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I don't feel Bene gets enough respect from the Panther faithful

20 April 2015 - 10:27 AM

I keep hearing how many of us want Bene to go back to being our nickel corner.  I've listened to some Charlotte sports talk, and they figure Charles Tillman will start opposite Norman, pretty much removing Bene without much thought whatsoever. (Not that I'm saying Tillman would be bad by any means.  I'm quite confident in his ability.  In fact, he is better than Bene right now.)



I think it would be a mistake to put Bene back at the nickel.  This guy is brimming on top corner ability.  It is very rare to have a guy like this at such a young age in NFL standards.  I want him to continue to progress in that.  To me, moving him back to being a part time nickel seems like we would put a lid on him.  Not that I believe his talent would regress or anything, but I just don't want to move him from that spot.  What I saw from him in his starts last year was downright incredible.  He legitimized our young secondary when Cason and White left it a gaping hole earlier in the season.  He has the skills of a true shut down corner, and I want him to continue to develop that in remaining our starter.  Now where would Tillman play if Bene is still the starter?  I've said before Tillman should take Harper's spot.  I wouldn't mind if Tillman took Boston's spot in the starting lineup because Tillman should definitely start.  Just not at the cost of Bene's spot.

Why Picking up Jonathan Martin was a Waste of Time...

02 April 2015 - 05:40 PM





Any questions?

My favorite Cam Newton Highlight Video

02 April 2015 - 10:34 AM

Not to be someone who starts useless threads, I just thought this highlight video would be something good to reminisce on.  It highlights how the critics were absolutely wrong on Cam and his ability to be a franchise QB.  Now again for those who don't remember, I was upset about Luck going back to college and thought Cam shouldn't have been the pick at number one.  Yet this dude was scrutinized at even bigger levels than Johnny Man-Zeal if you can believe that.


Also I want to make a note that as you watch the video, watch how Jordan Gross engages his guy at 3:07.  Also, even though Otah was hardly healthy, he was known for destroying dudes, and we can see that at 3:42.  Man, I missing having real OTs!



Kiper is starting to hype up Perriman. What are the chances...

02 April 2015 - 08:57 AM

All year everyone pretty much knew Amari Cooper was going to be the first receiver picked in the draft.  Yet after Kevin White's combine workout, many now believe he will be the first wideout taken, perhaps by the Raiders.  This morning I heard Kiper on Sportscenter talking about the possibility of the Rams taking Perriman with the 10th pick.



Now my personal opinion is Cooper will still be the first receiver taken.  I don't care about White's workout.  The Raiders would be absolutely fools to pass up Amari Cooper just because a guy was a little bigger and a little faster.  Yet like I said, now Perriman is being hyped up because he's "a little bigger and a little faster" (At least in terms of workouts)  Well, DeVante Parker is "a little bigger" and about as fast.  It's also possible for a team to fall in love with Dorial Green-Beckham.  He's definitely bigger and the only questions around him are off the field.  If it weren't for that, he most likely would have been the first receiver off the board.



What I'm trying to say is, if Kevin White and Breshad Perriman are taking in the top 10, and Copper falls, what are the chances he will still be on the board when we pick when guys like Parker and Beckham are still floating around in the teens?

Amendments to "A Matthias Mock"

01 April 2015 - 11:59 AM

After thinking about it, I feel there is no question the offensive line will make or break us next year.  Yeah we need a decent receiver to help with the passing game, but I feel like if KB has a breakout season next year, our passing game will be just fine with the second spot being shared by Ted Ginn and Jericho Cotchery. (Plus whoever we get in the draft)  You have to remember that we have a probowl pass catching TE in Greg Olsen.  If it weren't for all the max protection last year, he would have put up even better numbers.



That said, I am not confident at all with our LT position.  This was worst case scenario in my book before free agency.  I thought we might have been able to nab either Bryan Bulaga or King Dunlap.  Both of their teams resigned them.  So once again we are heading into the season without a legit LT, or RT for that matter.  Yeah we picked up Oher and Martin, so?  Do I believe these guys got what it takes to stabilized the offense?  No, not really.  Both of these guys' ceilings have pretty much been reached, and the best either of them could do is hold down the RT spot.  I also know many of you are rooting for Remmers.  The only thing I remember last year was half our plays were max protection, and Remmers was apart of that.  That tells me he had a lot of help, if he did anything last year.



Without further adieu, I'm going to make some changes to my last mock.  With our third round pick, I'm trading it to the Vikings to obtain the other half of the Kalil brothers.  While he played poorly last year, we've seen he has a much higher ceiling than Oher and Martin.  I think his problem these last couple of years have to due with a mix of dealing with injury and confidence.  What better way to improve that than to get him out of that cold weather in Minnesota, and bring him down to the Carolinas to play with his brother.  Plus as I said somewhere before, I like his gritty attitude.  Dude snapped off a fan's hat and walked off like it was nothing.  Cam needs cats like this who have a mean streak.  People forget he made the probowl his rookie year.





1st Round Pick: Landon Collins





As other prospects continue to be talked about, I feel like Landon Collins is getting lost in the shadows.  Of course there's a difference between talking heads and actual football coaches.  However there is still a chance he could slip to us.  He immediately makes our secondary better.  For one, he will remove Harper from the starting line up.  Two, we already know he's a hard hitter and sure tackler, but also has the speed to turn into a great cover guy.  Alabama has a quirky defense, playing a 3-3-5.  So I don't care what people say about Collin's cover skills and getting beat by man-to-man coverage.  Dude's a safety, not a corner.  How many times will he be playing man-to-man in an NFL defense?  So this is strictly BPA, and what a BPA he is.





2nd Round Pick: Benardrick McKinney





I'm keeping this pick the same.  Another BPA on the defensive side that I feel will pay big dividends.  I could have gone offensive here, but I don't believe any good receivers will be worth passing up talent like this.  Now, there are some interesting running backs that could be had, but you know what they say about RBs.  They are a dime a dozen.  Plus I believe Stewart will be healthy this year.  He's not as injury prone as many might believe.





3rd Round Pick: (Traded to Vikes for Matt Kalil)



Here's some highlights of his run blocking back in 2012.  He's 75.




Here's some pass blocking highlights







4th Round Pick: Stefon Diggs






Probably the underrated receiver of the draft.  In my last mock I picked him in the 5th, but I believe he will go earlier, within the 3rd-4th range.  Could come in and be our second option.





5th Round Pick: Cedric Reed






Played through injury all year this past season, but had a monster year in 2013 in which he had 10 sacks and 5 force fumbles.  I don't know if this past year is going to knock him down this far, but if he does, again we are talking Greg Hardy 2.0 without the character issues.





5th Round Pick (Compensation): Jeremy Langford






Good runner to have as a back up to Stew.  Of course again I would like to keep Fozzy on board.





5th Round Pick (Compensation): Damian Swann





I feel like he could come in and compete for the nickel position.  I want to keep "Bene Bene Bene!!!" on the outside.  We all wanted him to be our nickel guy and he can definitely excel there, but after watching him on the outside opposite of Norman, I came away very impressed.  I don't want to mess that up if he can continue to become a shut down corner.





6th Round Pick: Corey Robinson






Bringing in someone to compete for the RT spot.  He's a big guy with strength.





7th Round Pick: Derrick Lott






Good DT depth.





Projected Starters






QB- Cam Newton

RB- Jonathan Stewart

FB- Mike Tolbert

WR- Kelvin Benjamin

WR- Toss up

TE- Greg Olsen

LT- Matt Kalil (TR)

LG- Andrew Norwell

C- Ryan Kalil

RG- Trai Turner

RT- Toss up





DE- Kony Ealy

DT- Kawann Short

DT- Star Lotulelei

DE- Charles Johnson

OLB- Thomas Davis

MLB- Luke Kuechly

OLB- Benardrick McKinney ®

CB- Bene Benwikere

FS- Tre Boston

SS- Landon Collins ®

CB- Josh Norman



Special Teams


K- Graham Gano

P- Brad Nortman

PR- Ted Ginn Jr./Stefon Diggs ®

KR- Ted Ginn Jr/ Stefon Diggs ®