved to corner prior to his big injury, I could have seen him succeeding.  Now, he no longer has the physical ability to play corner, and he never had the mental ability to play safety.


So whadda ya do?


Ya know I get it, I can justify the move. Passing league, same div as the aints. Fox wanted another ball hawk deep that could tackle and figured "well I played safety, I can teach anyone to play safety".

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

You only get compensatory picks if you lose more players in free agency than you gain, and like 90% of the time its a 6th rounder or whatever. 


They're not factors. The Panthers never get any. 


Still there sounds like a scenario in there that needs to be covered. A "just in case this happens". Didnt we get a 2nd for Pep?

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

26 August 2014 - 05:33 PM

11 seems ridiculous to me


No more compensatory picks for not signing your own free agents? I think its deserved to a team, especially when a player wants out of a particular system.

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