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In Topic: Norwell and Foucault - 2 UDFA Offensive Linemen on the Final 53

Yesterday, 12:04 AM

It won't be long before the NFLPA steps in to prevent teams from IR'ing players that are not injured.

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Why? The more players that get IR'ed, the more players get paid. This would be the exact opposite of something that the players union would be bothered about. If each team stashes 2 or 3 players on the IR, you're talking about roughly 100 more jobs on NFL active rosters being made available.


Foucault looked like hot garbage to me this preseason. He has little noodle arms and he got put on rollerskates numerous times against weak competition. If they're hoping that those issues will go away once he gets more strength training in then by all means give him a shot, but I see him as a practice squad caliber player. Being big as hell is only half the battle. I like his athleticism but I don't think he has the demeanor or the strength to play in the NFL any time in the near future.


Norwell was significantly better and I have zero problem with his inclusion on the roster. It was clearly merit based.

In Topic: Hardy Seemed Upset About Something Tonight

18 August 2014 - 01:45 AM

I noticed how distracted he looked in game too. He's not having a lot of fun right now between the lines. It has to be hard to play a game in his situation. Even the most focused players have issues staying productive and not letting the weight of a contract year weigh on them. Throw in his conviction and you have a recipe for a dangerously disappointing season. It's going to be an uphill climb for 76 this season. It's good that we're seeing some positive signs from the rest of the rotation.

In Topic: If Hardy's conviction isn't overturned, he might not play for awhile

13 August 2014 - 10:56 PM

UGHHHHH that woman. The court system is doing a lot of work for this nonsense, and she might be screwing up my football enjoyment this season. Great. Half joking. Half.


So hey, you're a dope for saying that. Just thought I would stop in and let you know you said something really dumb. You should try not to do that in the future because then people will think you're dumb.


I say the more you can hurt a player for smacking women around, do it. Maybe, just maybe, a player will think twice about that before going all Scarface on his significant other. I don't care if it hurts Greg Hardy. Because the two words already hurt Greg Hardy in the court of public opinion and the real court of law: FOUND GUILTY


If the only way you can reach these idiots is by taking game checks and playing time then by all means use that method. This is more cowardly than using PEDs and more intolerable than recreational drugs. It should be reflected in the league's reaction.


You got any women in your life you care about? Put her into this situation hypothetically and read your own post again.

In Topic: 2 4 1: J.Jones top 3 WR's in mix..Charlotte new Fm sports radio

13 August 2014 - 12:23 AM

There is no way Bersin doesn't make this team. He has worked too hard and improved so much not to. Funny how underwood isn't even in the mix. lol.


He's not in the mix because fans know very little about what is actually happening and are basing their opinions on who is going to make the roster on 1 preseason game where Cam wasn't available and the yearly circle jerk that is training camp. I don't mean to minimize camp as being pointless, but it's certainly a step below performing in preseason games which is a giant step below performing in regular season games. The same people that are doubting Underwood making the team probably thought that cutting Hixon was a foregone conclusion at the start of the preseason last year. Not many teams bring in free agents and then abandon the plan after training camp. I'm not saying he's invincible, but he's one of the VERY few players at his position that has actually done anything in the NFL to this point. That's going to be a factor in his favor.


I think that Avant, Benjamin, Underwood, and Cotchery are the locks. I like what I have seen from King and if he continues to play well through the preseason he might make us keep him, but the fact that he's not an impact special teams player might hurt his chances to make our roster as an exclusive WR. He might be a player we try to stash. Pilares has something of an inside track on a position because of his history on special teams. He's not going to make this team as a WR when we have much better options. The fact that nobody is really stepping up and grabbing punt return duties for the ....third straight year is really problematic. Marvin McNutt hasn't shown incredibly well in camp and in this first game but things change fast. I don't think he's in a good position right now. Bersin is a fan favorite for being ....well let's just be safe and say because he's a local kid and JR's neighbor. I don't think he has a future on this team. It's a good preseason story but in my mind it's between Bersin, McNutt, and King as to who we keep on the roster and right now King is leading that charge. Plenty of time for things to change there but King looks pretty good regarding the players who are WR and don't return kicks and punts. Philly Brown has a shot at making this team and his competition is directly with Pilares as a special teams specialist. I don't think we're looking at him too hard at the WR position. Again though, it's going to be somewhat of a challenge to unseat Pilares because of the fact that Pilares has returned kicks at the NFL level before and Philly is going to have to beat him cleanly to make the roster ahead of him.







Pilares/Brown (Returner Slot)


If we only keep 5 at the position, it's King that probably gets cut here. Or somebody gets mysteriously injured in the last preseason game.

In Topic: Josh Norman - For Better Or Worse

11 August 2014 - 04:03 AM

The thing about Norman is that he's a playmaker at CB and as a result he's a risk taker. His blown coverages are going to show up on the score sheet and his good reads probably have a good chance to do the same. He's not playing for base hits. That's the positive and negative of Norman. He doesn't let the play come to him naturally. He doesn't embrace the fact that his first job is to make sure his cover doesn't get open. He wants the ball coming his way because he wants the chance to make a play on it. And this defensive philosophy is about being risk averse in the secondary and letting the the pass rush do what they do. He's the kind of guy that can have 2 interceptions in a game and you're still not sure if he played well because of how many times he guessed wrong and gave up chunks of yardage before the pass rush could reach the quarterback.


We need CB's that realize their job is not to be noticed. To position themselves so that the ball doesn't come their way but be prepared for the chance that it may and do everything you can once the ball is in the air to deny the WR's chances and not focus exclusively on your own chances of picking it off. Creating turnovers should be something that a defense does naturally and not something you have to force.


With that said, I am a Josh Norman fan. I like him. I like his fire. I think if we can get him on board with the idea that a pass defended on 3rd down is just as important as an interception then he can have a place here. Or even better that coverage so strong that the QB avoids you all game is the ideal outcome of any play.

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