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In Topic: Medellin's Final Mock

Today, 08:35 AM

I went back and watched breakdowns on Humphries.  I'm sold.  Was the second best looking OT that I looked at.  This would be an amazing draft.

In Topic: Jamil Douglas OT Arizona State

Today, 08:33 AM

Those are impressive numbers.  Draftbreakdown.com only has one video of him, from 2013 when he was playing Guard.  I'd be interested to look up videos of him.  He is a bit on the short side at 6'4.  Will look up his combine profile for other measurables, like arm length.

In Topic: 4 Round Mock Draft

Today, 05:24 AM

I can get behind the first two picks.  Not crazy about Coats or Cobb in 3rd/4th though.  Cobb's about the 8th or 9th RB I'd want.

In Topic: Medellin's Final Mock

Today, 05:19 AM

Love it.  I'm on the fence about Humphries, I really don't know enough about him.  But I absolutely love picks 2-4.  I'm on the fence about Drummond.  Like Buck Allen.  The rest I'm unfamiliar with.  Overall: A+

In Topic: Who don't you want our division rivals to draft?

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

I'm going to flip it around.  I'll say who I DO want our rivals to pick at their positions of need.


1.  Bucs: I REALLY hope they take Mariota over Winston.  Winston's going to be a stud.  Mariota is Manziel without the wannabe rockstar attitude.  He will require the right system to succeed, and I doubt Tampa's is that system.


2.  Saints: I REALLY hope they take Shane Ray.  I know he won't make a good 4-3 DE and I'm about half confident he won't be a good 3-4 OLB either.  I'm 50/50 on Gregory, whether I'd prefer them to take him.  Beasley is going to be a monster.  I really hope they don't get him.  I hope they take Funchess with their second 1st round pick.  Not DGB or Strong or one of the other legit 1st round WRs.


3.  Falcons:  I'd also be good with the Falcons taking Ray.  Or Leonard Williams.  In my opinion, Danny Shelton is the best DT in this class.  He's a beast.  Leonard Williams screams bust to me.  I know I'm in the minority in that.  I also wouldn't mind them taking Gordon, really don't want them taking Gurley.