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In Topic: Bears benching Cutler, starting Clausen

Today, 08:05 PM

Johnny Football vs Jimmy Pickles battling for headlines.

In Topic: Johnny Manziel....

Today, 05:03 PM

Wait, you mean you can't rely on FG's to win games??

In Topic: Manziel early riser for Browns

Today, 01:12 PM

Manziel arrives early.


At least, we think he did, we saw a car like his pulling in to the parking lot.




The fug is this?

In Topic: Wednesday Cam Update: He Throws.

Today, 12:28 PM

Praise Juses Crust

In Topic: Couple things on the Stew fumble play.....

Today, 11:19 AM

It looks like the whole blocking scheme broke down, and the fact that Philly didn't engage in a block on one of the outside guys makes me wonder if the play was a possible smoke screen out the left and DA opted for the handoff.  The play was essentially blown up by the outside defenders coming up to stuff the corner.

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