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weird people post here

Imo, it's full of 17 year olds and old dudes on plenty of medication. It's great isn't it?

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Yesterday, 10:48 AM

feel free to point out where i said he's going to do that in any of my posts. these are just things that NFL players have to deal with and it's well documented.

i mean the concept i was talking about is very simple and there are abundant examples of it. i don't understand why what i posted was so horrible.

Well considering this thread is about him buying something for his mother, then you rant about players blowing money. Forgive me for being confused.

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Yesterday, 09:26 AM

1. your family is just as capable of manipulating and stealing from you as any "crew". i'm not talking about mom here-every cousin, nephew, and niece is going to want a piece of that. and get this: it's also a lot harder to say no to cousin bobby and his can't-miss business venture than some random asshole. this is something we've seen over and over again among pro football players.

2. suggesting that a guy who is going to get a few million guaranteed on a mid-late first round rookie deal shouldn't make a habit of buying luxury SUVs cash before he's even played a down of football doesn't make me stupid just because you've been emotionally manipulated by a news story.

3. he isn't going to get his fug you money until his fifth year option is picked up (the value of which depends on where he's drafted) or he gets a second contract which is years out from now. that's if he makes it that far that is which is a roll of the dice as we all know.

The guy kept a promise to his mother. How in the hell does this mean he's gonna blow all of his money on the whole damned neighborhood? Apparently this had more to do with the promise than him wasting money. The huddle sometimes, I swear.

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19 April 2014 - 09:41 PM


As much as I love craft beer, it's hard to beat $1 PBR drafts 2 blocks from my house.

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