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#1470131 The biggest issue with our offense nobody is talking about

Posted by Marguide on 18 October 2011 - 12:41 PM

No, it's not just Cam. In the Atlanta game, for example, penalties kept us backed up close to our endzone. The offense as a whole hasn't learned how to play with a lead, nor has Chud called the right plays when we've had the lead.

The team as a whole needs to learn how to close games out.

#1469289 Happy Panther needs attention:::::GIF APPROVED!::::

Posted by Marguide on 18 October 2011 - 01:08 AM

The only thing I am going to boast about is that I was 100% certain that this thread was gonna suck when I saw who started it. Of course, as always, I was right.

Hey everyone, look at me! I am a genius!

#1469266 Please stop!

Posted by Marguide on 18 October 2011 - 12:33 AM

True, but it is also true JR made a conscious decision to buttf**k this roster leading into 2010 season for his own agenda. Panther fans need to be given the leeway to express their outrage at what was put on the field last year, and how this roster is still suffering despite the upgrade in the coaching staff this year.

I agree and would take it a step further. IMO, once Edwards went down we should have done something to improve the DT position. Instead, we wait until after week 1 to save a few bucks and when all that remains are leftovers.

However, that is not Rivera's or McDermott's fault. Blame MH or JR, but not the coaches or players (and I know you aren't; this is directed at others).

Most of my questions right now revolve around the front office, player evaluation, and cap management. We need to give the coaches time to put their plan in place.

#1461547 It's Falcon week..........

Posted by Marguide on 14 October 2011 - 10:20 PM

It's not that hard to get laid. Wins have been tough to come by.

Beat the Falcons and worry about the sex afterward.

#1452969 THE stat of the game.

Posted by Marguide on 10 October 2011 - 06:12 PM

How about this stat? Coming off of a special teams fiasco in Chicago, we allowed NO to block an extra point, and Rivera gave them 3 points trying to get different personnel on the field at the end of the half. Avoid those two plays, and we win.

Special teams has been as big of a problem, if not more, than the defense.

#1450806 Let teeray make you feel better...

Posted by Marguide on 09 October 2011 - 11:49 PM

... not only will we finally kiss the hot girl, we will be humping her until the sun comes up. :) :) :)

Strictly missionary, with us on top.

Okay, throw in a little doggie and reverse cowgirl, but that's it.

#1449958 We can play with anyone

Posted by Marguide on 09 October 2011 - 07:11 PM

Losses suck. I hate them as much as anyone. But those of you that cannot appreciate how far this team has come compared to last year are living in another world.

In 2010, we had zero, zilch, ninguna, chance of beating teams like the Packers, Bears, or Saints. This year, we had a good chance in each of those games, coming up just a little short.

Some of you are ready to fire Rivera, hang Chud, castrate McDermott and all of our defensive players because we have lost games to very good opponents. All I can say is apparently that group of people did not watch any Panther football in 2010.

Breathe in, breathe out.

#1445952 Panthers/Saints PFF Analysis

Posted by Marguide on 07 October 2011 - 07:29 PM

Nice analysis by Pro Football Focus. I especially liked the comments regarding the running game.


#1444552 Directly from the Panthers Facebook page............

Posted by Marguide on 06 October 2011 - 09:36 PM

Top Cats Gone Wild!

Topless cheerleaders FTW!

#1444203 Bold Predictions - Panther Edition

Posted by Marguide on 06 October 2011 - 06:09 PM

Prediction 1:
During the bye week, Rivera announces that Legadu Naanee has been promoted to #1 receiver. In his weekly press conference, Rivera applauds Steve Smith for his incredible statistics and congratulates him on achieving 1000 yds by mid-year, but defends the move by saying "Naanee looks like a young Randy Moss in practice". A humble Naanee thanks Rivera for having faith in him in spite of his 84 yds receiving through the first 8 games.

Prediction 2:
By week 10, Marty Hurney will have signed, and then cut, every available scrub that has ever put on an NFL uniform. Rivera, still not happy with the team's roster, begins to hold "Workout Tuesday's", in which fans are encouraged to try out for their favorite position. Two members of the Carolina Huddle make the roster, and promptly convince the front office to switch to all-black unis.

Prediction 3:
Week 14, Chud declares that running plays are for puss!es, and will be abandoned for the rest of the year. The Panthers go on to shatter every single season passing mark, while going winless for the rest of the year. After a tumultuous offseason in both Carolina and Denver, John Fox is named the Panther's new offensive coordinator.

#1443672 Schefter is picking the Panthers this week.

Posted by Marguide on 06 October 2011 - 01:23 PM

last week the run game worked

slowly the offense is clicking

Applewhite is the answer to our run stop (:))

Speaking of run defense, I noticed in the Chicago game that they used Fua and Fields together at DT as the game wore on, kind of a jumbo package on the defensive side of the ball.

They were effective at stopping inside runs. Unfortunately, the LB's decided to take the rest of the game off, so they just gashed us on the outside.

#1443433 I'm Actually A Little Scared of This Quote

Posted by Marguide on 06 October 2011 - 11:30 AM

Cool Smash&DASHGash, thanks for the neg rep......I def. see where my "troll" of a post should be poo on........:nonod:

Guess some people are kinda touchy. Fixed it for you.

#1441017 Cam Newton vs Andrew Luck - Now who would you choose?

Posted by Marguide on 05 October 2011 - 12:42 AM

Really? The guy has played four, FOUR, games. After the first few weeks of the '98 season people were saying Indy should've taken Leaf.

Ryan Leaf's first 4 games...

16 for 31 with a 54.8 rating
13 for 24 with a 78.3 rating
1 for 15 with a 0.0 rating
15 for 34 with a 22.9 rating

In those 4 games, Leaf threw 1 TD and 8 INT's

For the season, Leaf threw for 1289 yds, with 2 TD's and 15 INT's

Cam has already thrown for more yards in 4 games than Leaf did in 10.

Please don't mention these 2 in the same breath.

#1440525 When will the Pink end???

Posted by Marguide on 04 October 2011 - 07:08 PM

Better than border jumper day.

Congratulations on being the author of the most racist post I have seen on the Huddle in the last few months.

Here's a message from latin america...fug you.

#1438370 So now we are a 2-14 team?

Posted by Marguide on 03 October 2011 - 06:34 PM

Most of us are intelligent enough to understand how big a deal it is that we have finally found our franchise QB. A QB that shows every sign he is headed for super-stardom at the league's most important position.

Most of us are excited that a re-energized Smitty is tearing up the league again when it was not clear whether that would ever happen again.

Most of us are excited to see good utilization of the TE position after years of watching nothing but mediocrity at that position.

Most of us are disappointed that our defense is underperforming, but we understand the impact of injuries and having rookies at key positions.

Then there are a few that are seriously pissed that we are not a finished product yet after 4 games under a new staff.

Everyone can make their own conclusions about which camp is being more reasonable.

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