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#3325942 Homebrews - Who does it?

Posted by magnus on 18 April 2015 - 12:27 PM

Brewer here, about 2000 people drink my beer at festivals but only my friends get regular access.  Last year I cut the bullshit and have gone brew-in-bag and improved my quality of life and the amount of crap I need around. 


LG is dead on. Also, growlers (I even know people who store on 2 liter bottles) can be handy to share.  Bottling a whole batch is for suckers.  Get a couple corny kegs and a good co2 bottle and, again, make life easier.



In general, if you can cook, you can brew.  if you can boil water, you can more or less brew.  Just be present in the moment when you need it, be clean, be adventurous.  I've given that specific talk to people at festivals when they marvel at what I've done, and then watched a few grow into award winners.  


This isn't hard, there aren't secrets to the processes or recipes.  The hard part, if money is a pain, is getting going on things like kegging or chillers or that type stuff, being DIY autodidact never hurts, and getting reps under your belt.  Local homebrew clubs and brew demos at stores don't hurt either.  I know Carolina Brewmasters are fantastic if you're in Charlotte. 

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#3325940 The official Liquor thread.

Posted by magnus on 18 April 2015 - 12:24 PM

rye here
Knob Creek Rye, Bulleit, hell, Beam in a pinch


Bourbon too, obviously



#3309335 Cosell on top WRs in draft via MMQB

Posted by magnus on 01 April 2015 - 09:06 PM

couple of you people still hung up on "#2 receiver, #3 receiver" can listen around 41:30




I don't fully know if I think Strong is only a big slot WR, like Colston is, but Cosell has reason to be concerned with routes.  Yes another large body is fine, and in this O, if you show some deep speed but can box out, you have the Bang-8 to hurt poeple with.   But, this one's tremendously raw, and Colston was pretty refined.  I don't know if he has the savvy to hurt guys drifting between zones that way. 

#3304913 Current Panthers Receiver Depth Chart

Posted by magnus on 29 March 2015 - 09:41 PM

so that's a "no" to quantifying that.  

Do you at least have numbers on his drops then?   Anybody have PFF handy?

#3303922 Current Panthers Receiver Depth Chart

Posted by magnus on 28 March 2015 - 09:59 PM

They're using Cotchery as if he were a slot player, for the most part.  They're not doing this spread out, outside to inside symmetrical thing like most teams using a slot.   This 1x3 or 2x2 bunch formation stuff they're using so often is able to produce a lot with players like this.   Cotchery wasn't holding this team back and I don't really believe he's being misused.  


They can get better and have one magical player you guys can call #2.  That's fine.  Whoever that player is, will be the third best receiver, and will still be in a run-first offense.   In the end, the opportunity cost for that player is almost tough to justify.   I don't find it to be this massive hole so many of you do.   

#3283759 Could Melvin White make the transition to Safety?

Posted by magnus on 14 March 2015 - 08:52 AM

He has size, seems to be aware and a good tackler.  Definitely a zone guy anyway.   But, others on the team have observed that White had a confidence issue.  Fixable in a young player and then you're not forcing him to another position longterm for a short term problem. 

#3241188 Xavier Nixon

Posted by magnus on 13 February 2015 - 04:21 PM

I've never personally cared about a prospect based on the location of where his mom's vag popped him out.  

#3232387 Am I the only one that thinks the Nate Chandler to OT should be put to death?

Posted by magnus on 05 February 2015 - 06:47 PM

there were times Chandler struggled.  He's cheap, he's a decent backup who played well at guard, which is full-up, so what do you lose by not cutting him?  Remmers should beat him out, and then God forbid you actually have depth behind him. 

#3232386 Cam Turner joins Panthers staff

Posted by magnus on 05 February 2015 - 06:45 PM

Any relation to Norv Turner? 


If so, this may be nothing more than doing Norv a solid. 

son of Ron Turner, so nephew of Norv and cousin of Scott (who had Cam's job in 2011-12).   Cam was Frazier's assistant until Ron got the FIU job, and left for that job. 


Why's that important?  


Well, it's not the nepotism that it looks like.  The Turners are deep in Coryell - to say, Norv at one point was its best, and he learned from the guys who brought it along. Norv runs it, Ron runs it.   That's why Butch Davis took it to Miami, which is why Chud, Dorsey coach in it.  Cam and Scott were raised in it.  


So not unlike the Scott Turner hire, it's like getting a guy who was brought up from youth in this offense. 


It's what Henning ran, which is why Proehl came here (which is why Proehl coaches here), because Martz runs the same frickin' offense.  Which is why saying Shula would be confused watching an offense he more or less grew up in, is to know no history (or the reason for this hire). 

#3228874 Ed Dickson to re-sign?

Posted by magnus on 02 February 2015 - 06:07 PM

I never realized there was such a strong link between an OC, who's in charge of a whole side of the ball, and whether or not a blocking tight end is being used enough.



Dickson's OK.  PFF calls him their second lowest ranked free agent.    He is, outside that one season he started because of injury, a blocker.  


Greg Olsen received 123 targets on a team that was 19th in attempts (so, 13th from the bottom), so it's not like they don't use the TE.  Dickson played more snaps than all but Olsen out of the FB, TE groups - 47.3%, which isn't a small feat given that the league in general spends about 60% of the time in 3+ WR and Olsen missed under 4% of total snaps.  So, I don't think Shula isn't using him enough, it feels like he's been using him about as much as possible. 


Well, maybe it's Cam, right? same stat - Olsen got 123 targets.  A massive volume when you're hardly throwing the ball, so Cam will throw to a TE (some of those targets are Anderson's, absolutely).   Again PFF has him rated low, so sounds like he's not getting open (if anyone who pays for PFF wants to throw out his run block v/s receiving grade v/s pass block grade, or yards per route run or anything like that, would be neat. 


So, maybe Ed Dickson isn't a super star and that has nothing to do with anyone else (like internet goobers trying to further agendas)?   Just a thought.  


#3223838 Huddle Favorite Steve Logan Signs On With 49ers As QB Coach

Posted by magnus on 29 January 2015 - 11:01 PM

Logan has reached legendary status for a guy whose most recent spot on the resule was a RB coach for the 21st best offense of 2011.   I get there's the local tie but the "he'd obviously do better than _______" stuff, I don't know.  He was out of work for three years.  He might be a decent coach but at least 75% of the NFL has had some level of turnover since 2011 in offensive staff.    


I also think, people really underestimate that this is the O that Rivera wants.   He'd ask Mike Martz to run the ball a ton and set up 3rd down. 



Only somewhat related, reading that the 9ers' staff, even before Tomsula, was expected to be a deep cost cutting measure, that they just weren't going to pay much.  Consequently, you get Tomsula, who will be one of the lowest paid coaches in the league, and his coordinators?  Geep was a coordinator last in 2000.  Mangini was, at least, a head coach, in 2010, but was out of the league for a few years.   Both were told to look elsewhere initially, and so clearly both getting promotions?  They're not Plan A.  They were not in demand.  They were inexpensive. 


That's one thing - both can be quality coordinators I guess - but the incumbents were told to walk in part because of money, and they struck out hard on real candidates, again, reportedly because of money. 

#3214960 Panthers eyeing Lael Collins, asking Trai about him

Posted by magnus on 20 January 2015 - 06:49 PM

he's not perfect, but he's in that range, he comes from the same system Carolina runs, and he's fairly ready to start right now.   Don't underestimate that he's an experienced LT in the SEC.   Turner was pro-ready a year younger and with a year less starting. 

#3203690 'Xs and Os' vs 'Jimmys and Joes'

Posted by magnus on 13 January 2015 - 06:24 PM

With Dave Gettleman declining to step on Ron Rivera's toes in regard to his staff,

that's delicately worded, but kinda skews toward "Dave Gettleman really really wants to agree with us, and believes we're right, but he can't".  I don't think we know that to be true. 

Absolutely, if Rivera were in consideration to show how to turn things around, and they needed turned around, he and Gettleman would agree on some changes needed.   GMs and owners do leverage change, almost for change's sake if nothing else.  


But we really don't have evidence of that being true, do we?   


I mean, I know that after everyone reads four times a week "we must fire ________" that it seems foregone but that doesn't mean anyone making those decisions automatically agrees.  Quite the opposite most times. 





And then there's the undrafted pool, from whom we got two solid contributors and some other potentials this past year.  Gettleman stated his approach to college free agents is to target a small number of players that the team really likes rather than signing two dozen guys and hoping a few of them turn into something.  I like the idea of that.  Look forward to seeing if we can get more out of it.

I absolutely loved that particular bit of insight, and while giving info on his process, it's still something that should help, not hinder, UDFA signings. 

#3197031 Kelvin Benjamin gets it

Posted by magnus on 11 January 2015 - 10:51 AM

you know, sometimes it should be more about the prospect and the perspective than the f'in "I told you so".  I'm glad he's focused on improvement and that's exactly what he's saying.  And I'm glad he wants so much more.  


But, realistically, he provided so much more than realistic expectations would suggest, too.  In most years he'd be far and away the rookie of the year. Carolina's pushed some fairly great receivers through here and Kelvin's year was a mark that will be tremendously hard to beat.  I'm proud of him.  That's more important than internet retribution for any of you using this kid's career to keep score.

#3195745 Draft Picks should be #25, #57, #80?

Posted by magnus on 10 January 2015 - 11:47 PM

You can trade up four spots (please don't), but you can't trade anything for a home playoff win.  If you can find a Kelvin Benjamin at 28, you can find someone good at 25.