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Would you trade Charles Johnson to keep Greg Hardy?

14 February 2014 - 07:02 AM

I have thought about this question a bit and have tossed it around. Charles Johnson was just as open as Hardy about wanting to get paid. He nearly took a deal from the Falcons.


If we could trade CJ for a high pick and keep Hardy, do you think it would be a smart move for us? Neither guy is old, but it's like the Rucker and Peppers dynamic a bit. The reliable guy who picks up his sacks in an unspectacular fashion and the freak that can break through for 3 in a game but disappears a lot too.


Plus, on a longer deal we might be able to get more cap relief in the immediate future where we desperately need it. I know Johnson restructured, but his hit for 2014 is still north of $16 million.


Would you support that kind of creativity, or do you think that Johnson takes priority over Hardy at this point?