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#2208287 What was your reaction when they announced Star?

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 25 April 2013 - 09:14 PM

The most epic white boy Tiger Woods fist pump EVER.

#1893266 Cam's performance

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 09 September 2012 - 08:42 PM

Second half of the LAST GAME. As in two quarters against the Saints** when they were running up the score.

Poo. I read it wrong. My apologies. I'm just so used to hearing people say he played bad the 2nd half of last season because he wasn't throwing for 400 yards. I hate hearing it. My bad.

#1893244 Cam's performance

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 09 September 2012 - 08:37 PM

To play devil's advocate: Cam has struggled for a while now. Played poorly the 2nd half of the last regular season game last year. Played poorly in the Pro Bowl. Played poorly at worst and mediocre at best all preseason. And now played poorly to mediocre today.

Good news? That's just a game and a half of bad football when it matters. I'm just going to pull Week 4 out of my ass and say let's wait until Week 4 before we start saying he was overrated last year or is in a sophomore slump. He'll bounce back though of that I'm very confident.

Well which is it gonna be? Folks are yelling for wins, and we finished 4-2 in the last 6 of last season, yet Cam played poorly? He didn't have the crazy stats, but I would say he was more efficient.

#1757733 Carolina's "victor Cruz"

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 29 April 2012 - 09:45 PM

I wondered the same thing myself. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Maybe that helps?

#1734424 Can Someone Fill Me In On Jeremy Shockey

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 18 April 2012 - 01:04 AM

Agree with what everyone says about bringing him back on the cheap. That said I think Barnidge could thrive in this offense. He was never really a Fox style TE in my opinion. I'd like to see what he can do out there with this style.

#1679017 Ron Edwards

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 08 March 2012 - 06:14 PM

I'm still deciding who I want but I always chuckle whenever I read a mock that says McClain=bad Fua=good and another mock has McClain=good Fua=bad. It's like this constanly. I just find it funny.

Tangent Done

Yeah, I'm still trying to find any kind of tape to prove Fua=good, McClain=bad. At least McClain flashed and had a few big plays. Fua is more of a space eater, but I felt like he sucked at doing that, unless he was supposed to be occupying the same space as Charles Godfrey.

#1439135 How was holding not called on Devin Hester's record punt return?

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 04 October 2011 - 01:16 AM

I caught a lot of things that happened that cost us that game. Some our fault. Some not. But its over now.

#1412925 Brandt: "Newton is the most impressive rookie QB I've seen come into the...

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 21 September 2011 - 11:42 PM

We are gonna need a convoy of bandwagons by week 8 or so.

#1389117 Your feelings on Cameron Newton

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 12 September 2011 - 12:07 AM

That's the thing. It. Like you said, I don't know what the hell "it" is, but some folks have it and some don't. He does. There will be bumps in the road, but dang the future feels good. As excited as I can get about his future after one game against an average team, I'm there and then some.

#1374529 Anybody have ESPN Insider?

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 06 September 2011 - 12:31 PM

I do.

"Selke Trophy winner Ryan Kesler did it.

Calder Trophy winner Jeff Skinner and fellow finalists Michael Grabner and Logan Couture did, too.

So did Milan Lucic of the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins, Drew Stafford of the Buffalo Sabres and Nikolai Kulemin of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Each scored more than 30 goals for the first time during the 2010-11 season.

Chances are only one or two of them will repeat those performances this season. So who will it be?

From 2000 to 2010-11, 95 skaters scored 30 goals for the first time in their careers. Their average scoring level was 34 goals while taking three shots per game. In the season after their breakouts (defined as when they score 30 goals for the first time in their career), those 95 skaters averaged only 26 goals on those same three shots per game.

Historically speaking, in the season after their breakouts, scorers will see an average goal-scoring decrease of about 24-30 percent. In fact, only 17 of the 95 improved from their breakout season, with Jarome Iginla leading the way. Iginla had his breakout season during 2000-01 and lit the lamp 52 times the next season, winning the Art Ross (top point scorer), Maurice Richard (top goal scorer) and Ted Lindsay (most outstanding player as selected by the players) awards.

However, 78 players scored fewer goals than they did in their breakout season, with Scott Gomez (13 goals in 72 games in 2006-07) and Scott Hartnell (14 goals in 81 games during the 2009-10 season) being some of the worst of the group.

Do these players worsen? No. They simply regress to the mean.

Shooting percentage is a stat that carries with it a great deal of luck, which is why you hardly see players repeating performances that occur at the extremes. If a skater sees a shooting percentage far above the league average of 9.5 percent -- which has been very consistent from the five seasons before the lockout to the seasons following -- he benefited from more good breaks than bad. As a group, the breaks will even out for those players the next season.

As you can see in the graph to the right of players who broke out during the 2009-10 season, it is hard to follow up with a similar performance the next season.

Getting back to our magnificent seven from last season, we can expect one or two of them to have goal totals equal to or better than their breakout 2010-11 campaigns.

Couture has a good chance of repeating. He finished second on the Sharks to Patrick Marleau in goals and sixth with 56 points to help his team win the Pacific Division for the fourth straight season. His shooting percentage of 12.6 percent is not unusually high for a breakout season, and he did it without the help of Joe Thornton, making him a genuine threat on the second line.

Grabner, whose 14.4 percent shooting percentage this season was highest on the New York Islanders, tallied 34 goals. Six of those came while short-handed, which is a long shot to be duplicated. Grabner would need an increase in power-play time to help offset the difference, and there has been no indication that is forthcoming.

Skinner, last season's best rookie, has a chance, but history is certainly not on his side. Only six NHLers have turned in back-to-back 30-goal seasons as teenagers, and only Sidney Crosby has accomplished it since the lockout.

Kulemin, Lucic and Stafford all had shooting percentages in excess of 17 percent, so they would need to see another season of "puck luck" to make it happen, and the odds are against that.

Kesler was terrific for the Western Conference champion Vancouver Canucks, increasing his goal total by 16 to 41 with 31 assists. Offseason hip surgery to repair his labrum makes him doubtful for Vancouver's regular-season opener, but he has shown he can be a consistent 25-goal scorer in this league. With Malhotra bearing the brunt of the defensive zone pressures, Kesler can turn in a 30-goal season again -- if he's healthy."

And here is the summer skate article about the Canes:

Summer Skate -- Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes have a lot of young talent in the system, as Jim Rutherford once again quietly has done an effective job of creating a competitive team, while restocking the team's farm system. Carolina may have lost Erik Cole, but deciding not to sign a 32-year-old veteran forward to a four-year deal is a good move for the Hurricanes franchise, as Cole plays a rugged style and has had injury troubles in the past. Overall, this offseason didn't result in many splashes; Rutherford wants to continue to let his team grow together and become a force capable of delivering another Stanley Cup to the fans of Raleigh.

Trending Up: D Joni Pitkanen
Last Season: 6.3 GVT | VUKOTA Projection: 7.8 GVT

Pitkanen is expected to anchor the Hurricanes' back-end next season. The big defender has been unappreciated for the majority of his career, but VUKOTA sees a little bit of a boost in the smooth-skating defenseman's production in 2011-12. The Finnish rearguard is turning 28 years old in September and has produced at least 30 points in each of the last three NHL seasons. What makes him a coach's favorite is his ability to log big ice time and not look tired when doing so. With a new three-year, $13.5 million contract in hand, Pitkanen looks as if he will flourish in his fourth season in North Carolina.

Trending Down: D Tomas Kaberle
Last Season: 9.3 GVT | VUKOTA Projection: 7.0 GVT

[+] Enlarge
Kirby Lee/US Presswire
Zac Dalpe could contribute this year for Carolina if he adds a little more muscle.
The 2010-11 season was bittersweet for Kaberle, as the Czech defender won the Stanley Cup but was ridiculed continually by Leafs and Bruins fans. His stay in Boston may not have been memorable in terms of his overall play, but the veteran is one of the best passing defensemen in the NHL, especially out of his zone and in the neutral zone. However, his unwillingness to shoot limits his effectiveness on the power play. Playing in Carolina under Paul Maurice, where Kaberle's brother, Frantisek, flourished, may be helpful to his confidence. Of course VUKOTA is not so optimistic about Kaberle's production this season. -- Pollock

Pronman's name to know: C Zac Dalpe

The Hurricanes probably had one of the better sets of forward prospects in the league on their AHL squad, as Dalpe, Zach Boychuk, Chris Terry and Drayson Bowman performed well for under-22 players in the AHL. I could have told you to keep your eyes on Dalpe or Boychuk for this coming season, but I think Dalpe is just a tad better and his development this year was quite impressive in a season in which he earned AHL All-Rookie honors.

Dalpe is an above-average, fluid skater who can really push the pace due to his speed and work ethic. He isn't a flashy offensive player, but there's no true weakness in his game, as he can be a fine all-around offensive player and his defensive game showed notable improvement this season. The only thing holding him back last season was being a tad physically immature. If he has a good summer and comes to camp with some more muscle, expect him to push for NHL ice time. -- Pronman

#1364489 Cop busted banging a woman on hood of a car

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 01 September 2011 - 05:00 PM

She got served, but did he protect himself?

#1361441 Preseason Impressions: The Quarterbacks

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 31 August 2011 - 05:30 AM

IMO neither argument in this thread is right or wrong. Either you're gonna do what it takes to succeed or you are not. Maybe some guys learn better by sitting and watching. Maybe some guys develop better by starting from day one and experiencing what they will see for the rest of their career. There are a number of examples that coincide with each way of approaching this situation.

I understand we are discussing this because we all want our opinions known and it is great to read, but we must realize that the decision has already been made. All signs point to Cam starting week one-seventeen unless he is injured or something completely unexpected occurs. Just because he starts week one doesn't mean he stops practicing during the week. They can still work on his mechanics during the week. Cam said himself that he feels his biggest issue right now is trusting his decision making, you can't learn that from holding a clipboard.

Cam will run, and Mr. Scot is right he better learn how to slide because even if he continues to develop as a pocket passer, running is a part of his game that will be utilized forever. Of course we are all speculating at this point, but I really think we will all get a better grasp on how Cam will do THIS season once we see the approach Chud is taking with play calling. Mixing things up and keeping defenses off balance is always important, but when you have a dual-threat QB it's much more important. Can you see Cam playing a whole season under Davidson's play calling? That isn't using his strengths. I hope that beginning with AZ we will see rollouts, gadgets, and different types of running plays so we are dictating what the defense does and not the other way around. Cincy was able to load the box because it was either run, or a simple drop back pass for the most part. Get Cam on the edges with a pass/run option, this is the best way for him to be successful. Either his mechanics will improve or they won't. He has shown himself to be a hard worker and a huge competitor, which is why I'm in favor of him starting Wk 1.

#1361375 NFC South

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 31 August 2011 - 12:54 AM

1) Saints- 11-5 (NFC South)

2) Falcons- 10-6 (Wild Card)

3) Bucs- 8-8

4) Panthers- 6-10

That one.

#1359854 Gruden on the Panthers

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 30 August 2011 - 11:42 AM




Watch out. Under the new rules that could be a "personal attack."

#1356731 Take the Cam Newton pledge...

Posted by Double34Trouble28 on 28 August 2011 - 07:19 AM

I ___Jim Clausen______ do hereby pledge that Cam Newton has my full support as the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback. The fact that I did/didn't (circle one) has no bearing on my decision to live in reality and realize Cam is the biggest hope for a franchise QB that we have ever had.

In addition, I realize Cam will at times struggle, and promise not to throw him under the bus at any given opportunity. I understand that Cam is here under a multi year plan, and not a 6 week plan and I will never see the field again.

By accepting this pledge, your Matt Moore pledge started by some knuckle head last season is null and void.

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