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#1655600 NJPanthers, your Twitter source for "Inside Information for the Carolina...

Posted by dixontosanders on 17 February 2012 - 04:12 AM

wow NJPanthers got slayed haha, funny thread.

He's probably still more credible than Jason La Caforna or whatever his name is, complete and utter flaccid bellend.

#1478642 Naked Pictures?

Posted by dixontosanders on 23 October 2011 - 02:06 PM

When are we allowed to view topless women?

I think maybe a subforum with a password code with at least 200 posts and age are allowed in?

The ass thread would be so much better....

:cam: :cam: :cam:

#1478382 Rex Ryan, Just die!

Posted by dixontosanders on 23 October 2011 - 01:24 PM

I hate Rex Ryan, I just wish he was never born, I cant be bothered to write about why I hate him, he's pretty obvious, his loud mouth, asshole.

#820892 Pittsburgh LB Harrison Will Get Fined

Posted by dixontosanders on 18 October 2010 - 06:41 PM

Harrison plays like the game is suppose to be played,

you guys wonder why your 0-5, because you play like a pile of pussies with no intensity and drive, they were awesome hits.

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#810429 Dre Beats Headphones

Posted by dixontosanders on 12 October 2010 - 03:40 PM

i love female ass

#695150 Giants set to get destroyed in week 1.

Posted by dixontosanders on 15 August 2010 - 10:04 PM

The Giant fans are nearly deluded as Jet Fans.

But the Giants will always have a place in my heart for the 18-1

#695113 Hottest Reporters in Sports

Posted by dixontosanders on 15 August 2010 - 09:22 PM

I don't know many but...

Laura McKeeman looks pretty decent

Posted Image

and Ines Gomez Mont is pretty hot

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#694723 Colts-niners blacked out on NFL network, not on any other channel

Posted by dixontosanders on 15 August 2010 - 01:42 PM

If you want internet link I can give to u

#676990 I have no fricken idea

Posted by dixontosanders on 03 August 2010 - 07:21 PM

IT'S Annabella Acosta

#676171 What the Saints should do with their Super Bowl rings

Posted by dixontosanders on 03 August 2010 - 11:29 AM

What the fug are you even talking about?? My response was to an idiotic statement that was made about Saints fans. It has nothing to do with whatever it is you are talking about.

Besides, you lost any credibility you might have had when you said that Saints secondary was putrid. Watch more football.

So where are these 6 Lombardi trophies in NC???

BTW, that pic you posted is not from 2008. It's from the 2006 season when the saints played games in San Antonio. Those people are probably not even Saints fans.

your secodondary is dreadful, it might generate a lot of turnovers, only due to sharper, you can pass on it like brady quinn did at college.

in the post season just gone you allowed 239.0 yards per game, and a quarterback rating of 117.0.

in the regular season you allowed 235.6 yards per game. and in 2008 221.7 .

you've been ranked in the lower 20's for two straight years, your secondary is not good, and will suffer when a clutch quarterback faces it. No not a peyton manning, a clutch one.

Wait until someone Like Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers faces the defense, tom brady should be back to full form this season, so wait a few seasons to face him again.

Maybe peyton will learn to be clutch and finish the job off, who knows.

I don't lose any credibility, I guess you dont look at stats, I bet you think you got the best fuging everything on your team.

So where are these 6 Lombardi trophies in NC???

Here is where you lose credibility, look at my fuging username, is everyone uneducated in louisiana? every panther fan can tell Im a Steeler fan, BY JUST LOOKING AT MY USERNAME, but I guess Saint fans think different, like out of the box differently.

#675210 What the Saints should do with their Super Bowl rings

Posted by dixontosanders on 02 August 2010 - 06:35 PM

Man, you guys make Falcons fans look intelligent.

Your team is still insignificant to the league, when Brees calls it quits, have fun going back to mediocrity.

#659820 NFL shooting for 18 game season

Posted by dixontosanders on 21 July 2010 - 09:09 PM

Rodger Goodell needs to be hang, what an ass, likes to ruin the league, I wont be surprised if he held a super bowl outside of america.

#658096 Jennifer Lopez

Posted by dixontosanders on 20 July 2010 - 06:25 PM

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#654659 Why Your Team Sucks: Chicago Bears

Posted by dixontosanders on 17 July 2010 - 07:04 PM

Why Your Team Sucks: Chicago Bears

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Some people are fans of the Chicago Bears. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Chicago Bears. This 2009 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group.

1. Sometimes you suuuuuuulk, sometimes you buuuurn… Congratulations, Chicagoland. Cutlerfuger is all yours now. You get the total package: the mumbling, the arrogance, the glaring lack of charisma. This is the stuff leaders are made of.

Stefan Fatsis spent an entire training camp with Cutler, and he's always been vehement with me that Cutler is a total fuging prick no one likes, AND that Denver was right to get rid of him (I disagree). I keep asking Fatsis to go on the record with tales of the Frown Cannon's legendary dickishness. Fatsis always refuses, because he's "polite" and "a real professional." Whatever. fug that noise. Let's lay it bare. Jay Cutler is an emo-banged cocksucker who makes his teammates want to rape him with a rake. You don't have to like your QB to win a championship. But you do have to actively not want to stop blocking for him so that he'll get a massive spinal cord injury and then be airlifted back to Indiana and left for dead. That's key.

He's also maddeningly inconsistent. For every brilliant performance Cutler gave last year, he turned in an equally turnoverriffic choke job, particularly during the Broncos' now infamous three-game losing streak to close out the 2008 season in which he tossed four interceptions and averaged a passer rating of 73.9. And that was when he had GOOD receivers to work with. Chicago's best receiver is a great return man who has yet to show that he can convert, Steve Smith-style, to a real #1 wideout.

Also, Charger fans would like to point out that HE fuging FUMBLED! GOD DAMN HOCHULI, YOU fug!

2. 1985 was a long, long time ago. Has any franchise ever gotten more undue mileage out of a single championship? It's as if the Bears won three Super Bowl titles in 1985. Look, that was a fine team, even if they played in an era where someone like Mike Ditka could somehow manage to outcoach other people. But Jesus fuging Christ, they make it seem like every player on the Bears since that time has some genealogical tie to Richard Dent and Co. You've won one lousy Super Bowl, Chicago. Your team has been a fuging abortion ever since. When the Chiefs win a game (hypothetically speaking, of course), headlines in Kansas City don't scream SHADES OF '69?! Clinging to 1985 isn't gonna help you any, Bears fans. Speaking of beating dead horses…

3. Can we get a fuging moratorium on saying "Da Bears"? Seriously, quoting that sketch was old back in '92. There are certain "jokes" that take up permanent residence in the broadcasting lexicon (New York FOOTBALL Giants is another) simply because talk show hosts and studio analysts lack the imagination to think of something fuging different. I bet Robert Smigel is even fuging tired of hearing it. "Let me ask you dis! Ditka versus…" SHUT THE fug UP.

4. Deep dish pizza is disgusting. Chicago is probably my favorite city in the country, but god damn is that one fat population. People in Chicago are so fat, they're windproof. A 200 mph typhoon could whip through that town and not a single body would be lifted off the ground. Top culprit in the city's meatwave is the deep dish pizza. Yes, the pizza for people who are too fat and tired to ask for extra cheese. Three inches of mozzarella? Check. Soggy bottom crust? Check. Potential for lethal food poisoning? Check. It's not that deep dish pizza tastes bad. Of course it tastes good. It's Chicagoans' ludicrous insistence that deep dish pizza is the only acceptable form of pizza. That's beyond wrong if you enjoy things like texture and not dying by the age of 40. The fat has gone to your tiny little brains, people.

5. The readers have their say. From Nathan J.:

fug their history of thinking that a fuging middle linebacker is more important than any quarterback.

fug the Super Bowl Shuffle and anything that keeps that flash in the pan team relevant in "all time great team" conversations. We get it. You guys were characters. Ditka was "blue collar" epitomized. The Fridge was more than just a GI Joe action figure - he was a mediocre defensive tackle!!! Go the fug away. These assholes are the '72 Dolphins for those of us cursed with living in Illinois. As soon as their always overrated defense shuts out a shitty Detroit or St Louis team, the 1985 comparisons start.

fug their "if you think that Tony Dungy is an overrated piece of soft spoken poo, get a load of me" idiot coach.

fug their Cover 2 defense. The poo has been figured out.

fug their philosophy of "defense wins championships" that made them ignore putting out something resembling an entertaining football team up until (probably) this year.

fug their "rivalry" with the Packers that gives that fat poo Berman a reason to be even fuging louder on Countdown for two sets of highlights per year. "Frozen Tundra!!! Lombardi!!! Halas!!! Starr!!! Ditka!!!" I get it. These two stupid fuging franchises played about 30 more years of NFL football than most of the others, so there's more history there. No one born after 1970 gives a fug.

Reader (and Bears fan) Disco Choo:

1. Jerry Angelo's draft record:
2001—David Terrell (1), Anthony Thomas (2), Mike Gandy (3)
2002—Marc Columbo (1), Roe Williams (3), Terrance Metcalf (3)
2003—Michael Haynes (1), Rex Grossman (1), Charles Tillman (2), Lance Briggs (3)
2004—Tommie Harris (1), Tank Johnson (2), Bernard Berrian (3)
2005—Cedric Benson (1), Mark Bradley (2) (next pick was Kyle Orton in the 4th round—best draft ever?)
2006—Danieal Manning (2), Devin Hester (2), Dusty Dvoracek (3)
2007—Greg Olsen (1), Dan Bazuin (2), Garrett Wolfe (3), Michael Okwo (3)
2008—Chris Williams (1), Matt Forte (2), Earl Bennett (3), Marcus Harrison (3)
2009—Jarron Gilbert (3), Juaquin Iglesias (3)

2. The secondary might be the worst in the league: Tillman is out indefinitely, Nathan Vasher being good was a farce, and even the guys you haven't heard of keep getting hurt in camp. The depth chart from the team's site currently reads: LCB Trumaine McBride/Corey Graham; RCB Nathan Vasher; SS Kevin Payne; FS Danieal Manning. Aaron Rodgers certainly is quaking as we speak.

3. After Cutler dies, we got nothing: Caleb Hanie and Bret Basanez.

4. Matt Forte might die, too: he was heavily worked his rookie year, rushing the ball 316 times and leading the team in catches, and this year could be similar. And he was such a nice kid, too.

5. No fuging cheerleaders?: from 1977 to 1985, Chicago had The Honey Bears, whom former owner George Halas loved and said would be around as long as he lived. He died in 1983 and his heirs ditched them shortly thereafter. No sideline pussy since (if you don't count Curtis Enis).

6. Tailgating is a pain is the ass: from Bearshistory.com—"In 2004, the Bears banned canopies, open fires and deep fryers from the lots, so in order to get one of the extremely limited number of grass spots where you are able to use a canopy to block wind, plan on getting there before 7 a.m." Oh, and it's cold.


#653625 Why Your Team Sucks: Dallas Cowboys

Posted by dixontosanders on 16 July 2010 - 03:06 PM

Dallas sucks because of their horrible, bandwagon, ignorant, stupid ass fans. AND the way the horrible, bandwagon, ignorant, stupid ass, sports media crowns them every year before they have yet another mediocre season. Oh yeah, did i mention their fans!

I believe it's the ratbirds this season lol for AFC though.

The Patriots one is best.

I'll post that just now lol Haven't read it yet

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