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In Topic: Steve Smith now in the top-ten for most 100-yard games

Yesterday, 06:21 AM

sounds like excuses to me. Reggie Wayne's ring is heavier than any of these excuses.

Wayne had the advantage of Manning (at least top 3 QB of all time) as his QB the majority of his most productive years, having another amazing receiver (possible HOF) in Marvin Harrison on his team. Add on that he was a first round draft pick, is taller, was on a pass first offense...

Not hard to explain how Wayne, who is a talented player and worthy of recognition for his accomplishments, has been greatly helped by his circumstances. Meanwhile, Steve smith was a third round draft pick who was drafted solely because of his return skills and nothing else, had an average to below average QB most of his career, was on a run first team, broke his leg and missed an entire season, was doubled teamed his entire career... Yet still managed to have an equally successful career and in comparison the only thing he didn't do was win a ring which is heavily team dependent.

If only smith had a ring I could easily say Smith, without a doubt, was the better WR than Wayne. Maybe he still has a chance.

In Topic: Active player with the most rushing TDs in a single season?

21 October 2014 - 06:10 AM

Probably my favorite Panther, due mostly to his smile. If our FO can see how useful he might be even at 30+ years old (see Fred Jackson and frank gore) I'd love to see him for 2-3 more full seasons as a Panther instead of just cutting him without contract talks (Steve Smith). Just dot pay him more than vet minimum but with incentives like if he breaks 1K yards or 10+ TD or something like that added in. IMO he is still better than probably anyone you'd get out of college next year outside the first round.

In Topic: On the Luke Kuechly Ejection

20 October 2014 - 10:07 AM

Those refs sucked all game long

these refs have sucked all year, and to me, not much different than then replacement refs from a few years ago.

In Topic: Steve Smith now in the top-ten for most 100-yard games

16 October 2014 - 09:42 AM

Reggie has a ring for his resume. Let Smitty win a ring and then I agree with your inequality.

Let's see,

Reggie Wayne with Peyton Manning almost his entire career and then getting Luck with a real focus on offensive upgrades during off seasons


Steve Smith not being getting many reps at the beginning of his career, having Jake Delhomme as his main QB on defensive oriented teams most of his career, still balling out at 35 years old

If anything, Steve Smith would have had a better resume if he and Wayne switched teams.

Biggest inequality though is Smith's height vs Wayne's height.

In Topic: Burfict Fined; No Suspension

15 October 2014 - 10:07 AM

He's on notice so he will either do it again and get suspensions and higher fines or he'll correct his play and not do it again.

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