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#1508878 Rivera deflects responsibility for penalties

Posted by Marguide on 08 November 2011 - 10:23 AM

You can understand Rivera's situation. Invisible flags have at least cost us 2 games this season. Its not like our team is getting many faults starts or PF penalty's, its holding calls that could be called every single snap. I feel like the refs are not even warning players anymore they are just throwing the flag every single time.

The difference isn't as dramatic as it might seem. We've had 19 holding calls (18 that were enforced, 1 was declined) and 14 false starts.

Total offensive pre-snap penalties? 21. Throw in offsides? 30. So roughly 42% of our total penalties have come pre-snap. These are typically considered mental errors.

#1507342 Dispelling the new myth about our offense and defense

Posted by Marguide on 07 November 2011 - 11:14 AM

You just had to do this didn't you Teeray?

Now we will be treated to another "Homer's Odyssey" that no one will understand, but makes perfect logical sense to the author.

#1507130 "Talk about that kid in Carolina, but this kid Dalton is pretty good"

Posted by Marguide on 07 November 2011 - 04:07 AM

Of course you can just not with most. By NFL offensive standards which actually lead to winning, absolutely. But yeah Dalton's got the far easier schedule so who know how he would do if he had our schedule but I also have no idea what he would look like with Smith.

But Cam's has a lot of yards but they're primarily due to Smith, not Cam's amazing accuracy with the long ball. One of the worst in the league in pics and average accuracy. Are you really buying that a QB who's a 60% accuracy is more accurate throwing the deep ball than when he throws short? It's Smith. Everyone keeps getting it backwards and its insulting. Smith is carrying Cam most not the other way around. Dude has nearly 1000 yards in 8 games but 4 TD's. LOL. Who's getting his TD's? Think about it.

It doesn't matter if you use poetry or prose, you don't make a damn bit of sense.

#1503918 Madden 35 Cover.

Posted by Marguide on 05 November 2011 - 02:34 AM

Anyone that seriously buys into the idea of a Madden curse needs to know that their credibility regarding pretty much everything flies right out the window.

Come on. You guys are smarter than that.

#1503525 Dearest GRG and TRD....

Posted by Marguide on 04 November 2011 - 06:30 PM

GRG, I know you are a Skins fan and it is not unexpected that your opinions would differ. However, there is a way to do it, and a way not to do it, as pointed out by Floppin.

Boltergeist and Johnny Rockets are fans of other teams, but no one ever complains about them because they don't come on here and make snide little comments about the team intended to rile people up.

If you stay, great. Just don't act all innocent as if your intentions have been consistently honorable all along.

#1502272 Greg Hardy

Posted by Marguide on 03 November 2011 - 05:49 PM

Hardy's good.

Google's barrel roll search is too.

The OccupyTebow movement is even better.

If the last two comments leave you baffled, don't worry. It's sort of an inside joke.

#1501750 Reasons to Not Like Cam at This Point

Posted by Marguide on 03 November 2011 - 12:23 PM

#6 2-6

So why do you care? You are a self-declared Skins fan. Shouldn't you be more concerned about Beck and Grossman than Cam Newton? What is the point in coming on here just to talk sh!t about Newton or to promote Cinci's QB?

Explain it to us please.

#1500770 "How many NFL teams would trade their QB for Cam?"

Posted by Marguide on 02 November 2011 - 07:31 PM

If they had a brain in their head, all of them.

Yes, I honestly believe that. Given his talent, his age, his contract, his size and speed, and his attitude, he is the most valuable QB in the league.

Not the best; just the most valuable.

#1497382 Merril hodge says cam newton a top 5 qb right now.

Posted by Marguide on 31 October 2011 - 11:32 PM

Beat me to it rayzor. If Pantherball isn't TRD, he is someone that has studied and perfected the TRD "how to piss off an internet forum" playbook. It has to be him, because there is no chance that there is two guys on the planet, let alone the same forum, that act that way.

Pantherball isn't TRD/Camdemonium. TRD does what he does just to be a d!ck. He doesn't write walls of text arguing inane viewpoints, he just chips away at the edges.

Pantherball, aka PantherFan4Life, tries his hardest to pick out "facts" that support his particular world view, in this case, his belief that Cam is a narcissistic choke artist.

Very different animals, but equally obnoxious in their own way.

#1497103 Merril hodge says cam newton a top 5 qb right now.

Posted by Marguide on 31 October 2011 - 08:50 PM

Yes I do. I get that Cam Newton is good in the first 3. I do look at that. I also notice he crumbles in the 4th. And the numbers are from ESPN but you're not going to find the breakdown I did without paying someone money to get it, or getting some sort of insider service because I took the time and crunched everything game by game. Search for advanced statistics and you may get lucky but most of what you'll find in public domain will be about Brady or Manning. No one's crunched numbers on Cam just yet.

But that alone is not an indication of a HOF QB. That is an indication of a good QB. There are many good QB's but what actually separates good QB's from great QB's are those statistics I mentioned as well as winning close games and getting good at winning your share of comeback wins , which also separates winners from losers.

It's unreasonable to assume that he would be leading the league if he did that because he's not even average in that category. Cam's not that great statistically outside of yardage compared to other QB's right now. He's average. But he's just plain awful in that one so he could simply be average in that department and without having to do the "impossible". Like Dalton for example which beats him in every QB category except rushing and yards. And Dalton's average too.

And btw, I'm not bashing him. I'm just pointing out the numbers. It's not bashing. The numbers are bashing him. He's bashing himself.

These advanced stats you conjured up must be the same ones you use to show Dalton is outperforming Newton. "Cause it's not rating, it's not TD's, it's not yards. Dalton is a fine young QB, but he cannot hold Newton's jock when comparing performance on the field.

#1494698 Fantastic game Cam

Posted by Marguide on 30 October 2011 - 06:40 PM

Pf4L is the same guy that says Warren Moon (hall of famer Warren Moon) was not an elite QB.

What more do you need to know?

#1487527 Worrying about Cam leaving in 4 years

Posted by Marguide on 27 October 2011 - 11:47 AM

The mac attack talked about it as late as this morning, and his thought is do a new contract after 2 years I think. He may have said 3.

It's 3 per the CBA. Not allowed prior to this.

#1482873 The invisible Panther

Posted by Marguide on 25 October 2011 - 02:57 AM

We have at least a couple of threads a week about uniforms. We discuss third-string wide receivers, off-the-street pickups to plug in here or there, and next year's potential draft picks.

This guy gets no Sports Center highlights. No podcasts. No tweets. No post-game interviews. Nothing. And yet he plays every offensive snap without missing a beat.

So just want to give a shout out for Travelle Wharton, for showing up to work every day, doing his job without fanfare, and doing it at a consistently high level.

Yes, he is paid nicely, but in my book he deserves it.

#1480661 I want to make a playoff run

Posted by Marguide on 24 October 2011 - 03:06 AM

Fools still talking D when the truth is:

When Newton throws a pick: Panthers = 0-5.
When we have 0 turnovers: Panthers = 2-0.

Keep singing that tune.

Someone points out we're 16th ranked defense: Huddle..."but we're 28th in scoring defense".
Huddle claims "our O just beat a 5th ranked defense": someone points out the Redskins are 30th in scoring defense.

Why? Same reason as us: turnovers.

Hypocrisy? You decide.

Stop hating on the D. We win when we don't turn over the ball. Fools. Our O lost those games. If the O would have turned over the ball twice like it normally does or like it did last week, it would have been 30-26 Redskins. Instead the Redskins did to us. Amazing how defense looks better and we win when we don't turn over the ball.

Fools! Hypocrites! All of you are blind to the truth!

All the offense has to do is hang 62 on the opponent each game like the Saints did tonight, and we go 16 and 0. Defense is not a problem. Penalties? Forget penalties!

The answer is right in front of your faces! Wake up!

#1473444 How will Cam handle the adversity?

Posted by Marguide on 19 October 2011 - 11:23 PM

REALLY??? So when will u folks start having endless threads over-analyzing and disecting the issues of the rest of the team like u do Cam on a daily basis? Then maybe u can convince those who come to this site that u actually see Cam as PART of the TEAM and NOT just THE team..

Try actually do what u think ur doing.

You're wrong. Just about everyone here discusses every nonsensical nuance of the team.

Perhaps you only see what you choose to see.

Obviously you admire Cam like most Panther fans do, and that is great. Just don't turn this into a Cam versus the rest of the team thing, as it is not productive for anyone.

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