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#3016108 Really? Fire rivera?

Posted by Vagrant on 12 October 2014 - 04:24 PM

You don't give the other offense the chance to win the game when you have the ball in your hands. You win or lose with your offense on the field in overtime in that position. I don't care what happens. I would have respected Ron if he had made the call to try to win the game. If not for a miraculous shank we WOULD have lost that game with our defense that gave up 40 points on the field and couldn't stop the Bengals from moving the ball all day long. Cam was in a rhythm and we needed 2 yards at most to continue the drive.


A tie does basically nothing for us. You have the ball in your hands. Your defense has sucked. You can win it with a touchdown. There is NO time left for another drive even if you get a defensive stop. Zero timeouts. The BEST you could hope for if you didn't convert there is a tie. No chance of winning the game. It was a horrible call.

#2992396 Steve Smith Is ON WFNZ Having A Confessional, Won't Let the Story End

Posted by Vagrant on 01 October 2014 - 01:39 PM

Dude had a few scuffles in camp with other grown men. It's hilarious to me how many people are trash talking about Steve's "record" of hitting teammates when he hit 2 guys in 13 years in the heat of battle and on the other hand are defending Greg Hardy to the very last for putting his hands on a woman and being a general piece of poo even before that event. Steve has done more for this community in Charlotte than any one of you could ever dream, too.


Whatever, man. I know where the real fans are. If you don't love Steve you've got a fruitfly memory of all the amazing things he did for this team and the loyalty he showed this market when things were looking terrible. How many legit number one WR would have handled the decline of Jake, the Pickles era, the Matt Moore era, the David Carr era, the Vinny Testaverde era, the Brian St. Pierre era without going public to the media and demanding to be traded to a contender or at least a place with a real quarterback? If Steve doesn't make the HOF it'll be because he didn't do that and go chase a ring when things got tough here. And for all that, WE bailed on HIM when he showed the first sign of slowing down.

#2976345 Stephen Hill "Before and After?"

Posted by Vagrant on 24 September 2014 - 01:00 PM

Is it just me or is it only the camera angle that has changed and he's still not even really looking the ball into his hands?

#2974566 You find out who the true Panthers fans are

Posted by Vagrant on 23 September 2014 - 08:45 AM

If you can't cheer for a player who gave your franchise everything he had for 13 years and put up HOF numbers for your squad then you my friend are a fan of a jersey. And realize how stupid that is for a minute. I am fans of the guys that fill these uniforms just as much as I am a fan of their success on the field. We have always had really good men playing for this team. Props to 89 for showing that Gettleman was flat out wrong in his evaluation of him being washed up. And if you take anything 89 says about Gettleman personally, then you need to get a grip. Gettleman tossed him out like yesterday's garbage and Smith of all people isn't allowed to use that as motivation? What was he supposed to do curl up and quit playing football? Please. This same fire you're hating from 89 is the same you used to cheer on Sunday and now you're all hurt about it? 


Gettleman didn't like his attitude because Gettleman didn't understand him. He misjudged him and it's costing us. I'm happy for Smith and hope he hauls in 1500 yards this season, but I hope he gets held to 0 catches this week because that will help the Panthers win. Bottom line.

#2970403 We might have something in Philly Brown

Posted by Vagrant on 21 September 2014 - 10:03 PM

Byron Bell is a turd sandwich and I hope he gets cut.

#2966516 Rivera's Asutute Observation: "...Make Sure This Never Happens Again....

Posted by Vagrant on 21 September 2014 - 07:22 AM

The way to cause a person predisposed to violence from acting upon those violent impulses is to have an awareness of the repercussions of those actions. Previously to the three cases you mentioned, the punishments were not nearly enough either socially or by the determination of the league to make any significant impact on behavior. We live in one of the most lenient on the rich and hard on the poor countries in the world from a justice system standpoint. Thomas Davis posted some statistics about the members of Congress that was actually really profound regarding the number of domestic abuses, driving under the influence, and other socially problematic behaviors that those men and women were responsible. 


When a wave of consciousness comes and the public demands harsher stances, there are going to be a few that are singled out seemingly unfairly as the new protocol becomes an established part of how cases are to be viewed from that point forward. The NFL is screwing this up big time by making everything so murky and indefinite. There needs to be a clear protocol for how these situations are handled. From the moment that the DA decides to pursue charges, there needs to be an open dialogue with the player, the team, and the league about how to proceed. Once a verdict is rendered, there needs to be further action. If Guilty, there needs to be a protocol in place. If Not Guilty, restitution of any pay missed or fines related to absence dropped. If there are no grounds to appeal, suspension will be effective immediately. I know that not all cases are as clear cut, but right now it seems like Goodell is standing with his hands out to his public relations department screaming "Somebody PLEASE tell me what to do!", and nobody is giving him a satisfactory answer and he's a coward for not making the call on his own.


But back to the main point, it's going to look like a witch hunt against the players while this new protocol is sorted out but it's not. The public has demanded that we remove people who commit acts of violence against women and children out of the game as proportionate to the severity of the incident. That's a step in the proper direction. I can't be mad at the movement because it's one that needs to happen. I can't be mad that Hardy put himself in such a dumb position to make this issue apply to him. You just have to let the process play out and invest in players who are good citizens off the field as well as talented football players. That becomes even more a point of emphasis. It used to not be even remotely a consideration because it was such a light slap on the wrist even if your player was found guilty. That's progress.

#2962945 Leave your Hardy jerseys at home

Posted by Vagrant on 18 September 2014 - 03:02 PM

This was a good thread to show us how many rednecks we have among us, so for that I appreciate the OP.

#2954273 Melvin White + Bene Benwikere; plus some secondary notes

Posted by Vagrant on 15 September 2014 - 06:04 AM

They had a great gameplan. Put your biggest and most physical corners on Megatron and give them plenty of safety help. Make Stafford beat you with Golden Tate. Because the middle of our field belongs to Luke and anything thrown in his zone is going to be a bad idea. We were able to partially negate their triple headed monster at TE because they didn't want to throw over the middle into Luke which allowed the safeties to play far back off the LOS. We funneled the play away from the middle of the field. This left them with the option of forcing the ball into double coverage on Megatron, going to Golden Tate, or checking down and letting our linebackers run free. I think just as impressive what we did against Megatron was the job that we did against Reggie Bush. You want to talk about a dude that got totally shut down. Joique Bell ended up getting the targets on pass plays and mostly got meaningless yards and no big plays. That was an excellent gameplan.


We would have liked to have gotten more pressure on the QB in the first half before it became obvious they were going to be passing on every down. They moved the ball well in the first half but we were able to get out unscathed due to creating a turnover and their kicker missing two field goals. They had our defense on the field for a long time in the first half and could have easily scored some big time points but our defense played the short field very well and got some breaks.


The main thing is that you can't let Megatron beat you alone. If you're going to lose to the Lions, you better lose to Golden Tate, Reggie Bush, and those TEs or your gameplan was bad. Stafford WILL try to force it to him and if you have the proper coverage on him you can limit his impact on the game. Especially when you're not having to roll your coverage because somebody else is lighting you up too. They should have gone to Ebron more because he was the only consistent threat that scared me out there. His athleticism was even tough for TD and Luke. But holding Megatron to less than 50% of catches vs. targets is a good formula for success.

#2942731 Smitty may be even more pissed than we thought (Panthers related)

Posted by Vagrant on 11 September 2014 - 12:22 AM

Love me some Smitty. Gettleman has been here only a couple of years. Steve was here for what, 13? Steve Smith forever, baby. Love that fire.

#2917904 Norwell and Foucault - 2 UDFA Offensive Linemen on the Final 53

Posted by Vagrant on 31 August 2014 - 12:04 AM

It won't be long before the NFLPA steps in to prevent teams from IR'ing players that are not injured.

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Why? The more players that get IR'ed, the more players get paid. This would be the exact opposite of something that the players union would be bothered about. If each team stashes 2 or 3 players on the IR, you're talking about roughly 100 more jobs on NFL active rosters being made available.


Foucault looked like hot garbage to me this preseason. He has little noodle arms and he got put on rollerskates numerous times against weak competition. If they're hoping that those issues will go away once he gets more strength training in then by all means give him a shot, but I see him as a practice squad caliber player. Being big as hell is only half the battle. I like his athleticism but I don't think he has the demeanor or the strength to play in the NFL any time in the near future.


Norwell was significantly better and I have zero problem with his inclusion on the roster. It was clearly merit based.

#2889617 If Hardy's conviction isn't overturned, he might not play for awhile

Posted by Vagrant on 13 August 2014 - 10:56 PM

UGHHHHH that woman. The court system is doing a lot of work for this nonsense, and she might be screwing up my football enjoyment this season. Great. Half joking. Half.


So hey, you're a dope for saying that. Just thought I would stop in and let you know you said something really dumb. You should try not to do that in the future because then people will think you're dumb.


I say the more you can hurt a player for smacking women around, do it. Maybe, just maybe, a player will think twice about that before going all Scarface on his significant other. I don't care if it hurts Greg Hardy. Because the two words already hurt Greg Hardy in the court of public opinion and the real court of law: FOUND GUILTY


If the only way you can reach these idiots is by taking game checks and playing time then by all means use that method. This is more cowardly than using PEDs and more intolerable than recreational drugs. It should be reflected in the league's reaction.


You got any women in your life you care about? Put her into this situation hypothetically and read your own post again.

#2888489 2 4 1: J.Jones top 3 WR's in mix..Charlotte new Fm sports radio

Posted by Vagrant on 13 August 2014 - 12:23 AM

There is no way Bersin doesn't make this team. He has worked too hard and improved so much not to. Funny how underwood isn't even in the mix. lol.


He's not in the mix because fans know very little about what is actually happening and are basing their opinions on who is going to make the roster on 1 preseason game where Cam wasn't available and the yearly circle jerk that is training camp. I don't mean to minimize camp as being pointless, but it's certainly a step below performing in preseason games which is a giant step below performing in regular season games. The same people that are doubting Underwood making the team probably thought that cutting Hixon was a foregone conclusion at the start of the preseason last year. Not many teams bring in free agents and then abandon the plan after training camp. I'm not saying he's invincible, but he's one of the VERY few players at his position that has actually done anything in the NFL to this point. That's going to be a factor in his favor.


I think that Avant, Benjamin, Underwood, and Cotchery are the locks. I like what I have seen from King and if he continues to play well through the preseason he might make us keep him, but the fact that he's not an impact special teams player might hurt his chances to make our roster as an exclusive WR. He might be a player we try to stash. Pilares has something of an inside track on a position because of his history on special teams. He's not going to make this team as a WR when we have much better options. The fact that nobody is really stepping up and grabbing punt return duties for the ....third straight year is really problematic. Marvin McNutt hasn't shown incredibly well in camp and in this first game but things change fast. I don't think he's in a good position right now. Bersin is a fan favorite for being ....well let's just be safe and say because he's a local kid and JR's neighbor. I don't think he has a future on this team. It's a good preseason story but in my mind it's between Bersin, McNutt, and King as to who we keep on the roster and right now King is leading that charge. Plenty of time for things to change there but King looks pretty good regarding the players who are WR and don't return kicks and punts. Philly Brown has a shot at making this team and his competition is directly with Pilares as a special teams specialist. I don't think we're looking at him too hard at the WR position. Again though, it's going to be somewhat of a challenge to unseat Pilares because of the fact that Pilares has returned kicks at the NFL level before and Philly is going to have to beat him cleanly to make the roster ahead of him.







Pilares/Brown (Returner Slot)


If we only keep 5 at the position, it's King that probably gets cut here. Or somebody gets mysteriously injured in the last preseason game.

#2879923 Love traded to CLE for Wiggins, Bennett, Pick

Posted by Vagrant on 07 August 2014 - 10:25 AM

I like this deal for both sides. Well truthfully I hate it because it makes Cleveland stronger, but in terms of each team's individual goals it makes sense. With Love, James, and Irving you have another big three created. Love is a better post player than Bosh ever was and a better traditional PF with rebounding skills. Irving is a more traditional PG and I think with having more natural scorers on the team he's going to be able to spread the ball around more and not rely so much on his ability to create his own shots. I think, as much as Wade was better than Irving at the time LeBron signed with the Heat, this is a better trio from an on paper standpoint. Nobody having to play out of position and guys with more traditional roles. LeBron gets his first star big to play with, as Bosh is/was that hybrid kind of big that isn't exceptional under the rim and with his back to the basket like Love. That's going to be a dangerous addition in set offense. Not only will this team be able to run the break, but having the ability with two shot creators like Irving and LeBron in sets to free up Love is going to be formidable.


The haul for the Wolves is fantastic. Kevin Love wasn't going to sign there. Everybody knew that. The fact that they can get two first overall picks with tremendous upside is great. Plus the story of reuniting the Canadian prep stars is a good look for Minnesota being a state that borders Ontario and Manitoba. It's going to be interesting to see how much that impacts the Wolves presence in Canada. If anything makes it easier to lose Love from an immediate competition standpoint, it's the growth that the fanbase might have from adding the Canadian element.


Overall it's a move that makes sense for both sides. Cleveland is not going to "waste" their window of LeBron while waiting for the young kids to ripen up to be ready to compete and Minnesota gets that opportunity to have an instant rebuild. It's a pretty ideal situation for both sides. It made too much sense not to happen.

#2876800 Cam makes nice with Peter King

Posted by Vagrant on 04 August 2014 - 09:01 PM

Something like this is as close as you're going to get to "nice" from a blowhard like Peter King. You want to talk about maturity? King didn't approach Cam to hash this out like men. It went the other way around. That shows you who would have been content to let this kind of beef simmer for eternity. I'm glad we've got a QB that's a good leader and a good person willing to make his own decisions and not do what his "handlers" think is appropriate.

#2873302 Canadian Farm Beast sidelined!

Posted by Vagrant on 01 August 2014 - 04:20 PM

I heard they tried to line up Gaydosh in front of David Foucault and the drill never started because they kept apologizing for starting too soon. They just shook hands and walked away.

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