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#3100283 Spending $13.1 million

Posted by Panther17 on 21 November 2014 - 09:05 PM

This thread sucks. fug losing seasons. Hindsight is 50/50 er 20/20. fug this thread

#3095822 Sign LeGarrette Blount

Posted by Panther17 on 18 November 2014 - 03:13 PM

He was pissed at Pitt b/c he had to share dutys with Bell.  Something tells me he won't fit here.


That post pretty much ends the thread.

#3081007 IR Cam

Posted by Panther17 on 11 November 2014 - 09:36 AM

I was thinking this as well.  


He's beat up.  No where near 100%.  Cam's not going to admit it.  But you can see when he plays.


The team sucks.  The season is over.  No point in destroying the man.


IR him.  Let him rest.

#3072826 Cam Newton on Temple Run 2

Posted by Panther17 on 08 November 2014 - 12:09 PM

It makes sense. majority of the time he is running for his life.

#3069937 Hardy's Intent

Posted by Panther17 on 05 November 2014 - 08:36 PM

Are you suggesting Hardy intentional put himself in the middle of a domestic violence trial in order to collect 13 mil while sitting at home?

#3069083 Cam Newton has lost the desire to play football?

Posted by Panther17 on 05 November 2014 - 11:27 AM


#3056925 Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Posted by Panther17 on 30 October 2014 - 08:24 PM

Cam doesn't trust this OL...

Would you trust anyone on this O?

#3015720 Official Panthers - Bengals Gameday Thread

Posted by Panther17 on 12 October 2014 - 04:03 PM



#3005750 For those of you interested in supporting the huddle....

Posted by Panther17 on 08 October 2014 - 01:29 PM

i think/know jeremy's decision to make part of the forum a pay-for-use section wasn't an easy one. either just before i came around in 2005 or just after there was a paid membership that gave you access to some...well, i'll just say interesting things that sponsors wouldn't appreciate. he decided, tho, just to make this site free for everyone and support the upkeep of the site by using pay-per-click/action ads and that was probably enough (though so many browswers having ad block features made it a bit more challenging).

then, as i mentioned earlier in this thread, jeremy was presented with a very lucrative offer to buy this forum. the downside was that things would be changing a lot, and not in good ways. the company that was interested in buying it spent more on meeting with jeremy and get him to sell than most fan forums are worth. and, like i said, he turned it down because he was more interested in protecting the integrity of this site...which is basically his baby) than the load of money he could make from selling it. with that in mind, he has a family that he also has to support and it's hard to justify passing up so much money and also freeing up a lot of your time for what was essentially a glorified hobby.

to justify his decision and do right by his family, he had to try and find ways to monetize this site more than it had been and turn it into more of a business. one option to do that was to do what he did and create a way for people to, of their own choosing, pay for use of this site. to give them an incentive to do it and thank them for helping support the huddle, he felt it would be an adequate thanks to provide them with a little something special. i will tell you that even though there is a decent number of allpro members and that number is growing, he's not going to get rich from it. at least not from the number of members right now. what it is doing, though, is helping him travel to games outside charlotte and provide us with a lot more cool content that even non-allpro members can see.

i totally understand your financial situation. mine has changed a lot in the past year as well in ways that make me rethink how i spend even a dollar here and a dollar there. i won't say that you aren't missing much by not being a member, but i will also say that because there are people willing to pay $5/month for some extra goodies, you are getting more goodies here than you would have without them. if you haven't noticed there's been a significant upgrade in the quality of content in the main forum this year and that is because the things that he is doing to support the site financially is allowing him to have that freedom of access and it is also incentive for him to provide more.

whether or not you realize it, you are benefitting from the all-pro membership. you may not have access to everything, but you definitely have access to more than you had before it's creation.


I am grateful for what he does and hope he becomes a wealthy man.  If my financial situation changes for the better, I'll make the jump to all-pro because Mr Igo deserves compensation.  For me personally, our mortgage is going up due to property taxes and homeowners insurance going up.  Gas and electric bill is going up.  A bundle of joy is on the way and they are not cheap.  Just right now, all pro membership can't be a option for me since my budget is already changing so much with other things taking money out of retirement and kids college funds.  


I never meant my concern to be a slam on his decision to move to having an all-pro section.  I hope he realizes that.  

I hope he toes that line of free/paid content masterfully and my concerns were for nothing.

#3005558 For those of you interested in supporting the huddle....

Posted by Panther17 on 08 October 2014 - 12:19 PM

I get the gist of what you're saying, but the idea of having a paid package is to put things there that not everyone gets.


(full disclosure: I'm not currently a paid member)


Yes.  I was more trying to convey the message of  following that line of what is free content and what isn't free content. What was discussed when it was being implemented and staying true to it.




the injury update in the all-pro section has to do with one player and is more just something that he heard rather than anything official which is why he chose to not put it out there for the general public, and this isn't the first time he's shared something like that. before the allpro section he used to share certain things with just the mods in the mod forum, but those little inside tidbits he hears he now shares with those as part of the allpro forum.

i'm not saying that this is one of these moments, but because of his relationship with the panthers, just like most beat reporters, if you want to continue to have pretty free access to the team, certain things you will be asked to keep to yourself or at least not broadcast to the general public and that has more to do with keeping a strategic advantage from opponents rather than just trying to keep the public in the dark.

if it was something more substantiated, then it probably would have been shared in here. if you want an inside scoop on things that may be going on with the team that he hears from sources within the team that aren't meant for the mass public, then join up.


That did cross my mind.  It's hard to tell since I obviously don't know what is in any of them.  And it is completely understandable.  This time here is probably a bad example then.  The issue is a concern though to me at least.  If it would change to all carolinahuddle.com news being paid only I understand the reasoning behind it and I wish him success in his career choice.


The amount to join up is very reasonable.  If my family's money situation was better, I would join up.  While it's a small amount, the small amounts here and there add up when you consider all your bills together.


I tried to put my concern in a understanding of Mr Igo's right and need to make money off of the excellent information he already gives us.  It's completely understandable and I don't fault him for doing it.  Hopefully it read that way.




#3005433 For those of you interested in supporting the huddle....

Posted by Panther17 on 08 October 2014 - 11:20 AM

A topic asking for injury updates to not be on the paid only part was deleted.  Is it ok to discuss it here?

So minus the access on high traffic days, it's basically stuff that used to be available we can now pay to get.  For 5 bucks a month and we get a banner.  


You didn't read the OP.... or you read what you wanted to read.



I have created a new way you can support the huddle.


Introducing the All-Pro Package


In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the huddle out monetarily, you get some pretty cool things like....


  • Access to the All-Pro Exclusive forum where you will find additional content.
  • If the Huddle server is taken offline during peak traffic, you will maintain full access
  • Ability to edit or delete your own topics
  • Receive a special banner signifying to the world that you support the huddle.
  • Unlimited Pie giving, unlimited username changes, additional signature privelages


For those of you that don't feel like contributing, no worries, I still love you. The main forum will continue to have all of the content you have come to expect from the Huddle. The All-Pro forum will include things like HD resolution photos, additional sideline observations, and the occasional huddle kitten pictorial... plus whatever else I feel is a nice reward for helping this joint out.


This is a monthly subscription done currently through paypal only. Additional payment methods may be added at a later time. You can cancel renewal at any time.


Signing up needs to be done on a desktop or tablet in regular desktop huddle mode. The Huddle Store will not work in mobile view or huddle app.



Is injury updates additional content or content that you have come to expect from the huddle?


Some of the other topics:



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Don't know what is in each since I'm not an All Pro Insider.  The injury update looks like it is the first time something you would expect to be non-paid access but instead only being in the paid access part.


I am grateful for the site and the hard work that Mr. Igo puts into it.  The All pro announcement scared me knowing that at some point the original quote I put in this comment would come to be.  Stuff that used to be common in the free section now being paid only.  You do what you got to do to pay for the servers and make a living.  I just hope that line between what used to be normal content and additional content doesn't disappear into all carolinahuddle.com news being paid content.  


#3001551 Thomas Davis lets a guy have it on twitter

Posted by Panther17 on 05 October 2014 - 08:15 PM

He is going into hiding. He didn't realize the hornets nest he just kicked.

I don't care if he gets clicks you don't mess with TD

Does tweets at someone really count as clicks? I would think it's ok. Just don't follow, like, or retweet his trash.

#2998456 Official Panthers - Bears Gameday Thread

Posted by Panther17 on 05 October 2014 - 01:10 PM

Can Cam play OT?

#2974626 ravens fans talking smack smh we got to come out with fire

Posted by Panther17 on 23 September 2014 - 09:25 AM

You're runningbacks are a cluster fug. 



Well, they got that right.  

#2973381 Why is the Ravens game this week on CBS?

Posted by Panther17 on 22 September 2014 - 03:02 PM

AFC teams generally play on CBS. Baltimore is the host. Pretty simple concept.


Actually that concept you wrote is flawed.  Usually the away team determines whether it is CBS or Fox.  

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