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Matthias' Cam Mock

28 October 2014 - 01:05 PM

As a lot of you might know, I believe the best thing for this franchise would be to trade Cam, unless of course if you could give me a new HC who's an offensive genius. (Or offensive genius at OC)  Rivera and this crew see Cam as a running QB, or at least that is how they treat him in our offensive attack.  I can't take this stuff no more.  Cam is not going to run all over the league like he did in college.  Guys are too fast, smart, and talented at this level.  You have to dissect defenses with your arm.  Use that extra athletic build as a trump card and limited change of pace.  We will never win anything like this.  Yeah, I know all about our O-line woes and limited talent at the receiver position, but as this past Sunday has shown us, Cam can throw it up to KB with him coming down with it.  Use what works.  Use more five receiver sets, and punish the defense for blitzing you.  All of that stuff is basic mathematics, yet this staff is so inept.  I truly believe they are blinded by Cam's athletic ability, to want to use that as a main weapon.  So this is why I say the best thing is to trade Cam.  Have a QB who uses his throws as his main weapon, so we can do things the right way on offense.



Another thing about this is for four years, we never got Cam any help.  Of course this last year I would give Rivera some credit in picking up KB.  However looking at this past offseason as a whole, they got rid of Smitty, they didn't try to replace Jordan Gross in fact they did worst by replacing him with Byron Bell a.k.a Byron "Drum", they started an undrafted DT to play RT, and they went out and signed aged possession receivers to play alongside KB.  I would say all the "big" movements went again toward the defense.  They got DeCoud, Harper, Cason, and of course they gave Hardy the franchise tag.  Offense was the last thing on Rivera and crew minds.  It has been for four years!  This pretty much cement the idea they want Cam to be a one man show on offense, and I believe this may be the "athletic QB" effect.  The idea you don't need to put a lot of guys around a QB who can run and make plays, and have the big arm to drive the ball down the field.  Making plays on his brawn instead of his brain.  Teams go out and put players around QBs who's specialty is in the passing game.  Look at Luck for instance.  His coach is a defensive guy from the Ravens squad.  Yet ever since they drafted Luck, they put all kinds of offensive talent around him.  They kept Reggie Wayne there when he was considering following Manning to Denver.  They drafted Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen with the next two picks they had after selecting Luck, and in the same draft, struck gold with TY Hilton.  They even made an attempt to bring in a star running back for Luck with Trent Richardson, but that hasn't worked out.  I'm willing to bet this year, they will draft either Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon out of Wisconsin.



So ultimately, we will never get Cam that kind of help, nor will we ever run what I call a pro offense.  The only perfect option in this case then would be, to trade him and get what we can.  Multiply the amount of 1st round picks we will have in the first round in the next two years, and stock up on talent or have the ability to move up or down the draft boards at will.  With the amount of talent we will get for Cam, he will win us a superbowl through his value.  So here is how I see things shaping up...



I see us finishing the season in the bottom 10.  Unless our defense return to 2013 form, I see us going 3-5 our next 8 games, and finishing with a record of 6-9-1.  So our given first round pick next year, will be in the top 10.  Now Oakland it seems will have the first overall pick.  This is where we will trade Cam.  Mariota and Winston are the top college QBs coming into the league.  Cam can do everything they can, and he is a proven commodity at this level.  The Raiders would be insane to pass on a sure thing vs the rookies. (See Derek Carr)  So here's the trade....



Oakland get- Cam Newton


Panthers get- Oak's 1st, 2nd, and 1st next year



I know some of you would say Cam is worth more than that, I would agree.  However, I would take that deal considering they have the first overall pick.  So now we have the 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft, and a top 10 pick.  The next thing I want to do is trade down to the third overall spot.  I imagine a team right there on the cusp will want to draft either Mariota or Winston, so we trade out with them and pick up some more picks for this year and next.



Rams/Titans/Bills/etc. get- Panthers's 1st overall


Panthers get- 1st (3rd or 4th overall), 2nd, and next year's 1st



Again, another conservative deal compared to say what the Redskins gave up for RGIII.  This will give us two top ten first round picks and three early second round picks in 2015, along with three first round picks in 2016.  Considering we pick up gems with those three early 2nd round picks, this would give us 8 first round caliber players in two years.  Or should another franchise QB come out in 2016, we could trade up to get him, giving us 5 first round caliber players and a franchise QB.  The third thing we could do with the three first round picks in 2016 is move down and stock up for years to come.  Have the power to move up or down, until we see those generational players coming into the league.  This is what we can do by trading Cam in the offseason.  All that said and done, let me move on with my free agent offseason and draft.



Free Agency- (I'm just going to say we have 30 million in cap space)



Jason Pierre-Paul





5 year contract




BJ Raji




1 year deal



Sign a vet G for a 1-2 year deal



I'll leave it there for now.  Two big name defensive picks, so you know I'm going to go hard on the offensive side of the ball in my mock draft.  We should let Hardy walk.  His price tag may or may not come down, but it's time we turned over a new leaf.  Hardy lives life a little bit on the edge, who's to say something else won't happen surrounding him.  If JPP hits the open market, he would be a great long term replacement for Hardy.  Plus I imagine G-man could put in a word to JPP's agent to get him to look our way.  I imagine we won't resign Colin Cole.  Raji is coming off an injury, but if he's good to go, he has probowl ability as a run stuffer.  He also has enough power to get to the QB on occasion.  On to the draft....




NFL Draft-




1st round pick (3rd overall)- Andrus Peat





Position:  LT

Height:  6'7"

Weight:  313

College:  Stanford


You can tell from his size, he's just physically imposing.  Peat is the best prospect this year at LT, and plays in a run heavy offense at Stanford.  I've watched a few of his games, and I never seen anyone beat him one on one.  A couple of times I've seen him block towards the inside while a free man on the blitz got into the backfield.  Yet he's quick enough to handle the blitz.  The main thing is his strength.  Just look at his muscles, and that alone should intimidate the competition.





1st round pick (top ten)- Amari Cooper





Position:  WR

Height:  6'1"

Weight:  203

College:  Alabama


I said in another thread, if an NFL probowl receiver was allowed to come back to college and play a year, they would look a lot like Amari Cooper.  Rarely have I seen a receiver that has as much control over his speed as I've seen in Cooper.  It can look like he's jogging one moment, and then can turn on the jets in half a second.  In the same breath, he could have the jets on, slow down to a brisk pace, and hit the nitro again.  I'm pretty sure he's not a guy that can just run a fast 40 time in shorts, but he converts that 40 time into game speed.  He is the best player in this draft by far in my estimation, and it's not even close.  We would be extremely lucky to have him alongside KB.  By the way, as for these first two picks, I'm not totally sure Peat is coming out for the 2015 draft.  Guys that go to schools like Stanford tend to also stick around for education purposes.  See Andrew Luck.  Usually these guys come from better living situations, so they have that luxury of staying in school.  Of course Cooper could also stay in school as well.  If Peat doesn't come out, my first two picks would be Amari Cooper and Landon Collins.





2nd round pick (Oakland trade)- Ereck Flowers





Position:  LT

Height:  6'6"

Weight: 324

College:  Miami


I think we're all in agreement here he is a great LT.  With Peat likely playing LT for us, we would plug this guy in at RT.  The Byron Bell era would officially be over!  With that said, this guy may go in the first round.  I wouldn't be surprised if his stock rose into the top 20, especially with a good combine workout.  As it stands right now, many have him in the second round.  Of course if he falls, we would be right there to grab him.  His credentials include paving the way for Duke Johnson, who will probably be a second round pick himself.  So we will have two rookie bookends, who look like grizzled veterans.





2nd round pick (Rams/Bill/Titans/etc. trade)- Sammie Coates





Position:  WR

Height:  6'2"

Weight:  201

College:  Auburn


That's right, I'm still picking up this guy.  I believe his deep threat talent is too hard to pass up.  Plus again, he's strong for a receiver.  So we are looking at having KB, Cooper, and Coates.  How do you like that for fire power at the receiver position.  Luck's Colts can suck eggs! (I haven't even mentioned Olsen and Swole.  Give me my 5 receiver sets Rivera)





2nd round pick- Kurtis Drummond





Position:  FS/SS

Height:  6'1"

Weight:  201

College:  Michigan St.


Probably the second best player from the secondary of Michigan St's "No fly zone" throughout the years. (Darqueze Dennard was the number one guy)  He's having a good year, playing with another good talent in Trae Waynes.  We all know by now that Harper is not a guy to have confidence in at SS, and the guys behind him don't look too promising either.  Tre Boston is still young, but I don't want to roll with him long term just yet.  Drummond has some ball skills, and he's a pretty good tackler.  I would like to see the combination of him and DeCoud out there.  I'll be paying attention to him in the following weeks.





3rd round pick:  Eric Rowe





Position:  CB

Height:  6'1"

Weight:  205

College:  Utah


Here's a prospect that's moving up my draft board.  He has a huge match up going against Jaelen Strong this week.  Hopefully I will get a chance to look at it, if not I'll try to look at the highlights.  Rowe is one of the reasons why the Utes are having a good season.





4th round pick- Jake Ryan





Position:  OLB

Height:  6'3"

Weight:  236

College:  Michigan


Provide some competition for AJ.





5th round pick- Kaelin Clay





Position:  WR

Height:  5'10

Weight:  193

College:  Utah


Leads the FBS with 3 punt return touchdowns.  He also has a kick return for a touchdown, so he has return specialist potential.  He could be our PR man, and we could keep Bersin at KR.





6th round pick- Sean Mannion





Position:  QB

Height:  6'5"

Weight:  220

College:  Oregon St.


Not much QB talent after Mariota and Winston.  I'm confident in Derek Anderson in being our starter with this team built around him.  Many of yall mention how bad Anderson was as a starter, but you have to remember that probowl season he put up not that long ago.  I've seen enough of him to say he's capable of such a season again, and with this talent around him, I'm very confident in the team.  As for the long term, we would have three first round picks the next draft (2016).  If a good QB comes out that year, we could trade up to get him. (Or if one of our 1st rounders is early enough, we could take him there)  If not, we can move down or whatever.  In the meantime, we can develop Mannion, and see what he got.





7th round pick- Cedric Reed





Position:  DE

Height:  6'5"

Weight:  272

College:  Texas


Every time I watched him this season, I come away puzzled as to how he ever got 10 sacks last year.  I see no burst at all coming from him at the snap of the ball.  It seems like his whole game resembles the statement of taking plays off.  He does show some strength in run defense, but nothing special.  I didn't watch much of him last year, didn't pay much attention to Texas games.  I wish I could find some significant highlights of him last year, to see how he played because there is no way he got 10 sacks playing like he's playing right now.  Yet it's because of his year last year, that he could be a hidden gem.  That's why I still have him on my draft boards late.





Projected Depth chart:





QB-  Derek Anderson, Joe Webb, Sean Mannion ®

RB-  Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams, Darrin Reaves

FB-  Mike Tolbert

WR-  Kelvin Benjamin, Sammie Coates ®, Kaelin Clay ®

WR-  Amari Cooper ®, Brenton Bersin

TE-  Greg Olsen, Brandon Williams

LT-  Andrus Peat ®, David Foucault

LG-  Andrew Norwell, Amini Silatolu

C-  Ryan Kalil, David Wang ®

RG-  Trai Turner, Fernando Velasco

RT-  Ereck Flowers ®, Vet RT signing





DE-  Jason Pierre-Paul (FA), Mario Addison

DT-  BJ Raji (FA), Kawann Short

DT-  Star Lotulelei, Dwan Edwards

DE-  Charles Johnson, Kony Ealy

OLB-  Thomas Davis, Jason Williams

MLB-  Luke Kuechly, Chase Blackburn

OLB-  AJ Klein, Jake Ryan ®

CB-  Josh Norman, Eric Rowe ®

FS-  Thomas DeCoud, Tre Boston, Colin Jones

SS-  Kurtis Drummond ®, Roman Harper

CB-  Antoine Cason, Bene Benwikere, James Dockery



Special teams


K-  Graham Gano

P-  Brad Nortman

PR-  Kaelin Clay ®

KR-  Brenton Bersin

That's it, I'm making it official

26 October 2014 - 04:10 PM

I'm officially on the trade Newton bandwagon.  Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions, but I just don't see him having any Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady success, year in and out.  At best he will have McNabb, Culpepper, Jeff Garcia success.  We would pretty much have to build a super team around him to have great success.  We would have to build a "2000 Raven's" defense, give him super receivers and a super O-line before we are contenders every year.  Well, if I got to do all that, I'm sure I would be contenders with any game manager QB behind the line.  


With this coaching staff on board, Cam will never do anything.  I'm starting to wonder if Cam even wants to be a consistent passer, or does he simply want to run for a hundred yards every game.  I'm tired of it all.  I said it before, the pocket passer still rule in this league, and that isn't about to change.  It's possible when you have an athletic QB, management tends to not put pieces around you to help you out.  They don't get you a good LT.  They don't give you 5 receiver sets and short quick routes.   I mean come on, where are our 5 receiver sets?  Where are our quick, short routes?  Also, flip is up with our screen game, having Cam turn around a couple of times before dropping the ball off to Stew?  This offense pretty much look like Chud 2.0 with all these read options, which cost us points by the way on that fumble near the goal line.  I'm surprise that doesn't happen more with that play around the league.  However in our case, I wish it did happen more.  So we can put that play in the garbage right where it belongs.  


All in all, in my opinion, we should trade Newton now (not now actually right now, but in the offseason).  That is our best option, because I don't see him ever learning things like consistently stepping up in the pocket.  I said we should have let Hardy walk in the offseason, and look at how that cost us.  We are most likely not going to resign him, so it has turned out to be a big waste of money.  In this case, we need to trade Newton, and get the most we can for him.  The only way I would be on board with Newton long term, is if we hired a "Pro-offensive genius" as OC or HC.  Somebody that will instantly drop all the gimmicks, and tell Cam to only run as an absolute last option.  I wouldn't be too mad if he threw in a "COUPLE" of read options or designed runs, but that is the absolute MAX each game.  Give me a retired Manning at HC, maybe a David Shaw, maybe.  Shoot, Jim Harbaugh will be a free agent soon, I would throw all my money at him. (Though I would be sad to see the 4-3 defense go.  I'm a 4-3 baby, but I will say if he could build a 3-4 with players similar to the 49ers, I won't complain one bit)

The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

19 October 2014 - 10:09 PM

I've watched the Broncos, Patriots, Colts, etc continue to compete at the top of the league year in and year out.  They have franchise QBs, but what is special about them is their best talent is picking apart defenses with their arm.  Sitting back, manipulating DBs, and picking them apart.  They also know how to move within the pocket, as to avoid good pass rushers.  My biggest fear with Cam is that he will never fully learn how to do this.  That he either leans more toward his athletic side, or is pressured by everyone (media and fans alike) to be the QB who throws for 200 and run for 100.  I'm tired of this crap because it is the traditional pocket passer that competes year in and year out.  Vick had his moments, but his team never competed every year.


I'm being real.  I love Cam as much as anyone else.  I also know he can throw the ball.  Yet I don't think he will ever become a franchise pocket passer.  Have yall seen the 360 he did today in the pocket, running slam into a defender for the team's first sack?  I just don't know if I want to invest 160 million into one guy, if this is what I should expect for the rest of his career.  In any case, I want a traditional guy back there.  The primarily athletic QB still hasn't come in and changed the game just yet.  I'm open to the idea of trading Cam at the end of the season for a bunch of picks.

The Conditioning of Star and KK- Is this going to be a longtime issue?

15 October 2014 - 05:10 PM

Of course yall know me and my point of emphasis about starting Short along with Lotulelei.  However whether they start or not, we all have noticed Rivera shuffles his DTs like a deck of cards.  I don't only want to see them start, but I also like to see them take most of the defensive snaps.  Both guys are good at defending the run, and both can be a force in rushing the passer, particularly with Short.  As bad as our defense has been this year, and with our best D-lineman sitting at home, I want the rest of our best D-lineman out there on the field earning their check.


So I've asked the question on why does KK not start and why does Rivera shuffle at that spot so much? (Doesn't matter what down it is)  The answer I've received from many here concerning KK is conditioning.  That he doesn't conserve his energy well.  When it comes to Star, I remember when we drafted him, Rivera said they wanted to limit his snaps throughout the season or something to that effect.  It's season two for these guys, and it seems this is still the case.  Should we expect this to be the case for their careers?  If so, how much money should we spend on these guys when their contracts are up, if they can't even handle a full work load every game?  If by a miracle's chance a guy like Gerald McCoy enter the free agent market, should we go after him, and let Star and KK shuffle playing beside him?  What are everyone's thoughts concerning this because I'm kind of annoyed not seeing KK out there on most of the defensive snaps. (Keep in mind this is because he could be our best defensive lineman right now.  Of course CJ may be getting healthier and will start making his usually noise.)

I know management don't pay me for this, but...

12 October 2014 - 06:06 PM

As armchair Panthers coach, here is what I need to see next game.  Firstly, start KK alongside Star.  How many big runs will there be and how many defensive snaps with no pressure on the QB do we have to stand before this coaching staff get a clue?  Your best defensive lineman right now is coming off the bench?  Again, let Mr. Iverson drive this point home for a brother...





Secondly, I'm going to need Bersin to be moved up to the third receiver slot.  Dude is a chain mover and is likely a threat in the redzone.  We will need to put up points to counteract this defense of ours this year.  There's no Greg Hardy getting 4 sacks a game for us right now, and our corners are getting lit up like a Christmas tree.  These boys have me craving to get Norman out there as soon as possible.  I haven't felt that way about Norman since we drafted him.  So we need to keep the chains moving on offense, and we need to score a lot of touchdowns.  Along with Bersin, I'm going to need to see Swolebones out there. (The Panthers might be the only team who keeps their game changing players on the bench)  Finally, I'm going to need to see just a little more Riverboat out there.  Don't be afraid to throw caution to the wind every once in a while Rivera.  Go make a name for yourself.

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