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#3052890 David Foucault Starting at Left Tackle

Posted by Fan01 on 29 October 2014 - 11:49 AM

People remember the dozen or so times Bell has screwed up but he's started every game this season and played almost every snap.  He held up very well for 90% of those plays.  He doesn't get beat every time he lines up.  He's not nearly as bad as people think.  He's played well enough for us to win some games.


I'm not saying he's a great LT but he's no where near as bad as everyone makes him out to be.


I really hope Faucault excels and does a great job but an undrafted rookie who was playing in Canada last year does not feel me with great joy. 


I'm much rather have Bell starting.

#3048290 What do you see.....

Posted by Fan01 on 27 October 2014 - 10:15 AM

He got beat by a sweet inside swim move by a really fast, strong dude.


Bell simply cannot deal with speed rushes. 

#3048188 Tre Boston ?

Posted by Fan01 on 27 October 2014 - 09:38 AM

Luke didn't blitz on that play.  In fact, no one blitzed on that play.  We rushed four.


To my eyes from the couch and not knowing what exactly our defense was called to do on that play here's my two cents.


Luke and  TD dropped back into a shallow zone underneath.  Boston was either playing the TE man to man or he was playing zone and the TE came into his zone. 


In any event, the TE runs straight up the seam.  Boston's first step is back and to the outside.  The TE runs just inside of him.  Wilson makes a perfect pass.  Boston has his hand right in there but the pass is perfect.  Boston can't knock the pass down and Harper can't get over in time before the TE gets into the endzone.


So, where did this play go wrong?


Did TD not get deep enough?  The RB flared out and he stopped going back when he saw him.  Did that draw him forward to give the throw more space?


Did Boston take a wrong step to the outside or was he supposed to do that if he was playing zone?  Or was the play setup for over the top help and he was supposed to play the way he did but Harper was out of position?


Did everyone do their job correctly but Russell Wilson made a perfect throw?


#3045420 Players played their guts out

Posted by Fan01 on 26 October 2014 - 03:15 PM

Oline run blocked really way.  We had a pretty decent run game but they could not hold up for very long on pass protection.  Seattle got a ton of pressure on Cam and in case anyone forgot Seattle has a pretty good secondary.  Cam had to hold on to the ball a number of times leading to negative plays.



#3005515 Stephen A on First Take

Posted by Fan01 on 08 October 2014 - 12:00 PM

ESPN thought process on what they say.

1. Will what they say be popular or controversial in large markets?

2. Can we profit from it?

3. What should we have for lunch?

4. Is what we say accurate.


No way they think or care about number 4.


I love how all players are always evaluated as individuals in a team game.

#3004833 The guys at Black and Blue Review are as horrified by this NFLN piece as I am

Posted by Fan01 on 07 October 2014 - 07:50 PM

Cam is very confident.  He portrays himself as Superman and holds himself to that standard.  He knows how good he is but wants to be the greatest ever and isn't shy about saying so.


The media can't stand that and know that the bigger someone is the better the story will be when they bring them crashing down.  The better a player you are the more humble you have to be or the the worse the media is going to come after you.  All they care about is what will make the best story and usually that's a major star being knocked down a few pegs.  They'll take any chance they get to create that story.


When Cam wins a few playoff games they'll get on board because Cam overcoming his bad attitude and humbling himself to win will be the easier story to generate.

#3002406 Cam thrives in the No huddle

Posted by Fan01 on 06 October 2014 - 09:54 AM

I've always thought Cam is a much more instinctual player.  The less he has to think the better.  That's not an insult to Cam.  I play a lot of golf and the thing that messes me up the most is not getting out of my own way.  If I have time to think about how I'm going to mess up a shot there a much bigger chance I'm going to mess up that shot. 


The no-huddle allows Cam to just play football and doesn't give him time to analyze or worry or over think a situation. 

#2980973 Report: Steve Smith asked to be released

Posted by Fan01 on 28 September 2014 - 11:10 AM

What has happened to the reading comprehension skills of people today?  Or the ability to understand a situation.


Smith was/is a very dominant personality on the team and in the locker room.  He verbally will beat down anyone who doesn't measure up to his standards on the football field and work ethic.  See Dwayne Jarrett or Anthony Bright.


We also know that Cam was aloof his first couple of years, even working out on his own separate to the team.  Cam wasn't used to being part of a team since he constantly moved around to different teams in college.  Florida, Blinn, Auburn.


The Panthers were worried already because of how Steve is in a locker room.  They're trying to create something new and Steve has never been the guy to take anyone under his wing.  He's too competitive.  He can easily hurt the growth of young players.


G-man came in and looked at everything as discussed this being a potential problem with building a new young team.  How would the team address this? All options are on the table.  And G-man said so, which included publicly saying so about Steve's spot.


Or course, Steve probably went ape poo and took it very personally.  When G-man sat down to talk with Steve about all the options concerning him and how he could help or hurt the team it was already too late.


Steve probably started the meeting with that pissed off look and refused to say anything except, "I'm not taking a pay cut, trade me" over and over.  I love Smitty but the dude isn't exactly reasonable.  


All of this is also what makes Steve such a great player.  So, we had to pick our poison and weigh all the positives and negatives.  Steve already didn't like G-man, so mentally he was already in a frame of mind to force the issue and not really give the team a choice.  


Basically in simple terms, we told Smith we wanted to talk about his future with the team.  He assumed all the worst, got an attitude and forced the teams hand.  


He made the Panthers decision to cut him an easy one for management instead of a difficult one.

#2964119 Never Seen D.G. Like This

Posted by Fan01 on 19 September 2014 - 07:36 AM

This is what I believe went down.  Nothing but speculation on my part.


Hardy is innocent right now.  The Panthers believed he will be found innocent during his trail.  Therefore he can play.

Ray Rice tape hits.

Jerry Richardson thinks Hardy is innocent or he thinks the rule of law should take precident.  Innocent until proven guilty.  Is going to let him play and doesn't care what the media mob thinks.  He's going to do what he thinks is the right thing to do.

Media turns up the heat and it'sa full blown angry mob.

NFL says they are going to suspend Hardy so the Panthers go ahead take Hardy off the team.  It looks a whole lot better if the Panthers do it instead of the league coming in and doing it.  The other way makes it look like the Panthers are trying to defend an abuser while the NFL is trying to fix the problem when really it's a different situation and Jerry wants an innocent man to have his day in court and not let the media decide what happens. 


So, the Panthers didn't have a choice.  And we'll never hear this story because Jerry will never say a bad remark about the NFL.


Maybe Ron will write a tell all book after we win the Superbowl.

#2958282 New York Post: "Meet the powerhouse Panthers," rank Panthers #1 in NFC

Posted by Fan01 on 16 September 2014 - 03:18 PM

I hate the sports media.  All they know is what was popular last week or they go off of the popular team.  We ran the table for how many games in a row before losing in the playoffs?  And they all picked us to drop back into the dog house.  They don't see Rivera as a top coach, they only now considering the defense as legit, and Cam is still only an ok QB with great upside.  Give me a break. 

#2936599 Papa Johns Promo Code

Posted by Fan01 on 08 September 2014 - 10:40 AM

You'd have to pay me $20 to eat at Papa Johns.

#2922649 You rock Byron!

Posted by Fan01 on 03 September 2014 - 07:47 AM

I'm pulling for you Byron.  I have faith.  The guy keeps getting better and better.  Jordan Gross talked very highly of him last year and I really think he's going to prove a lot of people wrong.


Although I do think it'll be something like he'll play 2 perfect games and then in the third game he gives up a sack everyone will be saying, "See, I told you he sucked".  People love to bring up the times he got beat but not how often he excelled and held the position down.  We went 12-4 last year and he was a part of the that team.  Give the guy some credit.

#2914748 A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

Posted by Fan01 on 29 August 2014 - 11:07 AM

I love how everyone's expert opinion on if we'll beat the bucs comes from such solid indicators as the team starts slow, Tampa has our number, we're the Panthers, we should be used to it.


How about this.


They have 35 year old Josh McCown at QB.  He's not going to have all those elite receivers he had in Chicago. 

The Bucs offense line, despite get Mankins, isn't very good.  Mankins has a week to get up to speed with a completly new team.  And as much as I hate Bill Belichick he knows when to cut a player.  Seems as soon as he cuts them they suddenly get really bad.  Remember when they traded Randy Moss to the Vikings and he was cut a few weeks later. 


Our defense is going to do nicely against them. 


Their defense is good but I think our offense will surprise us.  With Stewart we'll be able to run enough for keep them guessing and then it's the Benji and Olsen show. 


Panthers - 20  Bucs - 13

#2898520 Jake Delhomme on the Mac Attack - Panthers have more than enough weapons for Cam

Posted by Fan01 on 19 August 2014 - 03:30 PM

Jake's is the only jersey I ever bought (if you don't count the one with my name on the back.  Yes, I was that guy.)


Did anyone know that the year Jake was cut he was one of if not the highest paid player in the NFL for that year.  We had to pay off his contract at about 16 million and then he took the Browns to the cleaners for 7 million.  So, he had a round a 1 year, 23 million dollar contract.  Not bad for the twilight of his career. 

#2889549 HBO's Hard Knocks with the Atlanta Falcons

Posted by Fan01 on 13 August 2014 - 09:53 PM

Man, well that was boring as all get out.  We got to see great things like Falcon players trying a zip line with their girlfriend.  Falcon players swimming at an Aquarium.  


Matt Ryan was almost as interesting.  He's kinda invisible.  Just there.  This whole show just makes me hate them more.  I'd put our Mafia boss GM up against their Boy Band GM any day.  That was just painful.  I'm not sure I can keep watching.


I do like Mike Tice.

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