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#2900077 Former Panthers Draft Pick Tim Shaw Diagnosed with ALS

Posted by boo7382 on Today, 02:45 PM

Sad to hear.

Most ALS victims only suffer physically from the disease.
My favorite uncle, Tim, was one of the few that the disease stole his mind.. The last year if his life he was mentaly
an 8 year old, although he remembered being a much smarter man. He was often angry as you could imagine.

Such a terrible disease.

I miss my uncle Tim.

Prayers to Shaw and hus family.


I miss my uncle Harlan too. We lost him 3 years ago.  Coolest guy Ive ever known. Went to see Marshall Tucker Band and the Doobies here in Charlotte with him while we still could. Was a huge Giants/Cuse fan and had developed an affinity for Cam as we had just drafted him.


Still can't talk about that without crying.


My organization (I work for a huge corporation) is sending around these emails with videos of our C level execs dumping ice on their heads and laughing.


Yes, its funny and let's jam up our entire email server with these videos, but myself and a few people have already emailed back asking if we plan on doing some sort of donation or matching donation for employees. Have not yet received anything back.


That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with and go through. Seeing someone you love go from a normal person and watch the process of their body deteriorating day by day is absolutely terrible. Everything was fine inside, he knew what was going on, but eventually had no movement from the head down. He was using a type to speak app on his Ipad. eventually, he was bed ridden until his last days where we were all around him as he left us. I can't imagine how frustrating and angering it must be to lose control of every part of your body and know exactly what's happening on the inside.


Words can't explain how happy I am to see that $13 million has been raised as of the other day.


But, next time you see someone doing the challenge, please ask them to donate as well. Its all fun and games, but those of us affected know how important research and funding for finding a cure to this terrible thing is, and we really are getting closer.


See below- just released on August 6th, this is what your donations are supporting!!




Progress against ALS Harvard researchers identify a promising treatment Studies begun by Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) scientists eight years ago have led to a report published today that may be amount to a major step in developing treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.


The study, published today in Science Translational Medicine, suggests that compounds already in clinical trials for other purposes may be promising candidate therapeutics for ALS.  The Harvard authors found that genetically intervening in the pathway that these drugs act on increased survival time of an ALS animal model by 5 to10 percent. While that is a long way from curing the universally fatal neurodegenerative disease, “any ALS patient would be excited about this extended life span,” said Eggan, who pioneered the disease-in-a-dish concept.

#2899188 Eagles trade for Barner

Posted by boo7382 on Yesterday, 09:50 PM


I'll never get to hear the Kenjon Bahnah song on the Mac Attack again. That was my favorite. :-(

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#2898567 Official Huddle Tailgate Announcement! *Please Read*

Posted by boo7382 on Yesterday, 04:05 PM



We have officially raised enough money for 3 games! I can't explain how appreciative I am to all your support and how overwhelming it feels to know you all have some sort of love for our tailgate!




I wish I could post a screenshot, but I don't want to divulge anyone's real names.


Closer to the season, I will be contacting you to ask how you would like your name displayed for donation purposes (Huddle or Real Name)


I know there are a few more people waiting until later this week for different reasons to donate, so please don't think you'd be late by any means. We will be accepting pre-regular season donations until Week 1. I will make an announcement before the cut off so you can get your sponsor T, koozie, etc 



I know a lot of you have questions sprinkled throughout this thread. Anything regarding starting times, food we will be eating, or specifics to certain games will be posted in the weekly thread we have during the season for each tailgate.


thanks again guys! 

#2898519 Official Huddle Tailgate Announcement! *Please Read*

Posted by boo7382 on Yesterday, 03:29 PM

A. I love Starbucks but $2 of your money isnt really worth my time, or yours.


B. I have never owned a pair of real Uggs, but Ill take that as an offer you will be buying me some real ones, thanks buddy! So nice of you to be preparing for my Christmas list this early in the year.

#2893450 Club Level Ticket Worth It?

Posted by boo7382 on 17 August 2014 - 09:23 AM

I'll be in club tonight. 50yd line.... It's nice BC you can drink liquor and if the weather is too hot you can go into the clubs.

That's about it. Lots of old people and people who Dont like to watch the games and complain about you standing.

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#2891549 Epic Huddle Debate. Dunkin vs Krispy Kreme.

Posted by boo7382 on 15 August 2014 - 12:42 PM

KK......no argument when its hot and ready and you can eat them off the rack, they literally melt in your mouth.



DD has better coffee drinks and stuff, plus if its connected to a BR then you can get the hook up with an ice cream cooooone

#2891515 Ice bucket challenges

Posted by boo7382 on 15 August 2014 - 12:28 PM

These are great, but what's even more great is that they are actually raising money from it.


at first, I was a little peeved with the ice dumping and not donating, being someone who has been effected by the disease, but I saw the other day that it has helped them raise $2 million already this year for research, which is just great. I also got an email from the MDA saying they were doing a huge one in in NYC to try and set a record this morning on Good Morning America.


I can only hope it continues to raise awareness to lead to donations which can help us one day find a cure to such a horrible, terrible thing. 

#2891432 Official Huddle Tailgate Announcement! *Please Read*

Posted by boo7382 on 15 August 2014 - 11:36 AM

maybe you addressed this and i'm a dumbass for not catching it, but is the donation an annual type thing or what? if i drop money on a zod package, is that solely a contribution to kickstart this thing and i still need to donate/contribute for food each game? how does that work?

If you donate to the initial, it would be included all season. Of course we would ask again down the road in the threads each week.

If you are donating now, you will be considered an "annual sponsor" by having your name on the banner and getting the Tshirt

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#2891372 Official Huddle Tailgate Announcement! *Please Read*

Posted by boo7382 on 15 August 2014 - 10:59 AM

I am so happy with the support we have already received, thanks guys! I really love our tailgates and I know we can make this work again, so thank you for helping to confirm that!


To answer some of your questions:


For people who are struggling financially currently or may be coming from out of town, you have a few options:


1) you could team up with a few other huddlers coming to the same game and donate together

2) we will never turn down donations. if you are coming for just one game and feel you only want to give for that game, that's totally fine too.


The goal here is to build a base so that we can get ourselves started and going and then build off that each week. So, if you are not able to donate until week 3, then so be it. If you are able to donate now by you giving $20 and someone else giving $20, that works even better!


I don't live in Charlotte, but would love to give to this worthy awesome cause.

We are more than happy to take your money from out of town!! I can gladly ship you a shirt, koozie, etc if you can give me your information.



We are not currently considering providing any alcohol. Mainly because some people drink and some don't and also because we don't want to mess with any laws, regulations, random rules I don't know about selling or providing. If we got enough people to agree or donate, we could consider a keg for one of the games, but I really don't know what the rules are for that. We WILL be providing non-alcoholic drinks such as water and soda. 



Is there space for actual parking in this lot? Or is this like a fan zone that Huddlers will congregate at after finding parking?

I've been told this is a pretty busy tailgate lot with some people who have been there for a long time. From what I understand, the only parking in OUR lot is in the spots that Roaring Riot has donated for us. It's up to him to decide what goes in those spots. We would like to have as much space as possible for our tents and banners, flags, tables, etc. However, there is plenty of parking around, especially down Morehead away from the stadium. I'm sure SCP or cookinwithgas could chime in since they already tailgate in that area.


After donating, hypothetically let's say Zod level, will there still be a weekly parking fee per game (if there's parking on site)?

We will not charge you for parking, but depending on where you choose to park, there may be a fee. I know if you walk far enough behind us, there is free parking past 77 if you don't mind walking.


Or is this just a Kickstarter like thing to build a pool of funds to sponsor things with and people will still need to pay for parking, food, drink, etc?

We ask you to donate something as you will have food and non-alcoholic drinks included. We are sponsoring this as the Huddle, but this is all being funded by us, as members.


Can I cook my own food should I want to host a small tailgate for some friends/relatives? 

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and grill if you would like. I'm sure a couple other people would throw stuff on it with you or bring their own. If you know you will be bringing a large group, please consider donating and then letting us know in the tailgate thread that week so that we can plan to bring more food to feed your friends and relatives. Just please don't bring a big group of opposing team's fans- that's a personal request from me ;)

#2891116 Throwback Thursday

Posted by boo7382 on 15 August 2014 - 07:45 AM

Awwww I miss Matt Moore. I always liked him as a QB. Giants game and Vikings games. All I gotta say.

On the other end of the spectrum, Damn you for reminding me of Everette Brown and the giant mistake he was

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#2890577 Official Huddle Tailgate Announcement! *Please Read*

Posted by boo7382 on 14 August 2014 - 05:03 PM

Hello again all fellow Huddlers! It’s that time again, PANTHERS SEASON! The BEST time of the year!


As most of you already know, our old tailgate lot will be bulldozed sometime in the near future, so we will be without a tailgate lot! 


Roaring Riot, Zod, and myself have met a few times throughout the offseason and have come up with an AWESOME plan for the new location. Below are the details. Please provide feedback in this thread as we will be using the responses we get here (both positive and negative) to gauge how successful this plan will be.



Location for the new tailgate will be 601 S. Cedar St. This is the location where Hartigan’s used to be (will now be replaced with Draught) and is right beside the practice fields. If you are familiar with the Morehead side of the stadium, Cedar is the first light after you go past the stadium on your right going towards Freedom OR if you are coming from the highway, Exit off 77 on Trade Street and take a right on Cedar. 


Map is below:







In addition to the tailgate spots that Roaring Riot has already donated to us in the lot, the following will be included for each home game:

·         Our very own Porta-Potty (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY)

·         Food from different local restaurants each tailgate

·         Short 5 minute walk to the stadium

·         Family friendly atmosphere (to a certain extent since I have a mouth like a Sailor)

·         Inclusion into a lot already dominated mainly by some of the largest Panthers tailgates in CLT

·         Water/Soft Drinks

·         Various tailgate activities including Cornhole, Kan Jam, Ladder Ball, Beer Pong/Flip Cup

·         Your awesome fellow Huddlers

·         Music provided by a DJ

·         Convenient Parking nearby

·         Close to WFNZ DogHouse

·         Tents, tables, silverware, etc. provided



We are going to structure this somewhat like our old tailgates, but with more benefits.

We have set up structured donation levels based on the dollar amount we have estimated to be spent for each tailgate. This is where we really need you to step up as Huddlers and commit, because if we all do not commit to making this work, it will fail like it has in the past.


We need as many donations before the Regular Season starts as we can get. Based on this amount, we will be able to gauge how much additional we will be able to provide for each tailgate (nicer food, more drinks, more cool free stuff for sponsors, etc). Below are the levels. If you are willing to step up and donate before the season starts, you will receive what is outlined with each donation level.

A Paypal account has already been set up for the donations. You can go to Paypal.com or simply go on your PayPal app and send money to huddletailgate@gmail.com. It takes 2 minutes to set up a PayPal account and it makes everything much easier.





Keuchly Level- $59.00

·        Name on the Huddle Tailgate Banner (medium print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor TShirt

·        Panthers Beer/Soda Koozie


Kraken Level- $76 (gun futon not included )

·        Name on Huddle Tailgate Banner (large print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor Tshirt

·        $10 CANS:Recycled Gift Card (very close to our tailgate)


CJ Level- $95

·        Name on Huddle Tailgate Banner (largest print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor Tshirt

·        $20 CANS:Recycled Gift Card (very close to our tailgate)



Zod Level- $150

·        Name on Huddle Tailgate Banner (largest print)

·        Huddle Tailgate Sponsor Tshirt

·        $20 CANS:Recycled Gift Card (very close to our tailgate)

·        Professional Game Photo by Zod (up to him if it’s football or budoir)


Total Effin Badass Level- $1,000

·        All the cool stuff you see above

·        Special Guest Host of the Carolina Huddle Podcast featuring Jeremy and Sammi Jo



As I said above, this will not work if we do not step up and commit. I love you all and we have really knocked it out of the park with tailgates in the past few years. Unfortunately, the sponsorships did not follow through in past years which eventually led to us cancelling the tailgates.



Myself and Roaring Riot have already donated $100 each to kickstart our funding. We are very committed and willing to do the work to provide a great tailgate for you guys, but we need everyone else to do their part to make sure we can sustain the tailgate throughout the entire season. Please help us to provide some feedback in this thread on whether or not you are on board.


Of course, we know you are all not made of money or not coming to every single home game. If you would like to team up with someone to split the donation levels,   you are more than welcome, every penny counts!

Thanks, I love you all, and I can’t wait to tailgate another successful Panthers season with you guys!! Rawrawwrawwrr


PayPal Info: A Paypal account has already been set up for the donations. You can go to Paypal.com or simply go on your PayPal app and send money to huddletailgate@gmail.com. It takes 2 minutes to set up a PayPal account and it makes everything much easier. 

#2888749 tell other huddlers your problems

Posted by boo7382 on 13 August 2014 - 10:02 AM

I am completely running out of time for women to pay me to take sexy pictures of them. I need to hire an assistant.



Definitely need a salesperson too  :cool:



Edit: I fully support this thread! I love you all and am always here to help. I'm usually the one asking the advice- so thank you to everyone who has helped me in one way or another in the past 5 years. I very much appreciate it!




Double Edit: Unless you are a Steelers fan, I think I would just make your depression even worse 

#2887381 RIP Robin Williams

Posted by boo7382 on 12 August 2014 - 07:40 AM

it's a wierd conflux of emotions for me. i have a daughter thats getting ready to be born tomorrow and it's got me all out of whack anyway in unexpected ways. i'm happy and excited, but also kind of on edge and little things have been triggering emotional responses that aren't the norm. yes...for the moment i'm a bit emotional. don't judge me.

then theres the fact that i have had friends who battled depression amd other mental illnesses who have ended their lives and i've because of a job i used to have i was there wwhen a few unsuccessful attempts were made and so when i hear about anyone committing suicide it brings back hard memories.

and then there's just remembering all the roles he played over the years on tv and in movies that i really enjoyed and since they've been pretty well spread out over the course of the past 30something years they bring back a lot of memories of what was going on during those shows and remembering where i was and who i was with and the movies themselves weren't just memorable, they had an effect on us.

i think the reason for some sadness is just that even though we didn't personally know him, his presence and the presence of many performers played an important role in our lives. their performances not only impacted, but played a role in the developing of who we are. certain lines and stories from movies, just like books and even music, inspired certain thoughts and in some cases motivated us in the paths we took and perspectives we have on life. in most cases, though, those performances were simply events that our lives for a brief moment centered around as children and teenagers and beyond.

the attachment to actors like williams and a sense of mourning comes from the fact that they put a face to those events and to those moments of inspiration and emotion. he was here. he had been here for a long time and his life impacted us and now he's gone and left this world in a sad way.

whether we should be attached to them to the degree that we mourn a little when they die doesn't really matter. i think it's natural for a lot of people to feel that because while we don't know the individual personally, we know the character and the story they were a part of that drew us in and connected with us on personal levels. they became a part of us and who we are much like real people who we come in contact with throughout our lives. i think it's only natural to be effected in some way.


I agree......the hard part is knowing that someone who gave you so many laughs and great nostalgic memories as a child was hurting so deeply inside....


its upsetting and sad because you think about his family and the people around him. how much they are hurting right now to lose someone so close while in the public eye. did they know? could they have done anything to prevent this from happening? how long had this gone on? how could someone so happy and outgoing on the outside have something so dark and deep going on inside?


That is why it is so upsetting. Its not that you "knew this person" as a friend, its more that you saw them through the years and they grew with you.  From Aladdin to Mrs. Doubtfire to Jumanji to The Birdcage throughout the years.



So, so sad that someone like that was suffering for so long. Very devastating to us all. My mom was always a fan of him when I was kid watching his stand up, etc. and it continued on into our generation. He touched so many people throughout his life!

#2880322 Hey Lola.....

Posted by boo7382 on 07 August 2014 - 04:07 PM

So this is what it's like being old. I want to say he's super hot but before I can really go there I see his face and he looks so young it seems wrong.

Just stay focused on the arms.....theyre hypnotizing

#2880259 Hey Lola.....

Posted by boo7382 on 07 August 2014 - 03:25 PM

Stocked it UP for this birthday! Love all my new Panthers stuff!

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