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#3123678 Panthers 4-8-1, Saints 5-8, Falcons likely 5-8 tomorrow. Again look at the sc...

Posted by magnus on 07 December 2014 - 06:59 PM

fivethirtyeight.com says, Carolina's chance of playoffs went up from 2% to 11%, New Orleans' went from 68% to 44%.  Carolina only gets .1% chance greater from an Atlanta loss, oddly.

#3116343 With all the talk about the next coach who is Gettleman's "guy?"

Posted by magnus on 02 December 2014 - 08:55 PM

Kyle Shanahan= just what we need, ANOTHER guy with ZERO head coaching exp. You would think people here would have learned from the Rivera experiment.

I don't disagree with the sentiment, but in the end we can't have it both ways.  Either a guy has experience (and to be available, has been fired/has failed), or he's a proven assistant with zero head coaching experience.  You rarely find guys who go down from the pros to college, succeed, and come back up.  Doug Marrone.  Woo, knock down the door for that, right?

#3101309 Let's play a game

Posted by magnus on 23 November 2014 - 09:54 AM

well, this is fairly easy.   First round, you don't possibly move off KB so you can get Bitonio later (I hear they really did like Bitonio but there's no way you pass up KB). 


SO the 2nd becomes, Ealy or Morgan Moses?   I figured Moses to be the pick at the time so I'd have been OK with that.  Moses really dropped the last few weeks of the draft, but his technique is pretty sloppy.  He played last week, and he had some great stuff out there, and some problems.  Now that's his first real action of the year, so consider that.  In reaction, Ealy was a luxury pick, and in hindsight it was a huge need and he hasn't even really filled it yet (he will go on to be a good player, though). 


The 3rd rounder being a guard, it's hard to take that away.  Turner has been solid, he moves well, he's what the team needs at G and they couldn't afford to end up the way they had in '13 at RG.   You could argue that the third, fourth could've been Hurst at OT instead, and I'd have been fine with that then or now. 


I knew before doing this your point was, he tried to do something about OT and couldn't, instead of "didn't".  And I agree.  Gettleman wanted an OT.   It didn't work out that way.    I do think, throwing a flyer on Hurst in 6 would've left the team better off, but they had to have had their reasons not to draft him or try to pick him up in UDFA. 

#3101299 Great article on Cam's future in Observer today

Posted by magnus on 23 November 2014 - 09:44 AM

Bottom line is he wants to come back and we want him to be here.

There is no reason a deal should not get done.

Until a deal is done, people will wonder why a deal isn't done.   And once a deal is done, people will move on to complaining that he's not living up to his deal.  It's a no-win. 


Dickson was worth a try.  I don't mind that.  Could they have done more with his 'weapons'?  I don't know.  He's got two really good guys, and if guys like Dickson, Cotchery are behind that pair, great.  You need roleplayers.  That Dickson didn't do a lot with his, what, 20 targets?  That's not the problem.  The line is. 

#3096442 A moment of class...

Posted by magnus on 18 November 2014 - 09:15 PM

it was well known that Smith was generally not accomodating of rookies.  Theory was that he didn't like helping develop guys who could eventually replace him.  Others said he was just surly (all speculation, of course).


As to Colbert, in his first season he set the records for Panthers rookie receivers that remained up till now.  that's what his tweet is all about. 


The year after that, it was like he just forgot everything about how to play football.  And eventually, he was gone.


It does lend itself pretty well to conspiracy theories. 


Are they valid?  No idea.

Colbert, of course, broke the rookie records while Smith was hurt.  And did nothing of worth after.  So there's something to that.  

#3087738 Norwell and Turner to start at guard

Posted by magnus on 15 November 2014 - 12:00 PM

not that Amini or even Kugbila couldn't eventually become something, but Turner's gotta be the best hope to good guard play.  Norwell has been good in there so maybe this is a positive to the season - finally having one or two consistent guards.  Hell, go find a tackle or two and it'll look like a full unit.

#3087093 Any Capologists Out There That Can Explain CJ's Contract

Posted by magnus on 14 November 2014 - 07:47 PM

Big Frank is better bang for the buck than CJ. And Ealy next year could be as well. He may be here next year but he's 100% gone after next year. Still think it's very likely he's gone after this year. CJ is clearly declining, and is costing an outrageous amount.

3.5 career sacks Big Frank?  Take over for CJ?  I have concerns over whether bang for the buck is true.  


I also have worries that 



 OP, his bonuses all clear after '15 except renegotiations.  If the team had swallowed that amount this year and not renegotiated him in camp, I'd say that it's likely he'd be cut.  Since they pushed '14 money out, and he's 28, the hope for me is that he can renegotiate in '15 and stay, at a reasonable cost. 


The $6 mil in that first category is bonus in its last year.  All of the 'dead' 2015 money counts, now that we're in '14, for what it would in '15 no matter what.  So $10 million could be called "dead" but it doesn't matter.  Keep him, cut him, it's there.  The accelerated part would be the other $4.02 million and anything else left for 16, so in a way the non-static part of the equation is $10m in salary and workout versus the accelerated part of '16.  A June -type cut for CJ would leave the '16 part in '16.   

So he's cuttable, but I don't know that I would.  Still the team's best end, still valuable.  Still too many guys around him not carrying the weight he is.  You might get a vet that's over 30 and is a solid rush specialist (Demarcus Ware by far the best case scenario, John Abraham/Osi Umenyiora more likely expectation) for the $5 mil you'd get by cutting him.

#2993496 So why not do it like last year?

Posted by magnus on 01 October 2014 - 08:23 PM

Threw some screens to Olsen last year too as I recall.  Tended to be a good play.


Curious: What's your overall opinion of Shula?  How do you see his performance this year as compared to last?

he and the younguns have put together a good passing game.   Team is efficient and, honestly, somewhat powerful, and doing a heck of a job with no line, running game, or deep threat. 

The running game?  Kinda trashy, mostly on line errors and back injuries.  



That's not to say he's incredible or hasn't made any mistakes.  But he calls a pretty even, fairly conservative game.  It's never going to have a billion yards, but we're a lot more progressive (75% shotgun, 50% of the time a TE is split out) and spread than I figured he'd be over time. 


Throw in some quicker stuff, just to stretch things horizontally, and that could be a sub for the run game that's so bad, but given the circumstances behind these backs and the crummy line, it's amazing the pass isn't an absolute disaster.  And here it is, probably the best part of this team so far. 

#2978439 Michael Irvin on Cam

Posted by magnus on 25 September 2014 - 09:48 PM

As an aside, Irvin is a huge fan of Kelvin Benjamin.


He made a great pre-draft comment about Benjamin when NFL Network did their mock show.  Irvin said (paraphrasing) you can scheme your defense to cover every single direction on the field, except up.

Jesus.  That's brilliant.

#2976762 Charles Johnson: trying hard to improve his performance

Posted by magnus on 24 September 2014 - 06:10 PM

I feel bad for Chuck.  


He played a strong first two games. he just didn't get the sacks.  Third game, he had troubles. So did Kuechly, and TD, and most of the defense. 


And yet here he is, trying to own it and be a captain, while proving right the people that are wrong to say he's been playing poorly. 

#2966797 Requesting Joe Person gif right this very moment

Posted by magnus on 21 September 2014 - 11:18 AM

that guy is fuging clown shoes, man.

#2966229 bersin ......here comes your chance son

Posted by magnus on 20 September 2014 - 09:37 PM

and those 2 TE sets?  What have we seen, like 3 of them?

Dickson has played 41 snaps in two games.  That's about 33% of the time for a team that played a 3rd WR 50% of the time. 

So they're running a 2nd TE in applicable situations a majority of the time. 

#2952933 The new screens at BOA

Posted by magnus on 14 September 2014 - 07:04 PM

much better

#2930292 Ealy, Brandon Williams Among Inactives Tomorrow

Posted by magnus on 07 September 2014 - 09:07 AM

I'd rather sit DWill instead of BWill....especially with the Fozz here...Stew/Toblert/Fozz no need for 1 yard Williams.

not meaning to offend but in what world would someone actually sit a starting RB that's healthy for a 3rd or 4th string TE?

#2930123 Ealy, Brandon Williams Among Inactives Tomorrow

Posted by magnus on 07 September 2014 - 06:07 AM

I don't really get the idea of "oh player X is inactive why is he on the roster?" talk.  Everyone knows you get 53, and 46 are active.   Last year's #4 receiver, Hixon, played about 120 snaps, including 89's injury.  And that's with the PR being the #3, not the case this year.   


So, Bersin, Williams, you might not see some of those guys for a while.  Olsen and Dickson are the two TEs.  I hear some of you on the idea that Williams can be a great special teamer.  Brockel played more special teams snaps than anyone last year - he plays everything.  You have a value in a guy who can do all of it.   Doesn't mean they don't value WIlliams, Brockel, whoever, but it means they have tough choices to make every week.

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