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Our offense style / scheme is not gonna cut it

08 December 2013 - 11:47 PM

I have never got the whole "we need to be a time control / conservative / establish the run" offense. 


That is only good for inferior teams HOPING to keep the game close. 


We should WANT to be an explosive high scoring offense. Plain and fugging simple. 


No reason why we cant march down the field quickly and score a TD. Then kick off and get a 3 n out and go score again. Rinse and repeat. Fug this notion it will tire our D or any other excuse to why we should be conservative on offense. 


The offense ALWAYS have the upper hand, so when we face QBs like Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers they will shred our D. Their is always an answer for what ever the D is doing. Getting pressure ok quick 3 step routes. Playing man ok comebacks, drags/crosses, slants etc. Playing zone ok we will flood and/or find the holes. Light box ok we will run. Load the box ok we will pass. Play inside technique ok out routes. Play outside technique ok inside slants. Bring the safeties down ok over the top. I could go on and on. No matter how good your D is you will not be able to stop elite QBs and OCs every night. You must be able to match them score for score. IE We need to be AVERAGING 28+ ppg. 


We have faced 2 elite QBs this year and both of them SHREDDED our D. Brady marched right down the field on literally every possession. Only reason we won was because their D sucked and we were able to match the score for score. Not to mention getting help from the refs late. 


In todays NFL Cam should be averaging 300+ pass yards per game. With the RBs getting about 100+ yards a game. 


If your QB is averaging 200 pass yards a game you better be averaging 200-300 yards rushing a game. 







Denver runs the same formation / personnel set on O 90% of the game

24 November 2013 - 09:54 PM

Anyone else notice this? They run a sg 3wr 1te 1rb set most of the game. Sprinkle in some sg 4wr 1rb as well. 


I like how they keep things simple and just work on route combos to counter what ever the D is doing. 


Not sure why most teams dont do this. 

Big props to Cam and Shula

18 November 2013 - 11:47 PM

Man what a game from those two guys. We only punted what 2 times all game? 


Great to get this win when the defense wasnt stopping poo. 



Famous Jameis

20 October 2013 - 03:10 AM

This guy is just on another level. His stats are damn near unbelievable. Went on the road against the number 3 team in the country and showed out. 


Who ever gets this kid after next year is gonna be one happy organization and fan base. 


1,441 YDS

72% CMP%

11.7 YPA

17 TD


213 PR

90 QBR




Perfect OC for next year? JR/DG Please read.

14 October 2013 - 12:07 AM

So I was wondering what the hell was going on at LSU as all of a sudden this year their offense was ridiculous and their QB was putting up godly stats. Knew the Mad Hatter must have went out and made a home run hire. Go to their site and sure enough that was the case. This guy is proven and with a nice track record and is from North Carolina.


Cam Cameron




Cameron, who has coached some of the NFL's top offensive players including Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson, joins the Tiger staff after serving as the offensive coordinator for the past five years with the Baltimore Ravens. 


A native of Chapel Hill, N.C., Cameron has 29 years of coaching experience to his credit, 15 at the college level and 14 in the NFL. Six of his 29 years in coaching have come as a head coach as he served five years as a head coach at Indiana from 1997-2001 and then followed that with one season as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2007.


Most recently, Cameron helped develop Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco into one of the best at his position in the NFL. Flacco was named Super Bowl MVP after leading the Ravens to a 34-31 win over San Francisco in the Super Bowl. He also became the first quarterback in NFL history to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first five seasons, all of which came under Cameron's watch. 


In 2006, Cameron's play-calling helped the Chargers lead the NFL in scoring with 492 points and Tomlinson was named the NFL's MVP by the Associated Press after setting a franchise record with 1,815 rushing yards and 31 total touchdowns. Six members of the Charger offensive unit were named to the Pro Bowl that year.


Cameron was named the NFL Offensive Assistant Coach of the Year by SportsIllustrated.com in 2004 as Brees was selected to the Pro Bowl along with being picked the NFL Comeback Player of the Year and Most Improved Player of the Year.


In four years under Cameron, Brees threw for over 12,000 yards and 79 touchdowns, while Tomlinson rushed for over 1,300 yards each season.