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#3345839 How you can be horrible at your job and still have a fruitful career

Posted by Fan01 on 01 May 2015 - 09:01 AM

So you don't think he was a reach? Bc I'm pretty sure if we didn't take him no one would've in the first


No, he was not a reach based on Gettlemen's draft board.  He was the best player available.  No reason to make the draft harder than it has to be.  You spend thousands of hours rating players and figuring out who fits your team best. 


A few weeks ago he was all over the draft board around our pick.  He ran a slower 40 time at the combine and started to drop.


There's a reason the Panthers always "rush" to put in their pick when it's there turn.  We actually go by our draft board.  The picks are already made, especially in the first round.

#3345350 How you can be horrible at your job and still have a fruitful career

Posted by Fan01 on 01 May 2015 - 06:11 AM

How hard is it to understand that Gettleman is really serious about not reaching.  Repeat after me Pete, "When you reach for a player of need you get burned.".  


It's like everyone ignores the words coming out of Gettleman's mouth.

#3309896 Cam...... Ugg......

Posted by Fan01 on 02 April 2015 - 11:31 AM

If Cam ever does leave Carolina it'll be because the state can't handle that much cutting edge fashion and swag. 


Has anyone caught this clip of Cam rapping and showing that style?



#3297531 Jennings may be hinting in our direction

Posted by Fan01 on 24 March 2015 - 02:23 PM

Holy crap, guys.  It looks like he's coming here.  Check out the link.



#3290383 Steeler Doc Says CTE "Rare Phenomena"

Posted by Fan01 on 18 March 2015 - 10:58 PM

How the hell does he know?  No one really knows yet.  There is still a ton of research to be done.


But I am going to go out on a limb here and say bashing your head hundreds of times isn't a good thing.

#3275608 Boykin to Visit per Rapoport

Posted by Fan01 on 10 March 2015 - 07:42 PM

All any of you know is his 40 time and he wasn't a starter on the Packers.  Gettlemen has stated again and again that you always need to be churning up the bottom of your roster.  This is how we ended up with Fozzy.  You keep turning over stones with some potential instead of staying with the same old stones waiting for something to happen.


I love this about Gettlemen.  This guy knows talent and if he sees something in the kid it's worth bringing him in to compete.  He's a large target (which Cam loves) who runs good route.  You never know.

#3245474 Sounds like the Bucs will pick Jameis Winston

Posted by Fan01 on 18 February 2015 - 12:55 PM

As a Panthers fan I hate the Bucs and as a Clemson fan I hate Jamis Winston so this works out great.




#3243502 Random Panther Memories

Posted by Fan01 on 16 February 2015 - 12:34 PM

Can't remember the year but we Jake at QB at the time.  We were playing the Bucs at home.  I was at the game.


It's 2nd down and there's a tv time out so all the players are just standing there on the field ready to run the next play.


There's a fan of the game promotion of some kind and they pick a person in the stands as a winner.  Back then they thought it would be cool to give a live microphone to the fan to say a few words.


This fan then proceeds to talk some serious smack to the Tampa bay defense talking about how we're going to kick there ass.


Jack gets sacked on the next two plays and we punt.


Still won the game though.  LOL.  And after that no one ever gets handed a live mic anymore.

#3208394 Mike Tice asks out of Atlanta

Posted by Fan01 on 16 January 2015 - 09:26 PM

#3204779 Ravens tell Smith to take a little time out

Posted by Fan01 on 14 January 2015 - 01:09 PM

Sounds very similar to when I was a kid and my Mom told me to go to my room and think about what you've done and then come back if you decide you can act like a big boy.


Or the Ravens might bring in a fresh crop of new and young receivers and wants Smith's new role to be as more of a mentor.

#3203520 Breaking down the pressers

Posted by Fan01 on 13 January 2015 - 04:49 PM

Process Ongoing


I like this from both Ron and Gettlemen.  It seems like Dave forces Ron to be more results oriented and this will force Ron to take some of the emotion out of his decisions which is really good.  I get the feeling that Dave let's his coaches coach and do their own thing but makes it very clear where the buck stops and what his expectations are.


Taken to the Woodshed


I don't see Ron being dressed down as much as I see a very open line of communication between the two men.  But like I said above there is no question on the pecking order or things and what the expectations are.  I think Dave has been and will continue to be a very good influence on Ron, especially in the business of being an executive.


I didn't get the feeling Ron was defending himself as much as just telling it like it is.  I always get the feeling that Ron has to refrain from being too honest and tells the simple truth as much as he can without naming any player names.  I really see what the players mean about him never being too high or low.  He's always even keel.  Sometimes people take that as being aloof or not knowing what he's doing but I think that interpretation would be a big mistake.


For Whom the Bell Tolls


Completely agree with you here.  I suspect we'll bring in one of the top 3 FA tackles.  The line is really coming together with Bell being the only obvious weak link.  Definitely going to find us a new Target/Wal-Mart tackle.


Need for Speed


Again, completely agree.  Not being able to stretch the defense or being able to go over the top really hurts our offense.  Having some real speed at the 2nd WR position as well as Philly in the slot will do wonders for our offense.  It'll further open up the run game for the RB and Cam and make Olsen an even deadlier weapon.




I love the comments about how much Cam wants to improve and get better.  With his ability and that attitude, the sky is the limit.  Like Dave said, he's our franchise QB and he'll be resigned at the going rate for a franchise QB.  And for anyone who doesn't agree with that go look at the FA list of QB's for next year and tell me which one you want.


Greg Hardy


I didn't think Dave looked upset when talking about Greg.  I thought he looked more like a person who was thrust in the middle of an problem that didn't have an answer and people are constantly asking him what the answer is.  They had their hands tied behind their back by the media, the NFL and public outcry.  There was/is no answer to the whole Hardy situation except to move on.


My .02.


I love Gettlemen and I love how the team plays for Ron.  I also think Ron really pays a ton more attention to the defense so I'm not that happy about the strong possibility of Shula hanging around.  We need an OC that gives the same attention to the offense that Ron gives to the defense.


I also really took away the feeling the Gettlemen is in full control and is building the team and running things his way.  There is no question who is in charge.  He'll give Ron all the rope he wants but if he keeps Shula and we don't improve then it's his ass that is gone.  So, make all your decisions wisely. 

#3189561 A lot of people talk about Cam and his backfoot

Posted by Fan01 on 09 January 2015 - 07:39 PM

I didn't read the whole thread so I don't know if this has been mentioned.


Does anyone realize how hard it is to change a habit like a throwing motion or footwork?


Getting it right is just a small part.  Do it it consistently is next.  Then doing it automatically without thinking about it.  This takes years and years of hard work.  And it's not something you can really work on during the season because you're too busy playing the game.  Cam had to dedicate himself to this in the off season.  Even then it's not a sure bet.  


Look at golfer who relay so much on technique and form and how many of them struggle with their swing on and off.  


It isn't just a easy answer like Cam remembering not to throw off his back foot. 

#3183433 The "Ask a Seahawk Fan" Thread

Posted by Fan01 on 06 January 2015 - 06:39 PM

How about this.  


What's your opinion on the upcoming game since you seem to be an actual football fan?

#3177820 Someone Finally "Gets" Cam Newton

Posted by Fan01 on 04 January 2015 - 03:50 PM

Here's my opinion.


Cam has a canon and a lot of power so because of that his mechanics have to be spot on or it's easy for him to overthrow because of his power.  It also makes it harder for him to throw touch passes.  Proper mechanics solve all this.


So now we have to look at what causes Cam to lose focus on his mechanics.  The biggest thing is pressure and perceived pressure.  Yesterday the O-line was playing very well and picked up a low of blitzes but Zona blitzes all the time so that perceived pressure makes Cam rush and lose his mechanics.  You can see how many times he threw off his back foot and/or leaning back because he could feel/sense that pressure.


Cam has to learn to stand tall in the pocket and that's easier said then done.  It's knowing you're about to get blasted by throwing like you're not.  That goes against everything your brain tells you.  

#3177753 Philly news

Posted by Fan01 on 04 January 2015 - 03:27 PM

Joe Person's source is that he's an All-Pro member here on the Huddle.