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In Topic: Want a rugby player?

Today, 02:58 PM

He's an absolute specimen and would be great at tackling or finding gaps and running lines as a returner/RB.

Unfortunately looks like the Lions are already looking at trialing him: http://www.theguardi...ding-to-reports

I believe it was the Lions who gave Carlin Isles a shot but cut him in preseason.

In Topic: Clinton Portis on WFNZ yesterday....

Today, 09:11 AM

What part of that post was wrong?

You don't become an entertainer and icon playing in Charlotte. The few greats we've had in Charlotte have known that and walked. Zo left, Larry Johnson left, Peppers left. Where did they go to? Miami, New York, and Chicago. Charlotte teams can overpay and the Hornets can offer MJ, but that's it. Unless you have a family, why would you want to play here all things being equal?

NFL salaries don't work like the NBA. There are no "max deals" in the NFL.

In the Hornets case, Shinn was penny pinching because he was cheap. J.R. and Gettleman are penny pinching solely out of necessity and, you could argue, for the purpose of signing Cam after some major cuts this coming offseason.

Just as you can spin things into "Cam is leaving" I can say the front office has made it clear that Cam's money and help is on the way provided they get through another lean year of Hurneys mess.

In Topic: Clinton Portis on WFNZ yesterday....

Today, 09:03 AM

Ten pages and counting based solely on speculation from CLINTON PORTIS...

In Topic: Clinton Portis on WFNZ yesterday....

Today, 07:49 AM

In all a seriousness I would take a break from NFL fandom if the Panthers lost out on Cam.

To think we have done so well considering the youth of the franchise and where our expansion counterpart is. To have what would be an unprecedented loss in free agency that would probably set us back to Jacksonville status would be catastrophic in terms of fan support.

Fans have the ability to justify alot of moves a team makes, but that's not one of them.

In Topic: Clinton Portis on WFNZ yesterday....

Today, 07:36 AM

I believe Kroeger brought up yesterday that Cam has already blown off contract extension negotiations until the season is over. It's a definite possibility Cam won't be here after his 5th year.

Athletes typically blow off any contract talks because that is handled by the agent. If we wanted a more clear answer on where the contract talks stand, Bus Cook would be the guy to talk to..

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