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In Topic: One small thing that helps Hardy's chances of playing Sunday....

Today, 06:32 PM

we all know she was Nelly's piece of ass while he was in town. She is trying to say it was a relationship.


Heehee.  Since Hardy's lawyer wanted to bring up Holder's past, perhaps they could question this aspect and see if she has some gold digging tendencies.  We all know Hardy was due for a big contract.  If Hardy was breaking up with her, that could have set her off and she is now devising a scheme to get some money.

In Topic: One small thing that helps Hardy's chances of playing Sunday....

Today, 06:26 PM

Listen the only thing I want to know right now, is Nelly going to be called to the stand at Hardy's trial?  I still want to confirm if Holder was really Nelly's girlfriend.

In Topic: A Jonathon Stewart Stat...

Today, 06:17 PM

I'm kind of disappointed that Tolbert has never developed his run blocking skills as a fullback.  Dude could bowl over any cat with the ball in his hands, and yet can't deliver a light blow with free hands.  D-Will and Stew would be awesome if they had a FB blocking for them.  Giving them that extra punch they need to build up speed while approaching the line.

In Topic: Jason Avant on his Touchdown

Today, 06:07 PM

Jason Avant is quickly becoming one of my favorite Panthers. I cannot recall ever speaking to a more personable player.


In the locker room after the game, he took almost zero credit for his touchdown. "The offensive line did a great job in pass protections all day" Avant remarked. "Great throw by Cam, tried my best to get in, that was it."




Avant is also clearly happy to be catching passes from Cam Newton. Newton had an increase in audibles at the line over previous seasons "He got rolling in the second half. We made our adjustments at half time. He did a great job getting us in the right play. That's all you can ask for."


Avant currently has only a one year 1.05 million dollar deal with Carolina. He is an unrestricted free agent in 2015.


Hopefully the Panthers are interested in locking Avant in on a longer term deal. His positive impact both on and off the field are well worth the investment.



You can hear Jason describe his touchdown celebration in the All-Pro Insider section.


It looks like Avant has blue claws on the football with those gloves.  You're not taking that ball away from him!

In Topic: One small thing that helps Hardy's chances of playing Sunday....

Today, 06:01 PM

I believe if the NFL doesn't suspend Hardy after it's investigation, the Panthers are in the free to play him.  With women executives reviewing Hardy's case, if they say it's okay for him to play, all the media crybabies will be soothed to sleep.  Hopefully they will finish their review this week before the game.  I know that is pushing it when it comes to investigations.

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