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In Topic: 60/40 in favor of Giant fans

22 September 2013 - 01:54 PM

OP is completely off base. I'm at the game and it's 70-30 Panthers to Giants fan. Giants fan were initially chippy, but they've been quiet since the sack fest started. Proud of these Panthers fans so far. Better keep it up!

In Topic: Where are they now? Past panthers

17 August 2013 - 10:12 PM

I read an article about how Biakabutuka was doing well in the fried chicken business.


Dan Morgan is a scout in Seattle.


Kevin Greene is coaching with the Packers I believe. He won a ring with them as a coach.


Colin Branch is living in the Charlotte area. I don't believe he is working.


Mike Rucker and Minter own the Ruckus house. My best understanding is it's a sort of tutor/daycare type place.


Chris Harris is pursuing a career as a Club DJ.


Eric Davis is on the NFL Network.


Steve Burlein works in the booth for NFL and College football.


Mike Minter is also a head football coach for Cambell.


Brad Hoover is a Head Coach for Union Academy, a charter school.


Mushin Muhammed briefly worked as a radio hose but has been dealing with back issues. He's worked with potential draft picks and Armanti Edwards as a trainer.


Brenston Buckner is the Defensive Line coach of the Arizona Cardinals.


Chad Cota is living in Oregon and is part owner in a small business.


I believe Stephen Davis is unemployed and dealing with side effects from a long, violent career in the NFL.


Jarrod Cooper created a non profit organization to help animals. Not sure if that is still going on.


Rod Smart lives in Charlotte and works as a counselor for youth.


Matt Wiillig has become a solid C movie actor. Always playing the big goon.


I believe Colin Branch is selling insurance with NW Mutual in Charlotte and Mushin Muhammad recently opened up a restaurant in the Epicenter.

In Topic: Why not roll cam out?

11 November 2012 - 05:39 PM

They tried play action boot on the pick six. Von Miller was right there waiting for him.

Obvious play to try and turn the tides.

Right on--I was coming on here to post this when I saw the thread title.

Play-action was a good call there, but they should have kept Cam in the pocket.


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