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In Topic: still hatin on Marvin Williams?

Today, 06:52 AM

He will prove to be one of the greatest free agent signings in Charlotte history. If he can give us 12pts per game, it will look like a very smart investment on behalf of the FO. Offensively this team already looks much better.

I don't know. If Lance reaches his ceiling on the contract he has here that will blow the roof off any other signing in franchise history.

Marvin was a bit of an overpay but at a very valuable and rare position not easily found on the market. Plus after this season it's a very nice trade chip being a 7 million dollar expiring contract.

Ideally I would like to simply use Marvin as a stopgap until hopefully Vonleh or Zeller develops into that role enough to become full-time starter by the time Marvin's contract ends. Same with Gary Neal and Hairston.

In Topic: still hatin on Marvin Williams?

Today, 06:40 AM

For sure....they definitely didn't look great for almost 3 quarters. I thought they looked pretty weak defensively until the end when they started buckling down. The Bucks were hitting shots, too, so we will need a larger sample size to know for sure. I'm pumped for Saturday.

This week is going to kill me. I'm already exhausted.

How'd Prohibition go?

In Topic: still hatin on Marvin Williams?

Today, 06:32 AM

A one dimensional McBob? Wow....

McBob could move the ball and acted as a point forward. Marvin's job is to space the floor and make shots.

I don't see any reason to get defensive.

McBob was much better defensively and learned during his time here to occasionally take a three as the offense allowed.

Marvin and Al are complete sieves on the interior and that as much as anything contributed to the giant deficit. I trust Clifford to get it figured out since we are still behind in terms of preseason because of injuries but that is a concern.

Why can't McBob be an important player, too? Are you that much of a homer?

In Topic: "I was just being Mike today"

Today, 05:44 AM

He just turned 21.


In Topic: Kemba and Hornets agree to 4 years/$48 million extension

Today, 02:27 AM

Bonnell says there will be a 1pm presser featuring Rich Cho and Kemba.


What impeccable timing this franchise has all of a sudden!

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