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In Topic: Oh, What a difference a year makes..

Today, 12:01 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the season and playoff previews grantland did this year and hope they do them again for no other reason but to see if they eat crow for how wrong they were on this. They rated Phoenix lower than Charlotte.

Simmons is a bit full of himself and a homer but when it comes to prognostications he'll admit how wrong he is especially if it's as egregious as that. ^

In Topic: Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Today, 02:50 AM

This Carolina Panther fanbase is starting to become a bunch of whiny b*tches that complain about EVERYTHING.

The change from the Hurney philosophy where every player regardless of ability is a Panther for life to the Gettleman philosophy where every player is evaluated strictly on tangible value is clearly still a tough pill to swallow for some.

That and relatively speaking we are a younger fan base not accustomed to success. Therefore we wait for every bad break, no matter how minute, to confirm the idea in our minds that has grown over the years that we are perpetual losers.

It's like Browns fans, except they get national attention for their bad fortunes and we actually have the pieces in place to get out of this rut of consistent inconsistency.

In Topic: Charlotte Hornets Memorabilia

Yesterday, 08:13 PM

Thanks to everybody for posting all of this memorabilia. After learning that the Orlando Magic opened their own Hall of Fame awhile back, is it too premature to ask when the Hornets might expect to do the same?


I know the team's history is very young, but considering Orlando came along around the same time, it doesn't seem too off.


It all depends on whether they want to make one, but I think we have more than enough stuff to put in there. The story of how the Charlotte Hornets came to be is fascinating enough.


Muggsy, Dell, Zo, LJ easily make the first ballot. You can have a section talking about Alexander Julian and the influence of his design on 90s pop culture. The unique facility (at the time) that was the Charlotte Coliseum. You can include the return of pro basketball, a section dedicated to the Bobcats, and the return of the brand.


If you walk around TWC you'll see nods to NC basketball history all over the concourse. If you can bring that in to one Hall of Fame area, you'd have a really neat place to visit.

In Topic: When is the schedule released?

Yesterday, 07:26 PM

I made the case for Cleveland in another thread. There are storylines there:
First ever hornets game was against the Cavs in 1988
LeBron vs Lance revisited.


You have to figure ESPN/Turner already has Cleveland locked in for opening night at home. And probably against a contender like Chicago.


Champs always play at home to get their rings and raise the banner so that takes out the Spurs.


The past two seasons we have opened with Milwaukee and Indiana, so my best guess would be another small market. New Orleans would be awesome, but with Davis they might have too much of a storyline.

In Topic: Pats Claim Gaffney off Waivers

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

But it doesn't make sense why the Patriots would claim an injured 6th round RB?

Same reason we picked him. A project.

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