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#763920 Pickles

Posted by Fiz on 21 September 2010 - 09:36 AM

Get yo pickles ready

#763479 Keep davidson for the offense. Hire.......

Posted by Fiz on 20 September 2010 - 11:30 PM

yes i should truly leave the thread i started because jangler has decided to troll it and pick a fight

it really wouldn't be an issue if the mods would simply do their job but jangler is their butt buddy at the tailgate so they let his stupidity fly

meanwhile i get probated so injustly that people flood the suggestions forum and demand they let me out of their prison

#763444 Hey O-line I hope you watched the 49ers O-line.

Posted by Fiz on 20 September 2010 - 11:18 PM

isn't alex smith like in his early forties

#762464 shock thread

Posted by Fiz on 20 September 2010 - 05:37 PM

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#760170 Yes, Clausen should start the rest of the season...

Posted by Fiz on 20 September 2010 - 12:28 AM

Ok lets get Vick.

hey remember when you posted for weeks demanding that the panthers draft pat white


#751321 2010 AD...After Delhomme

Posted by Fiz on 15 September 2010 - 08:00 PM

100% of the profits from this will go to toys for tots

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#751109 Captain acting like a captain.

Posted by Fiz on 15 September 2010 - 05:04 PM

if he was a real captain he'd murder charles godfrey to send an example to the rest of the crew, then say something like "the beatings will continue until morale improves."

then like defeat the bucs and impress ronde barber into service or something

#750361 Hahaha Jerry, you're facing a potential blackout on Sunday

Posted by Fiz on 15 September 2010 - 11:06 AM

also since when did wine and cheese denote snobbishness?

brie costs like a dollar, is delicious, and you can get a bottle of chuck for about 2 dollars, or 1/5th the cost of beer at the stadium.

i certainly wasn't classing it up when i was living off cheese, bread and wine while stumbling around paris

#750248 Hahaha Jerry, you're facing a potential blackout on Sunday

Posted by Fiz on 15 September 2010 - 10:11 AM

The people bitching now about us shedding overpriced vets (most of whom are still in the unemployment line) are the same ones that bitched two years ago when we brought back 21 of 22 starters.

Do you have any proof of this or is just an irrefutable twat discharge you start off a bad post with?

Fans want to see big spending and FA acquisitions.

Lol yes, fans, the monolithic entity

However, history has shown that the NFL teams that are successful are those that build through the draft and develop young players.

"building through the draft" is a poo ton different than "using free agency to acquire solidify positions."

I mean you could have an idea of what you're talking about. Then you'd know that last year's Saints didn't acquire Shockey, Brees, Sharper, Porter, Fujita, Vilma, or Shanle through the draft. And you can generally go back and do this for every team.

We may struggle this season, but this team will be much better positioned for the future.

Until the owner decides that he wants to spend money on the team and continue setting an example that no one else will follow, no, they will not.

Washington has historically made big splashes and overspend on vets. That has gotten them absolutely nothing.

They also haven't drafted well on top of it, go through coaches like most people go through underwear, and are a terribly run franchise, but go ahead and blame it all on ONE THING JUST ONE THING HERE IS THE THING

The Jets have tried that this season...and they laid a big f**king egg on Mon Night....and will go 0-2 after this week-end.


The Patriots develop through the draft and have won championships.

Moss, Welker, Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris, Leigh Bodden, Damione Lewis.

That's to say nothing about the fact that this team signs every single aging free agent they can get their hands on, and we might as well put Seau on there right now because they'll need him eventually.

Go check out the roster of the SB contender GBay. They has build through the draft and developed their young players. They went through a few lean years to do it, but it pays off.

Green Bay also has probably the best QB in the league and their defense will fall apart like it did last year because they don't have a single ounce of depth at any position other than wide receiver.

People who think that JR is tanking this season to save money are ill informed.

how about from the owners mouth?

The owners, particularly a faction of aggressive, entrepreneurial Goodell confidants (Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Pat Bowlen, Jerry Richardson) who want a CBA that accounts for the high-risk investments they’ve made on new stadiums and other capital expenditures. For the most part, the owners are unified in their belief that they agreed to a lousy deal when the current CBA was extended in 2006, and that the players currently receive too great a share of their adjusted gross revenues. At last March’s NFL owners meeting in Orlando, Fla., the Carolina Panthers’ Richardson gave a fiery speech in which he exhorted his peers to “take back our league” by forcing a more favorable deal down the throats of the players. This is likely to be accomplished in the form of a lockout, though it’s possible that the owners could opt for a milder approach: negotiating to impasse and imposing terms of their choosing, which might compel the players to strike. DeMaurice Smith, the NFLPA’s executive director, is convinced that a lockout is coming, and a majority of his constituents – many of whom are more engaged and informed than is commonly perceived – share this belief.

boy that sure sounds like someone who has committed to putting a winning product on the field.

basically you've created an extreme false dichotomy (building through draft v free agency), chosen your side, then attacked the straw man you've created with a bunch of terribly worded generalizations, half truths, and misleading horse poo.

You are a terrible poster with terrible ideas and you just spent a whole lot of time putting yourself on tee for the first poster with three brain cells to rub together.

Log off, never come back, stop posting on the internet, convert to islam, blow yourself up, fail to rise to the occasion when you get your virgins

#748652 Because so many want it. The Davidson face-palm

Posted by Fiz on 14 September 2010 - 02:27 PM

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#747684 Moore might be back for Sunday's Bucs-Panthers game

Posted by Fiz on 14 September 2010 - 12:28 AM

Moore has to pass a team doctor's evaluation as well as an independent doctor's evaluation, on top of not practicing all week.

If Clausen has a good week in practice the job is his.

#746050 Your response if we lose to the bucs.....?

Posted by Fiz on 13 September 2010 - 02:00 PM

PS: "omgz a gurl on teh internetz!!"

*fap fap fap*

mmmm no sir, don't like it

#745427 It's been 6 years since a Super Bowl champ had a 1,000 yd rusher.

Posted by Fiz on 13 September 2010 - 11:12 AM

god dammit pstall is so fuging dumb

#735505 US soldiers "killed Afghans for sport and collected fingers"

Posted by Fiz on 08 September 2010 - 08:24 PM

cops are absolutely sub human filth and it baffles my mind that right ringers in the united states actively cheer on a militarily armed fifth column but maybe it's just because they're all racists idunno

i cant wait until the first tea party rally in a wal mart parking lot gets tear gassed and rubber bulleted

#735421 Obama visiting Pentagon on 9/11

Posted by Fiz on 08 September 2010 - 07:53 PM

fun reminder that those literally "hundreds" of people make up like .0001 percent of the scientists who've spoken on the way the WTC fell and every single one of them not on that list have been like "stfu n00b"

btw half the names on that popular list were fabricated and demanded the removal of their name lol

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