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In Topic: Do we have what it takes to take the next step?

Today, 05:49 PM

Personnel wise we have the types of players we need, I just worry about the inexperience and especially coaching.

We are closer than we were last year, but I still feel like we are a year or two away.

In Topic: Hornets offseason

Today, 05:45 PM

If we're talking football, I'm good with Gettleman.

It's Rivera who has to prove that he has finally learned from his past mistakes as a head coach on gamedays for good this time.

Back to the Hornets. If Cho, and Clifford really aren't seeing eye to eye and working against one another, then one needs to go. Personally, I don't really believe that all those moves Cho has made are all against Clifford's wishes. Quite frankly I think Clifford is a little overrated by some in this fan base. Cho can take his share of blame, but in an historically weak eastern conference, it's Clifford who couldn't get it done.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings it both of them were shown the door.

It really sucks as a poster when you see a post like this^ with a disagreeing viewpoint and then you read it and think "Ya know, that's a really good point" and you can't really do anything to counter it.

In Topic: our captain Greg Olsen went out partying with his buddy Vince Vaughn last nig...

Today, 05:40 PM

The timing between Martz being in Chicago and Chud just starting to install his offense in Carolina is easily in my opinion the luckiest timing in Panther history.

This...unless we sign La'El Collins.

In Topic: Your Gettie... What you offering TD

Today, 05:37 PM


I wait to see how he is able to co-exist on the field with Shaq. I wouldn't want another Beason and Luke situation where they just did not mesh well on the same defense so one of them needed to go and in a situation like that you always go with the younger guy. You also have to factor in that he will be 33 in 2016. His body will probably start slowing him down so I would want to see how much that decline is.

It sucks to do to a Panther legend but it's business and since he has already stated he isn't playing anywhere else there is basically no chance of having to worry about him going somewhere else.

I hate this idea but like the fact that you're thinking like Gettleman.

That said, even if he doesn't fit, you can still extend him and bring him in as a situational player. His voice in that locker room is probably the most important, and that alone is worth keeping around. He doesn't strike me as someone who would balk at a reduced role.

In Topic: Hornets offseason

Today, 05:31 PM

Pretty much every fan in here was high fiving one another in the offseason, and talking about a playoff run with those players.

Now people say they suck, and have mentioned just every name on our team in the possibility of being traded.

Sure we can improve our roster, but it won't mean dick if our coach still can't figure out how to best utilize his players at the end of games.

I think the issue here is the extreme disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff.

You may not like Rivera or Gettleman (or either!) but at least they are on the same page when it comes to the style of football they want the Panthers to play. Gettleman finds the players to fit the scheme, and Ron can get the best out of them, especially on the defensive side. No coincidence we are experiencing some level of consistent success for the first time ever.

On the other hand, you have Cho, who wants to draft young athletes, and Clifford, who wants to run a certain scheme that relies more on skill than sheer athleticism. Something has to give.