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#2863376 Kug to have back surgery Aug 8th, done for year

Posted by Vagrant on 24 July 2014 - 02:00 PM

How many of the people here writing off this young man for problems beyond his control also wrote off Thomas Davis for the same thing is my question. But no, let's not talk about how many haters THAT man had for sucking up all our precious cap space and not being on the field. Give it up, Thomas. You're done.


But seriously, best wishes to the young man. There's no indication that his injuries have come from a lack of effort. Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. I'm sure he's more disappointed about this situation than any of us could even imagine but we've still got people here acting like he stole their lunch money.


Even if he never steps on the field, this dude was/is a Panthers player and I support him. I hope he can come back and prove some people wrong. And I hope I am still around if he turns it around and is able to get out there and be a productive player for us so the mysterious group of guys that can say "I never gave up on ya Kugzilla!" can appear from the ashes of this conversation like they have for TD.


Ya'll are some sunshine fans.

#2853342 Hardy found guilty

Posted by Vagrant on 16 July 2014 - 04:01 AM

Stop. Defending. Hardy. Because. He's. A. Panther.


Bottom line. There was enough evidence to convince the court and that's enough for me. This was no witch hunt. The man has the best lawyers money can buy and he still got popped. Accept that your favorite football player might not be such a good dude. He messed up and he'll pay the consequences. This doesn't mean you can't cheer for him on Sunday, but don't talk about somebody's character because they make different choices than you do. You can do all the coke you want but that doesn't mean somebody has a right to tell you they're going to kill you and rough you up. A lot of bad decisions made in this case and Hardy made his share. Rack it up.

#2843564 Hayward agrees to sign

Posted by Vagrant on 09 July 2014 - 02:26 AM

Yet you don't think paying Hayward $63M is overrating him? Interesting.

Max deal = superstar. Hayward is no superstar.

"Of course" Hayward deserves as much as he can get, right? Anyone here who was freaking out last season over Jefferson's $13.5M per that isn't upset over Hayward's number is a hypocrite, or worse.


You're wrong on a few topics here. People hear the term "max deal" and lose their minds. If we had signed him for $14.8 million then a lot of people would have been like well that's probably close to market value because the Jazz wanted to give him $12 and he didn't take it. The fact that it's a bit more than that at $15.8 million makes people lose it. Not all free agency periods are the same. Sometimes players run into situations where it's good that they came into free agency when they did and sometimes players run into bad situations and get less. Jefferson ran into a bad situation last offseason and still pulled out a pretty good deal for himself here. In this situation, Hayward holds all the cards. Probably the best free agent available that isn't in the Big 3 and he's getting paid like it. It was a good move by his agent to get him on the market. Bottom line.


Secondly, I was mad at the Jefferson deal when I first saw it because it represented the end of our rebuild and I think we ended our rebuild before we started it. We needed a high pick in this last draft and we didn't get high enough. But now that the past is the past and the Hornets are trying to build a team for the right now, we need to start spending some cash to make that happen. That's why I think this move was the right move. It would have been the same way had we done the two moves in reverse. If we signed Hayward to $13.5 last season I would have said that was stupid, but not today. We're trying to compete in a weak conference and with all the things up in the air right now it's a good time to scoop up the best of the second tier talent.


You have to pay to play in this league and even though Hayward might not look like a max player on paper, in this free agent period he's a max player because the options are limited and the money is there for a lot of teams to spend. It's either make competitive offers or do nothing at this point. I prefer we sign guys that can help this team even if it takes a few extra million a year. This is a critical point for this franchise. This upcoming season could make or break Charlotte's legitimacy as a market if we can't get people excited about this team. The time is now. We can't take a back seat and hope next year the free agent crop is better because there's no guarantees that's going to be the case.

#2843526 Hayward agrees to sign

Posted by Vagrant on 09 July 2014 - 01:08 AM

Who are we missing out on??


Exactly. Folks acting like there are just tons of guys out there waiting to be scooped up by the Charlotte Hornets. Even if Hayward just used us to pick up a max contract for the Jazz, this was the right move. If he's not a realistic target, get him off the board so we can move on. Nobody major is going to sign away until the big three decide what they're going to do. There's too much money out there right now and too few teams spending until they know what those guys are doing. We never had any false hopes of those cats coming here. We're attacking the next tier of guys.

#2832707 No.9 Pick : Noah Vonleh

Posted by Vagrant on 26 June 2014 - 10:04 PM

Vonleh probably spells the end for bismack . Zeller can play both the 4/5 & I think they resign mcroberts as long as the price is not to steep


It would be silly for them to part with Bismack after him playing the best ball of his career last year in spot duty at only 21 years old to this day. He shot 61% from the field in those limited minutes. Probably the best interior defender we've got. If Tyson Chandler's career has taught us anything, it's that if you can defend and rebound in this league you can play in this league.

#2826783 Michael Vick on running quarterbacks: I started it all

Posted by Vagrant on 21 June 2014 - 09:07 PM

Only fans of his generation who aren't educated about the history of the league would think he has a point. What Randall Cunningham was doing even in my generation was just as unfathomable and HE wasn't even the first to utilize that style. I'm sure every generation had a player like Vick in terms of being mostly athleticism and improvisation.



#2790086 List of Greg Hardy's Guns

Posted by Vagrant on 16 May 2014 - 03:01 PM



Just remember that living in a constant state of paranoia that you're going to be victimized is being just as much of a victim as anyone unarmed. You can only shoot one at the time. There's no valid reason to require this kind of firepower at your disposal. If you want a hobby, collect stamps.

#2786876 Recapping What We Know After Greg Hardy’s First Court Appearance (BBR)

Posted by Vagrant on 14 May 2014 - 03:33 PM

Save your bullshat theories about why this woman would have "harmed herself" in order to get back at Hardy. Save your admonishments of Hardy, unless you are just disappointed in general that the situation could have escalated to this by his association. We know nothing of what actually happened in that apartment and it may stay that way forever. But what we DO know is that the officer saw fit to arrest Greg Hardy and charge him with multiple crimes. Respect the victim by not making dumb allegations about her "motives". Respect Greg by not jumping to conclusions about what happened when you weren't even there. Let the courts, who have the best and most up to date information of anyone, decide this before you convict or pardon him in the court of public opinion.


I get it, you guys want to protect Hardy because he's a Panther and his girlfriend isn't. But that's not a responsible way to view this issue. A lot of you just have a lot of pent up hate for women that I will never understand and for that I feel bad for you. Really do. You must have had some really terrible experiences to think that all women are predators waiting for you to blow your top so she can collect on you. Real talk.


Settle yourselves and wait for details like any rational human being.

#2718586 Charles Godfrey may move to nickel back

Posted by Vagrant on 27 March 2014 - 03:48 PM

Never made it as a deep man,

Couldn't cut it as a corner cheating,

Tired of paying for a broke man,

I'm sick of coverage blown achilles healing...

#2708445 Panthers interested in DeSean Jackson for the right price...

Posted by Vagrant on 20 March 2014 - 12:19 PM

The guy has a $12.75 million cap hit. Does anybody think that's actually going to work inside our structure right now? We'd be so far over the cap we wouldn't be able to sign our draft picks. MAYBE if we cut Godfrey and signed Hardy to an actual contract we MIGHT be able to fit him in somewhere.... but seriously? I doubt the first thing he wants to do with his new team is restructure for them.

#2704026 Cotchery to Visit Monday!

Posted by Vagrant on 18 March 2014 - 12:45 AM

I think we all realize at this point our passing game depends mostly on how well we draft because if we have a true #1 WR it'll be a rookie.


But the sad reality of that is that if you're expecting a first year WR to be your number one, chances are good you're probably not a playoff team, much less a 12-4 team. Every year in the draft there might be ONE guy in the whole bunch that produces like a number one. That's being generous. Counting on finding that guy with a bottom first round pick is lunacy. WR is as much of a two year investment as QB in most cases. Rookie seasons of star caliber happen, but expecting one is begging for trouble.


Gettleman cut Smith out of spite. He wants to put his brand on this team. He's making it about him. We saw how long Smith lasted on the free agent market. It's a damn shame that our GM would throw away an entire season just to clear some salary and because he didn't have the foresight to extend a player that made himself damn near indispensable a few months later. 

#2704006 Cotchery to Visit Monday!

Posted by Vagrant on 18 March 2014 - 12:29 AM

He played injured. You are flat out wrong. You aren't going to get 1000 yards from any receiver from Carolina by the way Carolina plays now. They are more clock management. Cotchrey is older, but can ACTUALLY CATCH.


The drop number from LaFell was 6. Same as Smitty. Our savior Nicks had 5. Edleman had 8. Decker had 7. This rhetoric about LaFell having bad hands needs to die. He wasn't perfect, but he made some outstanding catches last season for us. Did he fail to step up when Smith went down? He certainly did. There aren't a lot of number one WR in this league. And you certainly aren't going to find one in the picked over remains of every other team's discarded carcasses.


But I guess we have to hope that Greg Olsen catches for 1,200 yards and 10 TD next season or else our passing game is going to be fuged. It might be anyways.


Our GM is doing this building thing backwards. You don't take options away from a young QB developing into a star. You're kind of supposed to give him MORE options.

#2703984 Cotchery to Visit Monday!

Posted by Vagrant on 18 March 2014 - 12:07 AM

Put this in perspective:


We're getting excited about a guy who had 10 TD catches last year, but only had 7 COMBINED in the 4 previous seasons. Had less yardage than LaFell and isn't as good of a blocker.


This is the state of our current expectations. We've been reduced to looking at Cotchery as a potential number one.

#2698697 This is not on Gett.

Posted by Vagrant on 15 March 2014 - 05:31 PM

This is entirely on Gettleman. It was on him from the moment he took the job. He's had options. He could have signed Hardy to an extension last season when most smart fans were thinking it was a logical step to lock him up before he thought he deserved CJ money.


This bullshit about "don't blame our current GM of 2 years, blame the previous guy!" is so remarkably ignorant of the power that Gettleman wields. The options for him to get out of this cap situation were limitless. Trades, smart signings, giving players more than one year deals.


And let us not forget that the team that is currently being dismantled is mostly the team that he inherited. There were precious few big time contributors here last season that didn't have ties to Hurney's stint here.


It's so incredibly easy to blame a guy you dislike for all the current day problems of the team, and it's also incredibly naive. These men work with the salary cap as a vocation. This is their bible. An inability to make the cap work in your favor is a direct indictment on your ability as a GM to handle your responsibilities. The inability to have the foresight to sign Hardy to a reasonable deal LAST season is why were are here. The inability to lock him up RIGHT NOW is another indictment.


Get your heads out of the sand. Gettleman hasn't been robbed of creative control here. What he lacks represents his own personal failings, but he WILL ride the "it's Hurney's fault" train for all it's worth as any executive would. He knows that the writing is on the wall for a letdown season next year after all these self-inflicted wounds.


Meanwhile, Greg Hardy sits idly by with a $13.1 million cap hit and our best WR was cut for a nominal cap savings and we have no means by which to replace him in the interim.


But yes, continue to drink the koolaid you're being served here. There are a few bad contracts here, but what team doesn't have a few bad contracts to overcome?

#2687716 Nicks reps and Panther reps talking.....

Posted by Vagrant on 12 March 2014 - 03:51 PM

I think Carolina wanted to quietly keep the option to cut Smith because they had their sights on a free agent WR, probably Nicks, but didn't want to cut Smith prior to having ink on paper with a WR they liked to "replace" him. There is no urgency in cutting Steve, but Steve and his agent obviously want to speed up the process because the longer he goes without being cut the more the money dries up as teams start to commit to other options.


I think once Steve realized that he was Plan B at absolute best, he decided to use his agent to push the issue about saying he wouldn't be playing in Carolina regardless next season so that the Panthers felt the urgency to cut him and allow him to find a new place to play.


I think the target has and will continue to be Nicks, and Smith's decision to go public about not being here next year has added an extra layer of urgency.

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