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In Topic: How bout them Niners?!

Today, 02:32 PM

how hard is it to get tickets hahahaha

they have 25,000 students and couldn't find 7,000 that wanted to go to that first game

Why'd you have to go antagonizing them like that? Let them have their thread.

In Topic: Never Seen D.G. Like This

Today, 03:08 AM

Some people just aren't great at crisis management. It doesn't help that I'm pretty sure that Jerry is such an NFL defender that he probably let them decide what to do, and the NFL just didn't have their poo together on this one.

This really shouldn't be a normal part of Gettleman's job, so I'm not worried about how he handled it.


In fairness to Gettleman and the organization, in July, this was the furthest thing from a crisis and would remain that way now if not for the Ray Rice elevator tape.


I believe the Panthers WERE doing what they felt was right and were suddenly forced into doing something they did not want to do and what they know now is truly a no-win situation. Going into every press conference knowing that whatever you say or do will ultimately be futile in getting the public pressure off your back has to be exasperating.


They are criticized for being ignorant and clueless only because they are trying to follow the league's policies, and with the league nowhere to be found, the Panthers, Ravens, Vikings and now Cardinals are having to make things up on the fly with front offices ill-equipped to hand out discipline since that has always been the league's job.


I believe a Goodell resignation and interim appointment of Tagliabue would give the NFL the stability it needs at a time like this, but there's too many egos involved for anything to happen and thus, we haven't heard from the league in awhile while the franchises are left to get their names unfairly dragged through the mud.

In Topic: Boomer: CAR is the best team in the league

17 September 2014 - 11:20 PM

I am pretty sure he went to Brown. Which is an Ivy League school. So it would seem he has a few brains cells to rub together.


And I am pretty sure he went to Maryland...

In Topic: Hurricanes 2014/15 Season

17 September 2014 - 02:37 AM

You do realize the Hurricanes have as much talent as almost any team in the league right?  The fact Muller couldn't take them to the playoffs is why his tenure was so brief.


It's the hockey version of the 2010 Panthers. Sure, the names looked good years ago but they aren't, and the organization's avoidance of the important positions needed to be a winner that haven't been consistent in years has come back to bite it. Furthermore, the cap situation is so dire, you have to tear it all down before you can build it back up.


I have to give credit to Kat on this one. For years I always saw Kat's posts about the organization as pessimistic for the sake of being pessimistic, but it turns out Kat was right about the direction this franchise was headed in the latter JR years. I used to be excited about the start of the Hurricanes season (hence why Kat's posts were always downers, ha) and maybe it's a proximity thing but now I am just indifferent. I have no expectations and no hope that promoting a guy from the exact same regime of the guy you just fired will turn things around.


I could always count on the Canes to be a consistent winner in the doldrums of those awful Panthers and Bobcats years. My how the times have changed.

In Topic: Adrian Peterson deactivated AGAIN indefinitely

17 September 2014 - 02:25 AM



Again, the test is, if Wes Horton would've had that TMZ video posted, how quickly would he have been released? 


My favorite line so far is "You can't just throw 13 million down the drain like that" like last year's division-winning cap sheet was the epitome of great spending.

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