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The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

19 October 2014 - 10:09 PM

I've watched the Broncos, Patriots, Colts, etc continue to compete at the top of the league year in and year out.  They have franchise QBs, but what is special about them is their best talent is picking apart defenses with their arm.  Sitting back, manipulating DBs, and picking them apart.  They also know how to move within the pocket, as to avoid good pass rushers.  My biggest fear with Cam is that he will never fully learn how to do this.  That he either leans more toward his athletic side, or is pressured by everyone (media and fans alike) to be the QB who throws for 200 and run for 100.  I'm tired of this crap because it is the traditional pocket passer that competes year in and year out.  Vick had his moments, but his team never competed every year.


I'm being real.  I love Cam as much as anyone else.  I also know he can throw the ball.  Yet I don't think he will ever become a franchise pocket passer.  Have yall seen the 360 he did today in the pocket, running slam into a defender for the team's first sack?  I just don't know if I want to invest 160 million into one guy, if this is what I should expect for the rest of his career.  In any case, I want a traditional guy back there.  The primarily athletic QB still hasn't come in and changed the game just yet.  I'm open to the idea of trading Cam at the end of the season for a bunch of picks.

The Conditioning of Star and KK- Is this going to be a longtime issue?

15 October 2014 - 05:10 PM

Of course yall know me and my point of emphasis about starting Short along with Lotulelei.  However whether they start or not, we all have noticed Rivera shuffles his DTs like a deck of cards.  I don't only want to see them start, but I also like to see them take most of the defensive snaps.  Both guys are good at defending the run, and both can be a force in rushing the passer, particularly with Short.  As bad as our defense has been this year, and with our best D-lineman sitting at home, I want the rest of our best D-lineman out there on the field earning their check.


So I've asked the question on why does KK not start and why does Rivera shuffle at that spot so much? (Doesn't matter what down it is)  The answer I've received from many here concerning KK is conditioning.  That he doesn't conserve his energy well.  When it comes to Star, I remember when we drafted him, Rivera said they wanted to limit his snaps throughout the season or something to that effect.  It's season two for these guys, and it seems this is still the case.  Should we expect this to be the case for their careers?  If so, how much money should we spend on these guys when their contracts are up, if they can't even handle a full work load every game?  If by a miracle's chance a guy like Gerald McCoy enter the free agent market, should we go after him, and let Star and KK shuffle playing beside him?  What are everyone's thoughts concerning this because I'm kind of annoyed not seeing KK out there on most of the defensive snaps. (Keep in mind this is because he could be our best defensive lineman right now.  Of course CJ may be getting healthier and will start making his usually noise.)

I know management don't pay me for this, but...

12 October 2014 - 06:06 PM

As armchair Panthers coach, here is what I need to see next game.  Firstly, start KK alongside Star.  How many big runs will there be and how many defensive snaps with no pressure on the QB do we have to stand before this coaching staff get a clue?  Your best defensive lineman right now is coming off the bench?  Again, let Mr. Iverson drive this point home for a brother...





Secondly, I'm going to need Bersin to be moved up to the third receiver slot.  Dude is a chain mover and is likely a threat in the redzone.  We will need to put up points to counteract this defense of ours this year.  There's no Greg Hardy getting 4 sacks a game for us right now, and our corners are getting lit up like a Christmas tree.  These boys have me craving to get Norman out there as soon as possible.  I haven't felt that way about Norman since we drafted him.  So we need to keep the chains moving on offense, and we need to score a lot of touchdowns.  Along with Bersin, I'm going to need to see Swolebones out there. (The Panthers might be the only team who keeps their game changing players on the bench)  Finally, I'm going to need to see just a little more Riverboat out there.  Don't be afraid to throw caution to the wind every once in a while Rivera.  Go make a name for yourself.

Matthias' Glorious Mock

10 October 2014 - 11:20 AM

I'm excited to take a look at the draft class of 2015.  Want to see who's coming out early and who can help this Panther team improve right away.  I'll begin with a mock free agency. (Sort of.  I'll mention a couple of names)....




First thing I'm going to do is let Greg Hardy walk.  Even if his cost comes down, I'm just tired of all the headache that surrounds him.  This particular incident with Holder I would say is his singular most incident he's had, and other than that he's been good.  I believe he's innocent of what's accused of him, but the whole thing along with all the other things such as the motorcycle accident just shows you he lives with an edge about him.  That's a lot of money to be putting into someone's pocket, and they are not playing on the field.  KK and Star looks like they are about to take over for us in the middle.  With workable talent around them, I feel we can more than make up for Hardy's production.



Secondly due to letting Hardy walk, I'm keeping CJ around.  He will only cost us 9 million dollars against the cap, which is less than what we would have paid Hardy his first year on a new deal.  CJ is still young, not even past the 30 year mark.  Haha, it seems like he's been playing forever.  So keeping him around maintains a great talent to go along with the youngins in Star and KK.  I'm going to keep D-Will and Stew another year.  It really doesn't benefit much to cut either of them, so it would be better to keep them around.  I know they have some injuries, but they still have some tread on their tires.  Get these boys a line that can move people off the ball, and they will still give you good yardage.  With that said, next year will be their last year here. (We said that last year heehee)



Free Agent Signing:



Bryan Bulaga






I know it's pretty much no way the Packers are going to let this dude walk in free agency, but let me mention a couple of things.  One, there are no sexy names out there that we can afford in free agency other than perhaps Bulaga.  So he would be my dream signing and would be a premier RT.  Two, the Pack may let him go due to injuries over the last two years.  He missed all of the 2013 season, and was injured in the first game of this year.  It's possible they may not want to pay him and decide to go a different route with other guys.  It's a long shot because they could just franchise him for one year, though I wonder how much money that would cost them?  We'll see.  This is my only free agent mention for now.  I think our cap is going to be better than what has been said among us recently.  This is supposed to be the year where we actually had some money to work with, so I don't understand all the talk about us having less than 10 million in cap space.





NFL Draft: (By the way, I'm going to add in two compensation picks.  One in the third and another in the fourth.  We let a lot of guys walk in free agency, and even release Smitty who's doing well.  It's pretty much a given we will get compensation.  I actually think we will get more on the amount here, but just keeping it simple)




1st Round Pick


Sammie Coates


Pos- WR

Ht- 6'2"

Wt- 201

Col- Auburn





Coates has been battling an injury through the beginning of the college season.  He's starting to now regain full strength, so we'll see what he can do as the season unfolds.  When healthy, I would put this guy in the class of Amari Cooper, if not a better receiver.  He has size yes, but he also has burner speed to go with it.  We would instantly sport one of the best, if not the best receiving core with this pick.





2nd Round Pick


Ereck Flowers


Pos- LT

Ht- 6'6"

Wt- 324

Col- Miami




Mentioned in another draft mock, he's a polished guy.  I say he's a first round talent, but will probably fall into the second.  He's capable of battling to start at LT.





3rd Round Pick


Bronson Kaufusi



Ht- 6'7"

Wt- 265

Col- BYU




A raw talent.  With a little work, maybe we can turn him into a poor man's JJ Watt.  Kony Ealy is still coming up in this league, and I expect him to continue to grow.  Yet I must say even though guys like Hardy and CJ also struggled and took time to develop, I'm a little disappointed with Ealy.  I just haven't seen any real flashes so far, but I have faith he will be a good, and possibly great player.  In the meantime, Horton isn't doing much and Mario Addison is a specialist.  I don't even want to mention Frank Alexander, he should be gone next year.  So Kaufusi could come into mix here.  He's also played a little basketball at BYU.





3rd Round Pick (Compensation)


Ronnie Stanley


Pos- LT/RT

Ht- 6'5"

Wt- 315

Col- Notre Dame




Some sites say he is a 1st-2nd round talent.  Right now he anchors a line of a currently undefeated Notre Dame squad.  So far his former teammate in Zack Martin is looking good in this league.  Perhaps that will rub off on him, and he will see some NFL success of his own.  Insurance policy to my dream signing of Bryan Bulaga.





4th Round Pick


Eric Rowe


Pos- CB

Ht- 6'1"

Wt- 205

Col- Utah




Not much in the way of corners this far into the draft.  This guy has some interesting match ups left in the season, including going a few rounds with Jaelen Strong.  I'll be paying attention and see how he does.





4th Round Pick (Compensation)


Cedric Reed


Pos- DE

Ht- 6'5"

Wt- 272

Col- Texas




A great talent who's having a poor year.  Back in 2013, he had an outstanding season.  That year he finished with 10 sacks, 16.5 tackles for a loss, and 5 forced fumbles.  For some reason he's been quite so far, but that could change.  The whole Texas team sucks this year, so that could have rubbed off on him.  Ultimately if he has a so-so year, he could see his stock fall.  I feel like this may be another Greg Hardy type of steal if we can land him here or later.





5th Round Pick


Stephone Anthony


Pos- ILB

Ht- 6'2

Wt- 236

Col- Clemson




I was impressed with his play in that game against Florida St.  His stock will probably continue to rise.  Going into the year, it looks like most sites had him as a 7th rounder at best.  Seeing his pass rush ability, I believe he has the speed and ability to play OLB.  In any case, he looks to be a good tackler and would be a benefit to have on special teams.  AJ Klein still has to prove himself as a starter, or else this guy might take that spot.





6th Round Pick


Bo Wallace


Pos- QB

Ht- 6'4"

Wt- 209

Col- Ole Miss




I like the improvement he's had over his career, and of course he became an Ole Miss legend after beating Alabama.  I like having these kind of guys around my team.  Though his stock will rise, and he would probably be a 4th round pick. (He's definitely better than AJ McCarron, but so was Zach Mettenberger, and he went in the sixth round.  So who knows)





7th Round Pick


Jeremy Cash


Pos- SS

Ht- 6'2"

Wt- 205

Col- Duke




An interesting prospect to have around.  I believe he is considered Duke's best defensive player, and perhaps best player. (Between him and Laken Tomlinson)  I try to add quality guys with every pick, even this late in the draft.  I could see him making the roster on special teams.  He could sit behind both DeCoud and Harper, and learn some things.  Of course he would be battling Boston and Lester for a spot.




Depth Chart Projection




QB- Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Bo Wallace ®

RB- DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Darrin Reaves

FB- Mike Tolbert

TE- Greg Olsen, Brandon Williams

WR- Kelvin Benjamin, Brenton Bersin, Philly Brown

WR- Sammie Coates ®, Stehpen Hill

LT- Ereck Flowers ®, Byron Bell

LG- Amini Silatolu, Andrew Norwell

C- Ryan Kalil, Fernando Velasco

RG- Trai Turner, Fernando Velasco

RT- Bryan Bulaga (FA), Ronnie Stanley ®





DE- Bryan Kaufasi ®, Mario Addison, Cedric Reed ®

DT- Kawann Short, Dwan Edwards

DT- Star Lotulelei, ?

DE- Charles Johnson, Kony Ealy

OLB- Thomas Davis, Jason Williams

MLB- Luke Kuechly, Stephone Anthony ®

OLB- AJ Klein, Stephone Anthony ®

CB- Josh Norman, Melvin White

FS- Thomas DeCoud, Colin Jones

SS- Roman Harper, Tre Boston

CB- Antoine Cason, Eric Rowe ®, Bene Benwikere



Special Teams


K- Graham Gano

P- Brad Nortman

PR- Philly Brown

KR- Philly Brown

A Stanford Question

08 October 2014 - 04:03 PM

Can someone please tell me why Sanders Jr. not only doesn't start, but rarely plays at all?  I want to see how good he is, and Shaw is acting like he has a bone with the kid.  He should have went to Oregon St. or somewhere else.  This is ridiculous.  It's not like Stanford's running game is doing much anyway, and they have now lost two games.  What's the deal here?

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