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In Topic: This week on "Things an old man probably shouldn't try"...

Yesterday, 11:21 AM

you just wanted to tell us about your tae kwon do

In Topic: Need to buy an iMac for work... *cries*

Yesterday, 10:40 AM

^ advertised to work in the 4k environment.  also is able to daisy chain other thunderbird devices.


here's more info:


In Topic: Need to buy an iMac for work... *cries*

Yesterday, 10:36 AM

how about something like this?



In Topic: Republican Retread Candidates for 2016

Yesterday, 08:10 AM

don't count out jeb bush just yet

In Topic: Mother of God

Yesterday, 04:36 AM

i'm pretty new to charlotte.  the other day i was really wanting some good pizza but wasn't sure where to order from.  i don't like reading reviews on yelp and would rather try for myself.  i ended up going with hawthorne's on 7th.  i got a large pepperoni and mushroom and an order of garlic knots.  i give it about a 6/10.  what places would you guys recommend around here?  not sure if any of you have been to sticks and stones in greensboro, but that is my favorite pizza joint.  used to live a few houses down and would walk there about 2-3 times a week for food or beer.


also, that frito pizza looks bad, real bad.

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