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In Topic: Requirement to be a top-tier QB

Yesterday, 09:26 PM

imagine Cam Newton on the Broncos

In Topic: This might be the week the NFC South bounces back.

Yesterday, 08:53 PM


I see all four losses.

In Topic: Newton Positive? Reed's latest article not too convincing to me for some...

Yesterday, 07:57 PM

Cam needs to start ripping Shula.

Express his feelings about the usual dumb play calling. See Rivers tonight.

In Topic: Shawn Oakman

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

It would hurt for some, but you look how Gettleman likes to build his team. Like the Giants run, Defense and DL. CJ isnt safe this offseason with his big contract. A Ealy/Oakman combo on the outside of our 2 young stud DT's to have the defense back to where it was last year and a much higher potential than even last years DL.
I feel with the way we are going now and be sitting there will be a Solid LT in the 2nd round for us (not a sure fire top 10 talent guy but a HUGE upgrade over Bell) and a good enough RT in the 3rd. With CJ gone there will be a little more wiggle room to find a real #2 WR we haven't had in a long time. Plus some team may be willing to trade a 3rd or 4th for a proven pass rusher.

Our Defense could be right back to last years level if not better (which carried the team)
2 new OT's which will be much improved what we have now.
My dream scenario Mock would be Drago in the 2nd and Daryl Williams in the 3rd, then possibly pick up a 3rd for CJ then use that on Green to go right back to be KB's #2

I love Drango, but feel that he's a 1st rounder. I can live with that mock if happens.

(1) Oakman
(2) Ereck Flowers
(3) Sean Hickey or Jake Fisher

Would trade CJ for a 6th round after this season.

In Topic: KB: In or out of Pro Bowl?

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

Watkins and ODB are coming on strong bc their OCs are treating them like no.1WRs/1st rounders!!!!

Shula is playing KB as JAG!

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