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After two weeks, the Panthers Remain in the Ranks of the Unbeaten

Yesterday, 07:07 AM

First time since 2008.  The longest we've gone undefeated is five weeks back in 2003 correct me if I'm wrong.  So, how long do you think we will be undefeated this season my dear Carolinians?  I'm too biased to ask myself this question.  I always look to go 19-0 every year.  Yet I will say we have a great chance of doing that this year.  We have the best defense in the league, and our offense have the ability to put up crazy numbers. (I would say it's top ten or better)

The Face of the Panthers Franchise

12 September 2014 - 03:24 PM

There's no doubt when we drafted Cam Newton, he was going to be the face of our team.  Of course usually your QB is always viewed as the leader of the team, but if he's average or a game manager, people don't see them as the face of their franchise.  You can usually see in game promotions on tv, who the media see as the face of their team and probably their best player.  Yet then we drafted Luke Kuechly.  This dude has already established himself to the level of Ray Lewis, if not close to it or better.  Now you see him in almost as many commercials as Cam, but I believe Cam has more official commercials than Kuechly right now. (commercials you can see in all states, and not just the Carolinas.  However Kuechly has done a pepsi commercial with Ron Rivera and I'm pretty sure that has gone national.)


I can't remember a time where you had two players on the same team, playing on opposite sides of the ball no less, that could be the face of the franchise for their respective team.  Both are excellent players, excellent leaders, and have a lot of heart.  What say you Panther Nation?  If you had to choose one, who would you say is the face of the franchise?

Papa Johns Promo Code

08 September 2014 - 09:43 AM

It's said if the Panthers scored 20 or more points, the following day you could enter the promo code PANTHERS20 and get a free pizza along with your ordered pizza.  So far it hasn't worked for me.  (It's suppose to be available for all Papa Johns located in the Carolinas)  Anybody else tried it yet?

This Nickname "The Four Horseman"

07 September 2014 - 06:55 PM

I know Cam thought it up and it's been accepted to some degree, but it's just been done before.  It's too generic.  We need something spicy that people can be afraid of.  Now, here in Carolina we have a system that's pretty much running back by committee.  We have no real starter, and Cam can mix things up when healthy.  Yet this is a group that has juice to it.  D-Will could start for most teams in this league, Stew would start for most teams in this leauge, and we all know Tolbert can bowl some cats over.  I hereby dub this group "The Committee".

The US: Are Her Golden Days Ahead, or Her Best Days are Behind?

06 September 2014 - 08:51 AM

As an aspiring mind, I see America's golden days are ahead.  Yet I believe a few things need to happen in order for that to happen...  



One, we need an invention that makes new forms of energy practical.  Right now we have solar panels, electric cars, etc., however they aren't being mass produced for the general public.  This is because new forms of energy are yet to be efficient enough to match older forms of energy use.  For instance we still use gasoline to fuel our cars.  The quickest way to bring down gas prices is to not depend on gas so much.  Then over time, eliminate the need for gas in our cars.  The first nation who produces a device that makes new forms of energy efficient, will be a very rich country.  We would be able to sell this device to other countries and alleviate our national debt in no time.



Two, we need to come together as a people.  All this race stuff need to be brought to a head.  Of course I'm going to talk from my perspective in the black community. (I invite others to talk about their perspective from their backgrounds)  I'm not necessarily a statistics kind of guy, but even I can't ignore the statistics concerning black people in this country.  Just like a father or mother looking at their child's bad grades, I'm looking at these statistics with a frown on my face.  Now people want to decry racism, but even if you eliminated all racism right now, 20 years from now black people will still be at the bottom of everything. (Albeit with improvements)  Our problem in this country isn't racism.  Our problem isn't even broken or single parent families.  Our problem is we have no wealth.  For those of us who are working, it's not working for ourselves, but for someone else.  We have no large businesses on the scale of a Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Facebook, etc.  All of those businesses are global, and their owners are billionaires.  Other businesses have made their owners multi-millionaires in the hundreds of millions category.  Most black people who own businesses, they don't have hundreds of millions in their portfolio and very few black people own businesses.  The rest of us again are nothing but employees.  We make an income to pay off our debts, and the rest we live on to satisfy our needs/wants.  Not enough money to build our community.  I encourage more black people to start their own businesses, and place them where there is a large african american community.


I see once black people come up in this country, we can unite the country as a whole in race relations.  If black people come together effectively, which is no easy task in the least, we can teach all people to come together.  People will look on our success, and will want to integrate with us, move into our neighborhoods etc.  You will see a cascading effect that will take a life on it's own.  That's a great legacy for black people to leave on this country and would make the formal history worth something.



Three, we need a joining sense in politics.  If there is one thing I can't stand about this country, is our quibbling when it comes to politics.  I mean we are talking a bunch of grown men and women arguing over things instead of finding solutions.  Now, perhaps in the courts and on the senate floors, there is maturity.  Whereas on the news and on radio stations they make a living sounding like squeaking mice.  So perhaps I need to stay away from news channels, but when it comes to our politicians, they need to be more accepting of ideas.  We are all americans, and should want what is best for the whole and not just a few.  That's why I hate politics because I would feel like if I didn't get my guy/gal in office, I'm going to be neglected as an individual.  Those who voted for Romney are feeling that way right now.  If that be the case, your vote was worth spit. heehee!  You shouldn't feel that way at all.  In fact when it comes to the country, whoever is in office be it president/governor/mayor, they all work for you.  It's your job to hold them accountable and turn their hair grey.  To let the next man/woman who assumes the role know, they work for us and no one individually.  


So again it's stupid how things are done now, how people call themselves republican or democrat.  No one should be enslaved to a party or opinion.  Once americans develop a brain for themselves and find solutions to solve their own problems, it is then the president's duty to protect those solutions and assure they are executed.  Yet the people are waiting for the president to come up with solutions.  That's not how it should work at all.  A lot of people laugh at religion, and that is understandable.  A lot of people laugh at the idea of a savior in some religions, and yet they expect the president to be a savior?  I laugh at that!  At least saviors in religion are purported to have supernatural power.  We know the president is just as weak as us.  Get off you're butts, and get things done yourself.  Then hold the president accountable of protecting those solutions.



So those are some reasons why I say America's golden days are ahead of us.  What about the rest of you?  What are some of everyone's thoughts on this?

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