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In Topic: Bart Ehrman on Fresh Air, Did Jesus call himself God

Today, 08:50 AM

I'm a fan of Ehrman.  A lot of people can't stand his raspy voice in debates, but having a signature voice is what makes a debater/philosopher/etc. great. (Of course there's nothing wrong with a raspy voice, it makes you tough B) )  My thoughts on what he said in the interview, I definitely can understand what he's saying.  It's a plausible explanation for sure.  A Christian response, indicating a bias, would be there's not necessarily a progression seen in how early Christians viewed Jesus within the Gospels (for instance Ehrman saying Mark doesn't necessarily say Jesus is God to the Gospel of John saying Jesus is God), but the Gospels themselves wanted to emphasize certain points about Jesus.  This could be plausible because it's certainly true the four Gosepls were speaking to different audiences.  Ultimately I understand what Ehrman is saying.  He's not questioning whether Jesus rose again or is God, but he asking the question if Jesus Himself ever said He was God while He was living.  If that was always the understanding, or was this an evolution of thought.


I will argue, and perhaps I'm bias, the OT surely predicts this kind of a situation.  If we are talking the doctrine of the Trinity, there were plenty of instances where it seems like God was made up of distinct individuals.  The reference of "creating man in Our image" back in Genesis, the Angel of God referring to himself as God at times (This can be seen when Abraham was stopped from sacrificing Isaac and other occasions), the act of Samson's parents saying they seen God in the man who talked to them about Samson.  So there is grounds for the Trinity doctrine in Judaism.  There's also plenty of mentions in the OT, that would be best explained by the things said of Jesus.  It's certainly possible Jesus picked up on things written in the OT, and declared Himself to be God historically.

In Topic: The Purpose for Going to College

Today, 08:24 AM


to make you into your full potential: an indentured servant for the banks for a couple of decades.





I went to a local college, so the tuition wasn't high.  Yet still for my first year, I had to take out a small loan.  This loan has taught me to never borrow anything again.  I hate the thought of loans now.


In Topic: Blake Griffin believes that Earth is 6,000 years old

Yesterday, 05:29 PM

how did we know, how did others know from the beginning to now? We were drawn by the Spirit of Christ.


Drawn to have a relationship with Him, yes theoretically.  We were drawn.  Yet wanting to know if He exists, a relationship with Him is not required.  Wanting to know if God exists, that's a reasonable question and evidence is required.  It has to be more than a good feeling or inward thing.  Those feelings, well, other religious beliefs have those feelings.  If having an inward relationship is the evidence, thousands of other beliefs are just as justified as Christianity.

In Topic: Blake Griffin believes that Earth is 6,000 years old

Yesterday, 05:00 PM

Jesus Christ lives in me and I in him. The answer to all this is In Him.That is how you know God exists.to know God is to know He exists and that is a question and a conclusion you have to make on your own. He makes himself the evidence He proves it to each person.



I may know.  Perhaps God may only want me to know about His existence, but how will others know?  What Jesus offers along with forgiveness, is a completely new nature.  The nature everyone is born into, is what we call the old nature. (More commonly known as human nature)  We say no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  Well, this new nature Jesus offers, theoretically it is perfect.  It can do things that go beyond human nature.  If Christians lived in this nature, it would certainly be evidence.  A by product would be miraculous happenings.



So when it comes to answering people's question about God's existence, it's not enough to say because I have a relationship with Him.  That wasn't enough for Moses.  Moses didn't just walk up to the Israelites and tell them he heard God's voice from a burning bush.  God gave Moses three signs to prove He did talk with him.  Likewise, Jesus being our ultimate example, didn't just say He was the Messiah, He did many miraculous works to prove it.  That is what's written in the Bible, and that is the standard and ultimate proof to others. (I actually talked about a possible reason why God chose to reveal Himself in a hide-and-seek fashion vs. just showing Himself.  I called it the Star Argument.)

In Topic: War on women: 11,000 rape kits unprocessed in Detroit

Yesterday, 04:39 PM

I thought that the majority of sexual assaults were done by someone that the victim knew or by a family member. I could be wrong, just seems like I remember seeing that somewhere.



Yeah you're right.  Of course I also think I heard that statistic while watching Law and Order: SVU.  I suppose it's only the serial rapists that are more likely to go after people they don't know.  Though I also suppose you don't have to be a family member to know or know of someone.  Definitely overall these criminals commit atrocious crimes.


With all that said, I firmly believe if you can reach people at a young age, they will be less likely to commit such a crime later on, unless they have psychopath like tendencies.  Where they lost or never had the ability to feel for others.  Someone mentioned a rape culture, I think they're right in that aspect.  Like I said, we all have ancestors who were rape, and that history is apart of our DNA. (With that in mind, it's important to note then that we have ancestors who were rapists)  Most people throughout history and today who commit this crime, get away with it.  So I think the younger generation needs to be confronted with this kind of history, so when they are older, they will understand the results of their actions.  If they can't see their sister/mother/daughter/neice in their victims, if that is not enough, they should at least see themselves in their victims.  If they have no problem raping themselves, then they can't be reached.  Yet I believe not everyone is psychotic.  Yet again it's a tangled mess the world is.

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