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In Topic: New Bungie game: Destiny

12 October 2014 - 06:21 PM

Same with crucible. Even though they are your teammates, if your not in a fireteam with them, you can't hear them talking on mic.

In Topic: New Bungie game: Destiny

12 October 2014 - 06:20 PM

So, I'm starting to worry about longevity. This game is fun, but it's noticeably worse (for me) if I don't have a friend on to play with. Playing this game in the quiet is not as fun (since when you get thrown into match making with strangers on strikes, they never have their mic, which makes communication and strategy impossible). I'd rather play madden if I'm playing alone. Or beating Last of Us again.

Hopefully the story DLC they release will be good. I'm still enjoying the grinding and some of the strikes. Some are getting a little repetitive, just because the strike playlists seem to run in the same order over and over again. The daily and weekly heroic stuff offers something a bit more, so that's good. I like the limited events, like the queen's wrath and now the iron banner. I just don't want to be sitting in January/February wondering when something more is going to be coming our way with this game. My thoughts were this game was going to fill ALL my gaming time, and I find myself playing madden more and more lately.

Oddly you can only voice chat with people in your fireteam. People on strikes that are grouped with you doesn't count as someone who joins your fireteam. So they could have their mic on, you just wouldn't know it.

In Topic: Official Panthers - Bengals Gameday Thread

12 October 2014 - 04:03 PM



In Topic: The Fappening

08 October 2014 - 01:32 PM

Weird he would have a pic of his mom in a thong on his phone. Who does this?


Add that to the pic of Hulk rubbing his daughter's inner thigh and butt to the creepy as fug poo the Hogan's do.

In Topic: For those of you interested in supporting the huddle....

08 October 2014 - 01:29 PM

i think/know jeremy's decision to make part of the forum a pay-for-use section wasn't an easy one. either just before i came around in 2005 or just after there was a paid membership that gave you access to some...well, i'll just say interesting things that sponsors wouldn't appreciate. he decided, tho, just to make this site free for everyone and support the upkeep of the site by using pay-per-click/action ads and that was probably enough (though so many browswers having ad block features made it a bit more challenging).

then, as i mentioned earlier in this thread, jeremy was presented with a very lucrative offer to buy this forum. the downside was that things would be changing a lot, and not in good ways. the company that was interested in buying it spent more on meeting with jeremy and get him to sell than most fan forums are worth. and, like i said, he turned it down because he was more interested in protecting the integrity of this site...which is basically his baby) than the load of money he could make from selling it. with that in mind, he has a family that he also has to support and it's hard to justify passing up so much money and also freeing up a lot of your time for what was essentially a glorified hobby.

to justify his decision and do right by his family, he had to try and find ways to monetize this site more than it had been and turn it into more of a business. one option to do that was to do what he did and create a way for people to, of their own choosing, pay for use of this site. to give them an incentive to do it and thank them for helping support the huddle, he felt it would be an adequate thanks to provide them with a little something special. i will tell you that even though there is a decent number of allpro members and that number is growing, he's not going to get rich from it. at least not from the number of members right now. what it is doing, though, is helping him travel to games outside charlotte and provide us with a lot more cool content that even non-allpro members can see.

i totally understand your financial situation. mine has changed a lot in the past year as well in ways that make me rethink how i spend even a dollar here and a dollar there. i won't say that you aren't missing much by not being a member, but i will also say that because there are people willing to pay $5/month for some extra goodies, you are getting more goodies here than you would have without them. if you haven't noticed there's been a significant upgrade in the quality of content in the main forum this year and that is because the things that he is doing to support the site financially is allowing him to have that freedom of access and it is also incentive for him to provide more.

whether or not you realize it, you are benefitting from the all-pro membership. you may not have access to everything, but you definitely have access to more than you had before it's creation.


I am grateful for what he does and hope he becomes a wealthy man.  If my financial situation changes for the better, I'll make the jump to all-pro because Mr Igo deserves compensation.  For me personally, our mortgage is going up due to property taxes and homeowners insurance going up.  Gas and electric bill is going up.  A bundle of joy is on the way and they are not cheap.  Just right now, all pro membership can't be a option for me since my budget is already changing so much with other things taking money out of retirement and kids college funds.  


I never meant my concern to be a slam on his decision to move to having an all-pro section.  I hope he realizes that.  

I hope he toes that line of free/paid content masterfully and my concerns were for nothing.

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