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In Topic: How bad is Ron Rivera?

Today, 12:47 PM

Rivera's teams seem to not quit on him and that is a plus



1.  losses to upper tier coaches and teams continue

2.  continues to embarrass in the prime time spotlight...he has his reasons for it but nonetheless it occurs;  he had a big win over the Pats last year

       in the National spotlight that could have very easily have been a loss.

3.  the talent of his assistants are questionable.

4.  his desire to accept #3 will ultimately doom him

5.  his in game decisions hinder his team more than help them.


#3/4   are the big ones.  .  Shula in no way should still be in his seat and Rodgers should never have been here.  Some of those ridiculous play calls yesterday should not be forgotten in the afterglow of a victory.  They had no chance, were called at the wrong times, in the wrong part of the field and  ruined the rhythm of the offense.


Special teams, awful.  No point in even talking about them.

In Topic: Harper Says TD Wasn't On Him

Yesterday, 05:14 PM

1.  it was a horrible defensive call


2.  how much better to say, don't know, we will need to look at the tape then say 'not me man'.  The question becomes, when is it ever Harper?

In Topic: Dear Steve Smith.....

Yesterday, 05:08 PM

As for Steve, great player, hall of fame player, who got paid very very well and still being paid very well by the team he ran his mouth about.



In Topic: Dear Steve Smith.....

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

Very frustrated by the coaching staff.


What there is to be proud of is a team, a very young team in many spots who kept competing and that says a lot for them. 


The players could have thrown the towel in and didn't.


That speaks well for the future.


Now, if only we could have someone who knows how to call rhythm plays for that offense.  High Hopes.  I have high hopes.

In Topic: Falcons expected to fire Mike Smith

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Smith is a good coach.


Unlike Sean Peyton, he isn't a dirt bag either.


The issue is the drafted talent and that comes from the GM. 


You have to have a defense in this league and they don't have one and while Julio Jones is an all world player, it takes more than that.


He won't be unemployed long.



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