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#779744 Is your opinion of Mr. Richardson starting to change?

Posted by gmonet on 28 September 2010 - 09:00 AM

This thread has proven what I had suspected about the Huddle, and I feel sad I was right. The crude nature of this thread proves to me that most of the lame posters here have no f**kin' balls, are prolly in need of an acne treatment and show no class or sense of truth. Calling for a man's death, pain and suffering is beyond anything short of what this country has become...the amount of vile statments here would not be taken on the field to a player or a team executive...but you lame f**kers have the guts to spit this poo out on the site thinking people are as brain dead as yourselves.
Well, I take offense Zod, your site has shown rudeness is not an exception but a mind-set.
I challenged one person to show up at the field and bring any player who you can get, or any group of fans to BOA and walk up to JR and spout thi poo...but you saw the response or lack there of.
I would not sanction this poo anywhere and the fact you all let it drag on, but birch about a lame discussion about a logo is evidence of what crap shows up here.
You "death wishers" call yourselves Panther fans and call for the death or suffering of its owner are so f**king inane, I'll just say you likely belong to a sad group of trolls. Forword this thread to say Steve Smith, Beason or Brayton...see what THEY think of your poo!
Alverez...you can sponsor that tailgate on your own! Sorry but I am better than this.

#777944 Was at the game yesterday, noticed a change taking place

Posted by gmonet on 27 September 2010 - 02:32 PM

Ask Abh...and take no prisoners! There is rude and there is annoying...for too long they have annoyed us at BOA. Remember the Alamo and the N.O. post Katrina game! Just remember, there are cell phone police in BOA...rat on your fellow fan.

#751325 Hahaha Jerry, you're facing a potential blackout on Sunday

Posted by gmonet on 15 September 2010 - 08:03 PM

never post again you human filth

..and now, we have heard from another Annoited One desciple. You must be one of the "pay no tax" Geitner lovers, sorry you are so thin skinned.

"Honest, I thought it was funny!"

#730162 We pretty much have the same team we had back in 03-04.

Posted by gmonet on 05 September 2010 - 07:09 PM

Look at it like this. QB that nobody is really sure about. We can not be stopped running the ball (Stephon Davis, Foster, even Nick Goings....lol...Nick Goings) The WR group was a little better with Ricky P and Moose, but neither one has a light it up kind of guy. The defense was, and still is our best side of the ball. Hardy and Brown on our D-Line will be in QBs faces all year, mark my words. Decent corners, not great, but not terrible, and the linebackers are still awesome....please we still have Kasey!

Keep pounding.

I have to say that I find it sophmoric when some "lol" at a guy like Goings, who was never expected to be a OJ or Emmitt, but he delivered a hell of a lot of times for the Panthers. AND if you doubt what he gave, try to archive the Seattle game and look at that hit he took from Tatupu! We give out Purple Hearts for less punishment taken, but I did get the respect you intended.
So little is mentioned about the one "keeper" we have Carter! He might last ( in the pro-noun ) longer than Rhyss vander plunkt Lloyd! By end of 2009, ol' Rhyss wasn't doing much better than Kasey did at camp which was the 02-11 yard point.
Hardy is the surpise, and it is funny how Clausen is cooled down, don't you think? That's to his (Clausen's) benefit, now he can develope.
We are first a defensive team, and then a running team with a hint of 3 stooges thrown in for kicks ;) I think we are just that Not Awesomeness!

#726519 The worst Team in The NFL in 2010 is ....

Posted by gmonet on 03 September 2010 - 08:02 AM

Could be TB

#719041 Trying to buy tickets...need to know if these are good seats

Posted by gmonet on 29 August 2010 - 08:13 PM

Where is homeless?

You see those blue booths out in the parimeter? You got my ass laughin' on the floor Dockery!

BTW "Bully" ain't no bankers in my SC area, but there is an undertaker, a silk screen guy, a woman who works for CIA, and a bar tender who is dating a CEO...and I cannot figure out if he's dating the CIA agent! (Culinary Institute
of America)

#693413 Anyone else worried for Beason...

Posted by gmonet on 14 August 2010 - 07:50 AM

Abh and I brain trust eachother and agree that he has played this spot before, but that was a whole different venue. It made no sense to me, to take a guy, who owned the position, and relocate him. WE did not get max effect when we did that to our Oline, we managed...I want to dominate. Beason admitted it took a lot of eye movement and guessing, having to watch middle and side movement.
Davis is watching his career go down the tubes I am afraid. Sad.

#686416 Mark Fields Keeps Pounding

Posted by gmonet on 10 August 2010 - 06:15 PM

My stepdad died of the same kind of cancer that Mills had a few months before Mills did. I remember it was the worst time of my life and giving money to the Keep Pounding charity. I felt such a connection to Sam and Mark at the time.

Later I heard that Mark Fields had gotten a DUI out in Arizona. I really felt sorry for him thinking the cancer and losing his career was the reasoning for it. I hope his cancer comes back in his a**hole.

I get that...luckily, you and I have not walked in those shoes, but having had the "scare" twice, I think it should have made Mark a stronger man than this! I respect your pain...my dad too.

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