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We doan need no friggin' stats

29 August 2010 - 09:05 AM

...to know that the offense has got some serious penalty issues. With all the yappin' here about Matt Moore, did any of these "critics" watch how many times he made some awesome passes and had them dropped, called back numerous times for stupid FS or holding penalties? I mean he lost easily a hundred yards of gain from "bring 'em backs." Heaven help #69 if he can go through a game false-start free!
There is no humor in this however, and it clearly got to the media crew as well. The games whole tempo, and Matt's cadence was destroyed by the lack of OL and BF discipline! A word I am oft using, because the count is crucial and nearly half the guys did not show the discipline to remain fixed and ignore the temptations to react...which is part fo the ST's issue as well.
Can someone explain to me WTF is still going on with JG on this issue? I could like the guy a lot more if he was not the predictable FS'er he is.

Geezer with Attitudes (GWA)

27 July 2010 - 07:53 AM

Well your parents were probably getting their diapers changed when I was entering art school in NYC, Parsons School of Design. I was a NJ fella, an Eagles fan, and loving the Jets due to my meeting Joe Namath and having a college friend recruited by them...Dick Kotite..who would happen to become an Eagles coach.
I married a NC gal, and after doing my stint in the Marines at Cherry point, I stayed. Live in New Bern, am an artist and have art work in the BOA! I went to the two games to analize NFL viability in NC at Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Have met the Big Kat, and was his guest for a tour...he took me around the stadium personally.
I love the team, the State and love the fans. I'll be doing a series of paintings for my annual contribution, to the Sam Mills Keep Pounding Foundation, while at summer camp
If you see me painting, please say hi!

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