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#718705 Panther's in big trouble!

Posted by falconsfan1 on 29 August 2010 - 04:51 PM

Yeah, because Turner was so good last season. I always think it's funny to hear a Falcons fan talk about Matt Ryan. They will cling to any hope possible and still lose.

haha lets see who is laughing at the end of the season, at least we have a serviceable qb, you in the other hand....

With the first pick in the 2011(12?) Draft, the Carolina Panthers select......

#718673 Panther's in big trouble!

Posted by falconsfan1 on 29 August 2010 - 04:41 PM

Jake The fake is doing pretty good in the browns uniform, as for the other hand the guy wearing number 3 .....well lets hope his playmakers are injury free because he's nothing but a game manager at best (according to this message board) and for no one to expect him to put the team on his shoulders. Let me go back to my board and start a thread telling the guys that "hey, if matt wants to just hand the ball of to our turner its okay, lets settle for mediocrity, look at tho you might find yourself looking up at tampa. Leave matt in for the games against us tho, thanks, this time I really am gone! GO FALCONS!

#718654 Panther's in big trouble!

Posted by falconsfan1 on 29 August 2010 - 04:31 PM

Falcon's fan here, yeah yeah i-85 rivalry...blah blah blah. Look, A-town doesn't take to kindly to kitty fans, never have never will, but I like see what the competition is saying about us and get an insight into your team, and just wanted to remind you guys that we had a qb controversy back in 08. It was resolved within the first pass of the first REAL game against the Lions when Matty Ice threw a bomb and scored a touchdown, qb controversy resolved. Rookie went on to have a pretty good year even tho most pundits called for our team to go 4-12. I hear you have an anemic offense, but some say its just "preseason", and you have a stellar defense...and no mention of "preseason". Well get it together kitty kats does it mean anything? I never coached a day in my life, but to shut down your "O" its as simple as this, make your qb beat us and triple coverage smith.....because he obviously has a hard time finding anyone else = Automatic W. Anyways kitty kats, come chat with us sometime at the falcons board. Later!

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