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#2740872 You're the last person on Earth.

Posted by bleys on Today, 09:09 AM

the last thing I'd do today, with everyone on earth, is buy church's chicken..  it would never even cross my mind to "rob" church's chicken as the last person on earth...

#2740403 Merlefest

Posted by bleys on Yesterday, 08:58 PM

It's at a community college, of course there's no alcohol.

I enjoy craft beer every now & then but I'd hate to be like all these people who get pissy when they can't go to an event & have fun unless they can drink alcohol. Pretty sad. You look up a music event & the first thing you think of is can I get drunk.



#2740401 Things that are the same fuging thing

Posted by bleys on Yesterday, 08:52 PM


#2740016 I'd like some feedback on a job opportunity that has approached me

Posted by bleys on Yesterday, 01:02 PM

Yes. I don't know if you are in the Charlotte area, but it sounds a lot like the Capstone Consultants ads that are plastered all over CraigsList. It's a scam and they are simply taking advantage of a young, jaded workforce fresh out of college that need to start paying back their student debt. 


Long story short, this dude I work with is 4-5 years younger than I am and he got suckered in to Capstone from a "sports marketing/sales" ad on Craigslist. They baited him that he would be selling like ticket packages to the Hurricanes/Knights, etc and he got hired on the spot. His first day on the following Monday was canvassing neighborhoods selling DirectTV "sports packages". Commission only. He quit the following day. I think he did mention that there were opportunities to move up to FT + benefits selling stuff, but they were basically middle men and you had to be an absolute shark with high numbers to see any sort of mobility. If you are a natural salesman and can sell ice to an eskimo, you can certainly do better than Capstone. 


My experience was back in Raleigh and wasn't door to door, instead selling DTV in Best Buy..  Although they had various door to door gigs too.  



and I agree..  there are much better sales jobs out there than going this route.  Especially for anyone naturally gifted at sales..

#2739923 The 4/20 thread; Like...the future is outside, man.

Posted by bleys on Yesterday, 11:02 AM


duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude...  my dog once got into my stash and was walking around like a bumbling idiot!   I would get his attention, and as he stood still, that left back leg would slowly creep out from under him (on carpet btw) until he lost balance.  Then the fuger wouldn't quit pissing himself.  He was a damn fool that night.


one of the most hilarious spectacles I've ever seen....  and yes, the dog was fine.  more than fine, he was hiiiigh as fug and would always try to steal my poo from then on.  Needless to say, that was the first and last time that ever happened...

#2739881 Getting 8 hrs of sleep/night for more than a week

Posted by bleys on Yesterday, 10:09 AM

for all you old people, compromised sleep wrecks havoc on your cortisol levels and can make you as insulin resistant as a type 2 diabetic. It crushes growth hormone and testosterone production.  Don't neuter yourself with a lack of sleep, you have an uphill battle already as it is!

#2739590 With our offense switching to 12 personnel...

Posted by bleys on 14 April 2014 - 10:26 PM


Am I the only person scared of Benjamin in the 1st? He's got potential obviously, but I don't think he shows it next year. We need a player in the 1st who is coming in ready to perform. 

I think most assume he's going to replicate Alshon Jeffery type success and it's clouding their judgement..    Doesn't hurt that big guy has Brandon Marshall on the other side either.

I did not realized most of the huddle missed this news.  Sorry :P


sorry, not sorry.   just read a fuging message board once or twice a day damnit!




Using more of does not mean switching to it as the base formation.

depends on how exclusive you want to consider a "base formation" for all of your game plan..  but regardless, with the likes of 2 old receivers who aren't fooling anyone as #1 receivers, it would be foolish not to use a 2TE set to open things up so they can at least face 1 on 1 coverage on the outside.    I would do this more often than not whether you consider it a "base formation" or not...


#2739556 John Clayton Weighs in on our talent at Receiver

Posted by bleys on 14 April 2014 - 09:59 PM

......the wheelchair?

#2739539 John Clayton Weighs in on our talent at Receiver

Posted by bleys on 14 April 2014 - 09:37 PM

You realize Clayton's wife is wheelchair ridden, yes?


I think he got sloppy seconds because I, too, made it to that same benefit dinner...  it was a drunken hazy night of debauchery.  You're not allowed to judge because it says so in the bible..

#2739331 We Have More Cap Space Than You Think

Posted by bleys on 14 April 2014 - 07:13 PM

Some times, not always, but some times. You make me smile. Thanks for that.

The key is absolutely hitting the draft well. You can keep your team well stocked. Allowing you to not only draft BPA, but decide which players get those bigger second contracts. I think we hit the jackpot with Rivera and Gman. They are two peas in a pod. This franchise is in a good place. And in good hands.

If he thinks you can improve this team, Gman will offer you fair market value. If you want to be a Panther? Sign on the dotted line. And the way he has filled in the back half of the roster, he is pretty good at finding bang for buck kinda guyz. Which is essential, along with drafting well, to being successful, and sustaining that success.

Now...Give him another year. When hurndogmagic is pretty much off the books. Then we get to find out who he really is. Who is he willing to pay? Where does he invest his resources? As of now? Gman gotz this. Can't wait to see what he can do with dollars, instead of the pennies he has now.


It's tough to win in the NFL.  I agree, I think if we ever become one of only a handful of teams that actually have a realistic opportunity to win a SB and compete year in and year out, it'll be with a GM who can locate talent outside of the 1st round and a coach that can coach up new talent, annnnd let's say...  put 5 rookies out on defense and still have massive success...


I don't know what Rivera is going to do with Shula but if we have players that can execute I guess it won't matter either way... 

#2738580 The Kraken's random tweet

Posted by bleys on 13 April 2014 - 09:41 PM

The Kraken's needs to stop with the random tweets and get a long term contract deal signed to free up so needed cap money.

Hey guys and gals, now you know what you look like when you make statements like this...

#2738013 Number One Receiver vs Two Tight End Sets

Posted by bleys on 13 April 2014 - 10:04 AM

2 TEs are going to stretch the field better than these high expectations on some WR in the draft providing real #1 potential right out of the gate..


but I don't see why having 2 TEs would delay drafting a WR in rounds 1 or 2, unless the BPA is that far off..  




#2736365 With these one year deals won't we be in the same situation we were this...

Posted by bleys on 11 April 2014 - 01:22 PM

again that is not the point. if you don't know the numbers it cannot be said well worth it.Just moving money around and staying in same situation, or condition is not well worth it.If we don't gain something under the cap then it is not worth it.so I know some have the whole cap thing worked out, that is the question can we gain good space in the cap number after signing Cam and Luke to move past the current 1 year contract mode of operation?


Beason counts 8mil towards the cap this year.  Next year I expect we gain that number back in instant cap space.  


Godfrey is 5.5 this year.  Cap hits typically always rise, so if he stays this year, then whatever number he would count towards next year is off the books when he is finally cut.


DWill will save some money next year when he gets cut but I'm not sure how much.  It has to be more than 4million..  or around there.



so to better help explain this overall..  each year we are gaining ground on about 22mil in cap space taken up by just 4 players (DWill, Stew, Beason, Godfrey)..  3 of which will come off the books next year in some form or fashion.


And if we don't sign Hardy long term, we instantly free up 13mil more in cap space.  If we do sign him, I don't expect his cap hit (regardless of what he makes per year) to be more than 4-8mil in the first 2-3 years...  


And CJ is getting very expensive, so if we sign Hardy, then chances are very good we'll end up cutting CJ within the next 2 years, freeing up about another 10-15mil dependiing on when that happens..




so with having 22mil in basically "dead money" (even if Stew/DWill play and contribute), then you have to understand what Gettleman has already stated:  It's inevitable that we'll have a lot of turnover the next few years.  They expect to always have the bottom roster rotating in and out, which I completely agree with, but as the dead money leaves players outside the bottom 10 won't be so volatile..   There will simply be more money to pay outside of 1 year deals, which is nearly impossible to do now.


They aren't signing 1 year contracts because that's their main philosophy.  It's being dictated by the thing that happened before Gettleman...

#2734622 Panthers sign Ed Dickson

Posted by bleys on 10 April 2014 - 01:48 PM

this should open up the field without spending a ton on an overpriced "#1 receiver" we didn't sign this offseason...  

#2734519 D-Will in shock over loss of receiving corp

Posted by bleys on 10 April 2014 - 12:59 PM

We have 40% of our cap at DE. TOO much $$$$

Dwill and stew count for about 10%

If your gonna use bs to make and argument at least half ass get it right.

You can have the coolest car in the world in the garage but without gas and a road what good is it?

Some of you idiots don't understand football at all. You just look at numbers and go dumb. If that's the case Steve smith should have been cut in 2010, ohh wait then he got a guy to get him the ball and threw up 1300 yards.

Get it?

Probably not.


I think the DE cap hit is closer to 20%..  which I'm actually cool with if you consider how much more important the DE position is over RB, and especially if you consider the production we've actually gotten out of all that money wasted at RB compared to DE...


DE is most likely going to get a larger portion of the cap, but what is killing this franchise is 10mil this year between 2 RBs, 5.5 for Godfrey, 8mil to Beason..


Despite just blindly pointing at numbers as an excuse why DE is holding this team back, the future philosophy seems largely dedicated to spending more money towards DE and DL..  22mil in bad contracts is still more devistating when looking at the Panthers future moves..


and 10mil of that coming from RBs who we could have replaced with Tolbert or any number of mid round draft picks is far too much to excuse if we are going to point fingers at why we can't sign a big name WR...

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