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In Topic: Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Yesterday, 08:13 PM

I liked the draft pick, but can't possibly see how any of you are this mad over an injured 6th round draft pick.

It's like I'm sitting in BK and I'm sporting a superfly BK paper crown when along comes a dude, he snatches it off my head, and slings it on the ground. Now there may not be a law against throwing a man's BK crown on the ground.....and yes it is "just" a paper crown that I got for free....and yes, I wasn't injured at all, and yes I may have looked silly wearing the BK crown....... But I'm still going to be pissed as hell about it.

In Topic: Peter King (Cam hater) will be coming to practice

Yesterday, 06:01 PM

I've got $10 that says he complains about the coffee and gives cam a backhanded compliment. It's the same thing in every article he writes.

In Topic: Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Yesterday, 05:36 PM

Haha I know, man. Loud, obnoxious, mouth breathing rednecks have really taken it as their own the past few years, though. They love it and you, too, can buy a t-shirt with the phrase in large lettering at your local Wamart if you'd like.

I'll pass on the t-shirt. I don't really have an opinion on at show because I've never seen more than 5 minutes of an episode. I did grow a pretty long 3 month beard last winter and after having people say "you must like Duck Dynasty" 500 times, I was ready to shave it. LOL

In Topic: Your afternoon inspiration....

Yesterday, 05:24 PM


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Somebody get Lola a mint Julep, a fan, and chair please. Stat!

In Topic: Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Yesterday, 05:18 PM

After reading your last several posts and opinions on this matter and the FO in general, I am not surprised you signed off with a catch phrase from fugging duck dynasty.

I'm really not trying to get in the middle of your pissing match but "that's a fact Jack" has been around long before Duck Dynasty. You should watch the movie "Stripes" with Bill Murray. It's pretty prominent in there. Also....My name is Francis but everybody calls me Psycho. If anybody calls me Francis, I'll kill you. I don't like people touching my stuff. If I catch any of you guys putting your meat hooks on my stuff, I'll kill you. I also don't like anybody touching me.....if any of you start touching me, I'll kill you.

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