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In Topic: Panthers draft hat has been unveiled:

Today, 02:14 PM

Do yall realize that every MLB player in the world wears a flat billed hat? It just takes time and patience to get the proper curve. Wear it forwards, get one that fits correctly, sweat in it, spray it with some water while wearing and let it dry and it will look just fine.

Or, just get one that's already made right.

In Topic: Icehouse!

Today, 10:36 AM

Get fugged up on some ciders too, strong.

In Topic: How not to get a headache drinking beer

Today, 10:35 AM

I know water is the key, but i haven't mastered the ability to chug any liquid whatsoever when I've hit that stopping point. So i typically say fug it, lay down with the spins and hope for the best.

In Topic: Welcome to the Beer Forum

Yesterday, 09:01 PM

Natty light

just stirring the pot

In Topic: Home Brewers check in here...

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

Best homebrew ever?