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The thing about the climate change issue, I don't understand what they want people to do.  Our lives are still very dependent on gasoline and fuel sources that are emitting these green house gas effects.  It's one thing to point out an issue, it's even better having a plan to solve it.  Of course with the lead thing, we easily could have stopped that production, and we did.  Our lives didn't revolve around lead material, it was just cheaper to make them while bringing in a big profit for all those greedy companies.  Yet our lives currently revolve around using gasoline and other chemicals that would be causing climate change.  Where are the inventions that will make alternative fuel beneficial?  C'mon scientists and engineers!  If you're going to alert me to a problem, give me a better solution while you're at it.  I guess the way I see it, the only solution would be to stop living in a sense.  Is that what we should do? (By the why, I hope to get involved in alternative energy.  Most people vote for a president based solely on how they look, are they likable.  Yet when Obama first ran for office back in '08, he talked a lot about alternative energy production.  I would have voted for him based on that one issue.  Unfortunately his plans concerning it haven't gone anywhere, and it looks like he abandoned it altogether.  That's why when it comes to change, I believe that change will come more from informed and active people who wants to better their society, than voting one guy in to do all the work for us.)



All that said, it was a good show.  DeGrasse gave us creationists our airtime in mentioning James Ussher lol!  Yet again I'm still waiting for the mention of a black scientist who has contributed something to the world.  Of course when it comes to science, all the major discoveries of old will be attributed to western society.  Not that other places in the world didn't do anything, and there's plenty of mention coming from the middle east part of Asia with the development of math.  It's just that the scientific method was primarily developed in the western world of Europe.  I would like to know of a name I didn't know before, of a contribution from a scientist of african descent.

In Topic: Blake Griffin believes that Earth is 6,000 years old

19 April 2014 - 09:43 AM

Faith is believing things WITHOUT good reason. If you have good reason to believe something, then faith is irrelevant. If I believe my dad loves me because he has shown me with actions and words over the course of my life that he does and he has not done anything to suggest that he doesn't. Therefore, I don't have "faith" that he loves me. I have good reason to believe it.

Faith, when it comes to god claims, is no different. If you have good reason to believe in god, what is it? Nothing you can demonstrate or show? All based on "feelings"? Well, feelings aren't a good barometer to make judgments. Drug addicts feel great high. Doesn't mean their feelings have driven them to truth.

Let's not pretend faith is evidence or even an excuse for reason. It's believing in something(s) without evidence and in the face of evidence to the contrary. Faith is gullibility. Faith is voluntary, gleeful, willful ignorance.

A lot of people like to say "well, the bible says god made the world in 6 days, but it doesn't mean in 6, 24 hour days". Fine....but then we get introduced to entire families that live to be HUNDREDS of years old...if a day is billions of years, then Noah was.....billions of years old? 

The bible makes no sense. Sorry.



When it comes to God's existence, faith has nothing to do with it.  That's a stand alone question, does God exist?  If one doesn't know he exist, it's impossible to have faith in Him.  Again, faith simply means trust.  Back to your example, your dad has shown his love for you, so you have reason to trust him.  So you trust him.  That's all faith means.  Now for the sake of the argument, what if your dad seemingly committed a crime.  Say he seriously injured someone for no apparent reason.  Would you say your father is a bad man?  Or, due to your trust/faith in him, say there is more to the story because you know your father is not a bad man?   Your faith in him will cause you to say there was a reason why he injured this person, and again for the sake of the argument it turns out this person had a gun and was threatening to kill someone. (The gun got lost in the shuffle, and the injured man accused your father attacked him for no reason.)  So all it is, is trust.



People trust, have faith in God based on their relationship with Him.  They believe God protected them, gave them their life, and we attribute all these things as the goodness of God.  Hence, people trust God as their father.  We might not be able to see God's goodness all the time.  It may seem like He overlooks people's pain.  Yet because people trust Him based on past reason, they continue on.  So having reason is key to having faith.

In Topic: What do you want in 1st?

17 April 2014 - 03:25 PM

The only possible exception I see is Zach Martin.  If he was slightly taller with slightly longer arms, he'd probably be right up there with the other three guys you mentioned.  You're not gonna find that ideal LT prospect at the bottom of the 1st round.  Hell, Gross is had virtually identical physical measurements to Martin and we took him #8 overall.



Yeah I don't put too much stock on measurements.  I don't know about Martin, never really seen him in action.  If he was there, I do think I would pass on him, and draft a couple of OTs later.

In Topic: What do you want in 1st?

17 April 2014 - 03:18 PM

All the best OTs will be gone before 28.  Even though OT is the bigger need, I don't want to reach on a guy.  To me, everyone after Robinson/Lewan/and Matthews, all the other OTs are about on the same level in terms of development.  So I believe we should go receiver.

In Topic: Blake Griffin believes that Earth is 6,000 years old

17 April 2014 - 03:06 PM

Faith simply means trust.  Yet with trust, you need reason.  So you need reason in order to have faith.  What is your reason for having faith in God?  What is your reason for believing Jesus rose from the dead?  If you have good reason, then your faith is uh...reasonable.  Then faith is evidence of things that can't be seen.  Right now, no one can see the earth is 6,000 years old hehe.  Yet for those who trust the Bible got it right, they must have reason for why they believe it is.  If they don't have good reason, even Scripture says they should be pitied.  Of course I myself believe the Earth is young.  What's my reason for why I believe it is?  Well, it's more of a mix of different reasons.  I should say for the moment, I believe the Earth is young.  Currently I'm doing my own research on the subject.  Ultimately, I wouldn't say anyone should believe the earth is young like I do without the physical evidence.

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