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Urgent: Referee Watch 2014-15 Panthers Edition

09 September 2014 - 09:18 AM

Ok. I was just sitting here thinking about that terrible roughing the passer penalty Sunday that I felt emboldened an already defeated Bucs squad. As Panthers fans getting pooed on by the refs is becoming almost something you can see coming as I did Sunday. The Bucs were getting embarrassed in front of their home crowd and the Panthers looked like theyre about to pull a shut out. Somehow I knew they would get "help" and so it was.

A couple plays later when DAs on the field he had one buc down behind his ankles while another basically speared him high and drove him into the ground well after the ball had left his hand. Coach Rivera was furious and... no call. This was right after the horrible penalty we got for our player running into the QB while upright and seemingly trying to pull up.

I've already ranted about the 49ers coronation we happened to be invited to last year in the playoffs. The refereeing in that game was suspect from the very start and became blatant by the end off the game with the guy jumping into our backfield and.....no call. The 49ers became emboldened when they saw THEY had the "help" that day and proceeded to do anything they wanted literally!

What can we do besides grumble? Organize! Let's call em out this year on their bulls**t! Id like to know if any of you guys have that have the capabilities to record and document theses egregious acts could record and post them here this season? The NFL should not be the WWF(WWE). Thanks!

Oh yeah! We are watching!