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#1011339 Super Bowl XLV

Posted by Clawsome2 on 23 January 2011 - 10:18 PM

I'm back! Green bay all day

#860910 Moore and Connor done for the year

Posted by Clawsome2 on 08 November 2010 - 03:46 PM

How is that any worse than all the Clausen trolls like you making up 100s of excuses for why he sucks every game from here on out. What about all the Edwards trolls who will begin to talk about why Edwards should start. I bet we can get a few Pike trolls as well.

There should be plenty of folks to criticize Clausen's play moving forward. And I expect all the Clausen apologists to keep up the rookie excuse. One thing to note, before the end of this season Clausen will have started more games than Moore did coming into the season. Then I wonder what the excuse will be since you and others were so negative about Moore.

As for me I don't really need to say anything about Clausen. Everything I have said about him is coming true just like it has about the season, the veterans, lack of depth and backups if we have injuries etc.

Lol u dont get it do you. I am not a fan of clausen as a player, I am a fan of the idea of a franchise qb. I want an aaron rodgers, an eli manning, a joe flacco. I dont give a crap about garbage career backup practice squad scrubs running this franchise, if clausen doesnt pan out, I will make a new sn with luck or locker or whoever turns out to be our next good qb. If you like garbage mediocrity the bills are in need of fans. Glad that there is no Moore to talk about.

#860768 Sad breaking news....

Posted by Clawsome2 on 08 November 2010 - 03:01 PM

At 2:01 pm eastern time our good friend and troll panthers fan for life commited suicide. Some say he was depressed, some say he was going through a rough patch, no one will ever really know. But he left us his legacy as the best troll on the huddle. We wish him well, donations can be made to the family at mattmoores1fan.com . Keep your thoughts and prayers with the fam.

Ps moderator u can move this to smack

#818247 Are you in favor of Franchise QB or Game Manager

Posted by Clawsome2 on 17 October 2010 - 01:52 PM

Paraphrasing John Madden..."When someone says he's a game manager, that means he not a very good football player".

There are some people on this board, no joke that will tell you that our future is in the hands of a guy named Matt Moore. That he has struggled and looked lost, but is just as much the future of this franchise as Jimmy Clausen, or a #1 pick in the draft. I think matt on his best day would be described as a 190 yd qb/game manager. Matt is not meant to have a shootout a "kurt warner-aaron rodgers" 40 point playoff game. And those are the games that count. I'll be honest, jimmy looked decent in the saints game and he looked awful against the bears. But i rather take my chances with a rookie that could be a stud, or hopefully not but a big bust. Either way, the jury is still out for a rookie, but for a guy who hasn't been able to get into the field until the worst of the worst jake delhomme meltdowns.....it ain't going to happen.

#806399 10 Facts and Opinions: Panthers Edition

Posted by Clawsome2 on 10 October 2010 - 11:23 PM

1. It is all Jerry's fault. The season was set up for failure when the onwer did everything that could be done to not spend money. You are not the MLB's Pirates sir (18th straight losing seasons=owners ultra cheap) this is the NFL. He made it clear to not signing talent, to cutting proven players, and he was more worried about the NFL as a whole than his franchise. Your franchise is 0-5 because your basically paying for 3rd string talent, and expecting a first round bye. You are senile old man.

2. John Fox is an Average Coach. He has taken the franchise as almost as high as it can get, but has never been consistent enough for the good or bad. He has had 3 winning seasons, 2 division titles, and many forgettable 8-8s. He is not Belicheck, but he is not the worst of the worst. Sadly, his hands were tied in 2010 and now is just running out the clock.

3. Jake Delhomme was cut a year too early. After a terrible 2009, Jake was on his last legs. Fans were tired of his interceptions, but as bad as he was turning the ball over, the game was never really out of reach. He would have been a great mentor to a Moore and Clausen, and at worst a last minute backup with veteran experience.

4. It takes one season to go from worst to first. The 2007 Dolphins were 1-15, looked hopeless, drafted a OT in the 1st round and won the AFC east the next year. I'm not a dolphins fan, but it's happened to our franchise 1-15 2001, superbowl 2003, it happens all the time. All it takes is an owner willing to commit.

5. Other teams don't snooze just because Panthers are bad They go to practice, they attempt to make their team better, the worry about their fans, and try do do what is necessary to get the W on sundays. They come to play the game.

6. Jimmy Clausen is a rookie. He looked awful at times, and others he looked lost. He is a rookie, no doubt about it. I mean as much as I want him to throw for 500 yards and 6 TD every game, he is a rookie. He has a terrible receiving core, he has a laughable O-Line, and play calling that I could predict in the .500 section. Ugly situation.

7. Carolina needs a Franchise QB Above anything else, Carolina needs a superstar at QB. Either groomed or traded, but the trend is that if you want a lombardi trophy, you need a signal caller with big game. The idea of a game manager only works if you have a star studded defense, or a historically great defense. Rex Grossman, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson= Game managers with HISTORICALLY awesome defenses that went or won the superbowl. In reality all are scrubs who were career backups and could not replicate success. This franchise cannot put its future in the hands of a "Trent Dilfer" and expect success. Not with the coaches or staff currently at least.

8. Season is not over, but its not looking pretty. If we win one game before our 7th loss, we will be 1-7 (duh!). And that's the same record john fox had when he turned a bad team into an average team and almost made the playoffs in 2004. But the chances of that happening are ultra slim, and the rest of the league doesn't plan to play cheap and lay down.....to let the panthers catch up.

9. Matt Moore enigma solved. I wondered why he had such a drastic drop off and I think i finally figured it out. Turns out, when he went to "No pressure clean up mode" the rest of the team was already established. If we couldn't stop the pass, we weren't going to stop the pass, if we could run the ball, we could run the ball. And that's exactly what happened. The team was already established, the defense was okay and the run was AWESOME. All he did was go into a proven situation and not screw it up. This year there was no winning situation to insert into, it was from scratch, and the tools around him and his skills did not cover. We went 0-5.

10. I love my team, I hate the owner As the pain of an 0-5 season lingers on, I will not stop watching. I will laugh at the runs up the middle for no gain, and I clap when we pick off the ball, and die a little with a draw on 3rd and 28. I'm still a fan, I hope we go 11-5 from this point on, but I wish for a new owner. Or a new coach, or an elite QB, until then.....

#802411 Panthers Huddle - Gross talks about taking on Peppers

Posted by Clawsome2 on 09 October 2010 - 08:24 AM

False start, number 69 of the offense, 5 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down.

#802407 John Fox Last Weekend as Coach

Posted by Clawsome2 on 09 October 2010 - 08:20 AM

There have been whispers that this may be the last game coached by John Fox if the Panthers head to the bye with an 0-5 record. If this is really the last time we are going to see foxy and the last time we can post anything about FIREJOHNFOX or make some lame avatar, I just want to say thanks for the memories old man.

If it turns out that THIS is the weekend where he gets fired, I hope he goes out in style by making the last play of the game a RUN UP THE MIDDLE or a THIRD AND DRAW. That would be the way to go out.

Sorry its early, tired of reading stupid crap about burning jerseys and who sits with me to drink and watch the games...nobody cares.

#791983 Matt Moore's wife versus panthers55- a better comparison

Posted by Clawsome2 on 04 October 2010 - 11:52 AM

Lol his argument of 6-4 moore should be the starter has as much sense as the 2009 panthers should have won the division becuase thet were returning 21 out of 22 starters from thier 12-4 campign

#791898 Clausen versus Weinke- a better comparison

Posted by Clawsome2 on 04 October 2010 - 11:28 AM

Matt moore ftw, tarp is good, healthcare reform is great, wmds in iraq

#790495 Dear, people protecting Jimmy Clausen

Posted by Clawsome2 on 03 October 2010 - 07:53 PM

F UCK Julius Peppers, I hope there are more GAY clubs in CHICAGO were you can take it from your man openly.

#775209 I thought Clausen looked good...

Posted by Clawsome2 on 26 September 2010 - 05:05 PM

Somewhere someone in the fetal position in their matt moore jersey said to himself....

"Zod is wrong, 9/11 was an inside job"

#753513 Who to Root For - Week 2 Edition

Posted by Clawsome2 on 16 September 2010 - 08:54 PM

Here it is boys and girls, the weekly who to root for. Last week was a complete dud for the over-hyped teams (see Bengals, Jets, Cowboys, Chargers) and a complete surprise for the nobodys (See Washington/Tampa) So here are my weekly picks, along with where we would stand in the division barring the best outcome of the weekend. Winners in Bold

Tampa @ Carolina - Matt Moore will get his groove back and will calm the crowd for at least one more week.

Buffalo @ Green Bay - The pack just lost Ryan Grant to IR for the rest of the season. This is why preseason predictions always never come true, pull here for the upset bringing Green bay back to the pack.

Miami @ Minnesota - Minnesota deserves to lose this one. Not only for being the only franchise to beg their QB out of retirement, but because an 0-2 record would help Carolina ahead in WC contention.

Chicago @ Dallas - It really is a tossup here, I'm tempted to pick the cowgirls here just to even things out, but seeing them suffer at 0-2 would be sweet. Neither the Bears or Cowboys has looked very good this season.

Arizona @ Atlanta - No question here, lose their home opener, and the Falcons have a lot to worry about. A so called runner up in the division struggled against the Pittsburgh no offense squad. Call them overrated.

Philadelphia @ Detroit - Take Detroit here, not too much hope for that franchise, and they deserve a W for effort after that BS call last week. Detroit is going anywhere, and Philly may shoot for a WC.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati - Root for the Bengals this week, anything short of a W here and the spotlight will be on them for week 3. Carolina is ALWAYS the rebound girl for teams that are going to struggles. You don't want to see this helpless team come to Charlotte 0-2.

Seattle @ Denver - Denver here FTW - No brainier, root always for the AFC vs NFC.

ST Louis @ Oakland - Two scrub teams that the W OR L will not mean to us.

Houston @ Washington - Houston finally gets the redskins off their high horse. I don't hate the redskins, but they need to come back to the pack.

Giants @ Indianapolis - AFC Vs NFC - Giants need to be 1-1, Eli will lose to his brother.

New Orleans @ San Francisco - Alex Smith will put up a fight, the 49ers will cause the upset of the week, and Sean Payton will steal pills from the team pharmacist, everyone wins.

If all that happens Panthers could find themselves in a very good position tied at the top 1-1 with NO, TB, and ATL at 0-2.

#747404 Moore = Cassell = Kolb = Sanchez

Posted by Clawsome2 on 13 September 2010 - 10:26 PM

Casell has a TD and the lead

Damn you Matt Cassell making my thread looking stupid, throw a few picks in the endzone. :mad:

#747334 Moore = Cassell = Kolb = Sanchez

Posted by Clawsome2 on 13 September 2010 - 10:08 PM

Where does Jimmy fit into this equation?

Hoping, at a minimum, that: Jimmy > Brady

(The Quinn one, not Tom :D)

So far

JIMMY > PIKE > 12 Year old ball boy > Cantwell

#730823 Panthers are not who we tought they were

Posted by Clawsome2 on 06 September 2010 - 12:35 PM

Actually no one is. And for some reason this board along with every major broadcast (ESPN, NFL Network) and team message board assumes that there is a continuity in the NFL. That whatever was happening 8 months before the new season started is AND WILL be the norm for the new year. That was not the case 10 years ago, that is not the case today.

In countless hours of reading, watching, listening to NFL coverage, I have not seen one person claim a team lower than 4 and 12. The sad thing is that every year, nearly 6 to 10 teams have at least an equal or lower record than 4-12.

At the same time, for the past 14 years in the NFL an average of 6 teams has made the playoffs in which they didn't the year before. So to think that days or months before actual season starts, that you can pencil in a new world champion, as well as decide win-loss records based on the schedule is ridiculous.

That applies to all logic as well, 8-8 2008 Saints(5000yd QB year) becoming the 13-3 world champions is as equally as possible as the 11-5 panthers winning the NFC south or the 2-14 Panthers drafting 1st in 2010. That old QB browns Derek Anderson once had a record of 10-6 as a starter and got cut the next year, so those throwing out the 6-2 as starting QB for #3 realize that it could go either way, and I hope it goes the right way (nothing but wins).

Really no one knows what kind of team they have until late October, and no one here really can tell me with a straight face that our team is gonna rock or bomb, so with that in mind stop making stupid predictions and lets get this thing started, and hope we kick that GIANTS ass. Go Panthers

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