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Nice Game Kitties

10 September 2012 - 10:52 AM

Thought I'd stop by and congratulate you flamers on the "man up" performance yesterday. Simply an awesome start on your way to dominating the NFC South this year!

Probably bigger than your feeble minds can imagine is how the Bucs delivered a template to shutting down the vaunted Panthers offense. No small feat.

On a serious note, it's only one game... few down here have any idea how the Bucs will fare this season.... maybe we can go 8-8, but the schedule this season is a real gauntlet. Our depth is of issue too. What I can say is that our new coaching staff is deadly serious about winning. It's a most welcome return to hardscrabble football after the humilitiation we endured last season. (adios to that chest bumping fool Raheem)

So good luck this season you sissy men. See you for round 2... in your litter box, on Nov. !8th.

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