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In Topic: Who is the smartest player in the NFL?

Today, 05:01 PM

Craig krenzel needs to make a comeback.

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

Today, 03:06 PM

Still there sounds like a scenario in there that needs to be covered. A "just in case this happens". Didnt we get a 2nd for Pep?

Considering they don't go higher than a third, no. And we didn't get one for peppers because we signed more people than we lost.

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

Today, 06:28 AM

11 seems ridiculous to me


No more compensatory picks for not signing your own free agents? I think its deserved to a team, especially when a player wants out of a particular system.

You only get compensatory picks if you lose more players in free agency than you gain, and like 90% of the time its a 6th rounder or whatever. 


They're not factors. The Panthers never get any. 

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

Yesterday, 03:59 PM

Maybe but a few problems. This will punish teams who find value in players as well as teams who set aside money to use later in the season. It also kind of assumes that owners are using profits for nefarious reasons as opposed to reinvesting it in the franchise.


I think it would also create strange player inventives

Obviously you'd have to have exemptions for late season additions due to injuries or whatever, but "finding value in a player" is stupid. Teams that get good young players have been front loading contracts forever (the seahawks this year) and teams with no one like the raiders are just overpaying on one year deals to veterans.

In Topic: Former Panther legend running for head of NFLPA

Yesterday, 01:14 PM

forcing teams to spend the entirety of the cap seems like a horribly shortsighted cash grab. (sean gilbert indeed)

if teams have to max out the cap, then owners are going to hesitate to rase the cap which is going to bring contract growth to a crawl. not to mention the blow to the strategic aspect of the game it will bring as teams cant save money to invest in talented players in future years but are instead forced to give it to crappy players now (which means more 1 year contracts, which im assuming the PA would be against)

and lol at this guy's opening demands including taking money out of the charities that get the fine money hands and giving it to the players. Gilbert is as dumb as ever and clearly doesnt understand politics.

Forcing teams to spend the majority of the cap is a good way to address a problem that's been going on forever, namely cheap owners pocketing revenue and putting out a crap product. Mike Brown, the Glazers, etc were all taken to task in the last round of negotiations because they'd become infamous for this. The Glazers went so far as to use NFL money to pay down debt on Manchester United. They'd become famous for putting ridiculous incentive clauses into contracts (return 12 punts for a TD) to reach the salary cap floor. This isn't a cash grab at all and would probably be something the major owners would be in favor of.


The growth of the salary cap is tied to television revenues and has been since the mid nineties. forcing them to max it out would have absolutely no effect. 

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