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In Topic: WFNZ...

Yesterday, 01:56 PM

WFNZ is making a huge mistake letting that James from Maiden call in on every show on a week like this. I have to turn it off for at least an hour when I hear he's on.

In Topic: Norman was close to getting a flag last night.

Yesterday, 12:29 PM

u blind bro, a steeler was 2 steps away from him when he tried to scoop it up.  he falls on it, carolinas on the 13, not the 4.




When he muffs him no Steeler is even in frame. When he tries to pick it up, a Steeler is 8 or 9 yards away.

In Topic: Early Line Ravens -3

Yesterday, 11:57 AM

Next week feels like a season setting one. If we bounce back and win against a good team with the most pissed off player ever trying to literally slit our throats, I'd say the playoffs are in the bag. If we lose....it's going to be very tough.

In Topic: October 19th 2003

Yesterday, 11:51 AM

Another dick analogy by me:


In 2006, we played the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football when we were 4-3 in Tony Romo's first start. He ended up scorching us and we finished the season 8-8.

In Topic: Norman was close to getting a flag last night.

Yesterday, 11:45 AM

No, he still fumbled trying to make a play that he screwed up to start with.  starting on the 4 is better than giving them 7 to put the game out of reach.  maybe letting the punt go into the EZ would have been the best play.


Still disagree. Percentages tell you that the odds of fumbling twice on a single play are low. All he had to do was pick a ball up off the field with no one around him. Even I could do that. He would have been ripped if he had fallen on it with no one around him. His problem was his klutzy ass DID fumble the ball twice.

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