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Saints RB Mark Ingram out for a month

Yesterday, 05:59 PM

Schefter reporting a hand injury will keep him out the next four games or so.


Saints fans react




14 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

where are you alice?! 0-2 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuck you

We're 2-0 you feckless avalanches of wilting children

14 September 2014 - 03:08 PM

sweet jesus god, the gameday thread and chat was like sitting through a hailstorm of brat tears and 49ers fans punting their year-old flatbrims back into closets filled with pokemon paraphanalia and drake posters. i try not to hate on our fans because we all have our cohort of insufferable milquetoasts, but god damn from cam's first incompletion we had gutless shrimp calling for derek anderson to start.


instead, cam threw for 281 yards and a TD, coming up aces in critical situations on multiple drives. avant caught a touchdown. defense balled out with multiple sacks (including 2.5 from hardy backup mario addison in the waning moments of the game.) philly brown looked great. stew was effective enough, with a modest 3 ypc but a TD. offensive line handled suh for the most part, and the secondary handled calvin johnson for the most part, two of the best players in the league at their position. shula called an effective second half, adjusting to burgeoning weaknesses in the secondary





….and now we're 2-0, without our starting back, right end, and an injury-stifled quarterback. so please stop being giant perspectiveless baby posters on this forum for the next 14 weeks while we finish out this season kicking ass. we're having too much fun for your bullshit.




Listened to an extended Roman Harper interview on Panthers Talk last night

09 September 2014 - 12:49 PM

I can honestly say it was the second time in my life I've listened to a Panthers radio show. I happened to get back to my car by 8:30pm (it's a long fuging walk from UNCC's campus) and caught the last half of Panther Talk, which evidently is a thing they do for an hour every Monday night.


Roman Harper was on there with Mixon and Robinson, and Jordan Gross as a guest. When I tuned in Harper was talking about the play in 2011 where he late-hit Steve Smith in the endzone. He went through it bit by bit, explaining his mindset behind it, very self-depricatingly, with a charm that I'd not have believed possible up until now. It helped that Jordan Gross was laughing the entire time at the memory, pitching in his side of the account.


Harper went on to talk about locker room cohesiveness, mentioning that Olsen was the first guy to come up to him, recognized that he'd spent his entire career with one team and was suddenly the new guy in the room. Said Olsen welcomed him, told him it was a great, tight-knit place, no bad apples on the team. Harper felt instantly welcome, talked about the different groups… DeAngelo the jokester, who "owned the place" along with Stew, Tolbert, and Charles Johnson. He seemed in love with the team.


He ended talking about the upcoming games, about being able to be a veteran leader on the field, and how he couldn't wait to go back down to New Orleans to play his original team. He mentioned that the overwhelming message he was hearing from his former teammates was "Do what you gotta do, but please just don't hurt Drew Brees!"


So yeah, guy is a great interview and strikes me as a class act, in complete defiance of the perception we've had of him ever since that late hit a couple years ago. I just became a huge fan and I hope we call some safety blitzes against New Orleans.

hey dickwagon bucs fans

07 September 2014 - 07:42 PM

lol this is you



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