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In Topic: What did you buy with your first ever paycheck?

Yesterday, 08:42 AM

My first job was in middle school.  I picked up sticks at a golf course for $3.25 an hour.  First paycheck was $32 and I bought this guy:



edit: meant $32 total on first paycheck

In Topic: This is hilarious... Broncos cut practice squad player for...

Yesterday, 08:22 AM

Stay away from chin-strap beards.  fugin tools, every last one of them.

In Topic: Car help.

Yesterday, 08:10 AM

I've been looking on craigslist and autotrader for the past couple of days because I'm thinking about getting another wrangler yj (88-95).  I think that's the best option if you're looking for something around $5000.  Even at that price, you will find that most cars have quite a few miles on them.  So like neckbeard has said, you really need to look at the car you're planning on buying.  Buying a used car takes a lot of time and research because obviously, you won't want it breaking down on you after a few months.  If you have $5000 to spend, I'd buy something no more than $4000 and keep the exrta money sat aside for the first year or so if it needs repairs.  I'm finding a lot of cars at your price to be 8 to 12 years old and that means that you will have repairs in the near future.  Parts wear out and break, seals leak, tires lose tread, batteries / electrical parts / senors fail, exhaust system fails, etc...  It's going to happen because cars are not designed to last forever, even with routine maintenance.  


But if I could give you advise from a few personal experiences it will be this:  Don't buy a car that came from the mountains.  More than likely you will find rust.  I mentioned in dex's thread that I bought a used Forester.  I got a good deal because the exhaust system needed to be replaced because of rust.  Needed a direct fit cat convertor (has two), and a new muffler and tail pipe.  Cost me around $700 dollars.  I knew upfront that the car was going to cost me a little but with the discounted price and the fact I enjoy working on cars, I thought it was worth it and have had no problems since.  


A few other things that I would check because of experience: check fluids.  I don't just mean radiator, oil, transmission, break, power steering, and windshield wipers.  All of these need to be checked, but you also need to get under the car.  Check differential fluid and transfer case fluid if it has four wheel drive.  On somewhat older cars, you might find a plug that screws out that allows you to check it.  You may have to stick your finger in to "feel" if it's full or not.  I had a jeep wrangler that eventually needed the rear axle replaced because the fluid had leaked out.  You could feel little metal pieces and it smelt like burnt rotten eggs.  Transfer case was also leaking so I had to replace seals and bearings in that. 


By crawling underneath the car, you will also be able to look for rust and un-even tire tread wearing (this could be costly to replace also.  Check the rubber boots oon control armsto make sure that they aren't broken) and check for leaks.  Bring a flash light so you can check the entire underneath of the car.  


If you do all of these things, the chances of you spending a lot of money in the next year or so will be minimal.  This is why reseach is key.  Never buy a used car on impulse.  Get the carfax report if you can.  Good luck.



In Topic: Best huddle post of all time....someone please find this..

Yesterday, 05:57 AM

this was a more recent thread...


http://www.carolinah...leaving +huddle

In Topic: Leasing my first car.

Yesterday, 04:11 AM

Your GSD is obese.


yeah he's pretty big. but still skinny in the waist.  he eats no more than 3-4 cups of food a day.  gets exercise everyday and has a lot of muscle.  standards suggest that male gsd's should around 85 lbs, but the reality is now, a lot of american bred german shepherds are just not that small (that's another topic to dicuss).  now i've seen german and belgium shephards around 130 - 140 lbs.  those dogs are obese.


without knowing an individual dog's height, bone thickness and pedigree, you're not really in the place to make that claim.  that's like saying the average human male should weigh 160 lbs. 

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