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#3038949 Newton Positive? Reed's latest article not too convincing to me for some...

Posted by panthers55 on Yesterday, 05:14 PM

How are we going to address our DE, CB, and OT positions combined with resigning Luke, and dealing with CJ?  That's pretty much all I'm worried about.    We'll also need to find another complimentary receiver and some decent safeties.  We might draft another wr, but it's more likely that we take a chance on one later in the draft which is hardly comforting.   Like any team I don't really expect us to be able to fill all the holes on our roster, but most would be nice.

If we don't sign Hardy long term there is 13 million we free up.  Combine that with the 18 million in dead cap space this year which goes down to 4 million next year or possibly 7 million if there is any left over on Godfrey for a June 1st cut and you have at least 24 million.  Then look at CJ's cap number of 19 million next year and his production so far and we know he will either restructure or be gone. and you have potentially 40 million to play with.  Now remember than when you sign someone long term they get almost no money in salary year 1 because they get a big signing bonus so their cap hit in year 1 is usually small since the signing bonus gets prorated.  Usually year 2 is relatively manageable as well.  So it isn't until year 3 that contracts for guys like Cam or Kuechly get big.  Then you have the option to restructure and turn some of the salary into another signing bonus so again it is manageable.


So honestly with the cap going up the next several years it won't be that tough.  What is killing us now is all the guaranteed contract and restructures we made to keep things afloat the past 2 years which have created dead cap space that is enormous for guys like Beason that were hurt and are gone.  Then you have guys like Stewart that you can't cut and they don't stay healthy.

#3038858 Newton Positive? Reed's latest article not too convincing to me for some...

Posted by panthers55 on Yesterday, 04:05 PM

ST's is not irrelevant. 


No I don't think Dalton has earned that much.  I think he was overpaid and the Bengals are going to pay for it down the road.  Specifically when it comes to resigning AJ Green,  Andre Smith, and Andrew Whitworth before the end of next season.  AJ Green's contract expires at the end of this season I believe.  So now they're going to have to try and resign both starting tackles and their star WR very soon with all that money already committed to Dalton.


At that point they're are going to wish they did what the Cardinals did.


Some articles about your concerns including the first one by an ex-sports agent.







#3038792 Anonymous offensive assistant coach on Panthers D

Posted by panthers55 on Yesterday, 03:22 PM

Agree 100%... I think they can make some adjustments and get back to feasting (as Zod called it) but at the same time I think losing guys who "get after it" in the secondary like Munnerlyn and Mitchell may hinder that.


As a casual fan watching the games, seeing the missed tackles, missed assignments, bad angles, etc. it all looks very familiar. Especially the big plays and the way the defense basically escorts the opponent into the end zone once they get inside the 20. 


McDermott's red zone defense in Philly was last in the league. Again, not saying it's McDermott's fault because the players need to execute.     

Like you said the secondary has been abysmal missing tackles.  Guys like DeCoud and Harper routinely miss tackles that both the Captain and Mitchell made with no problem.  Once runners break the line of scrimmage it is all over but the shouting.  The worst is the shoddy play on third down and frequent penalties once we do stop them on third down.  Last Sunday they were up 21 points in the first quarter but the truth is we stopped them on two of those drives but committed stupid penalties which extended drives.  Sure we would still have been behind but 7-0 is recoverable while 21 points is something again. 

#3038646 Godfrey Question for the Cap Experts

Posted by panthers55 on Yesterday, 01:32 PM

He would have counted for $4.1m in salary next year, $3m in dead money. So we net out and gain $1.1m in cap space for next year, I believe.

You aren't really gaining anything because you don't have him and have to replace him with someone else.  Just like we aren't gaining 13 million by not resigning Hardy, we are simply redistributing his money on other guys.  Yeah it might seem like semantics but it is a pet peeve of mine like when my wife says she saved me 200 hundred dollars but buying something on sale and only spending 300 dollars.  She didn't save me anything she just spent 300 hundred instead of 500 bucks.  

#3038631 Anonymous offensive assistant coach on Panthers D

Posted by panthers55 on Yesterday, 01:23 PM

Welcome to McDermott defense. It's an extremely aggressive (people like to use the word "swarming") defense. When it's good it's can be really good, but when it's bad it can be really bad. Big plays are going to happen if the players on the field aren't executing tackles and that is what you are seeing. It was the same way when he was in Philly and that is what got him run out of town (not saying it was McDermott's fault). 


You live by the sword, and die by the sword. 

McDermott in Philly didn't have the linebackers to run his scheme most of the time so they gave up lots of yards and points.  Last year our linebackers played very well and were disciplined.  This year with Blackburn hurt and Davis playing erratically you have one consistent linebacker in Kuechly.  Problem is that he is trying to do too much and often gets sucked up into the interior so teams can easily run outside and make a big play.  He is trying to make up for other guys mistakes and becomes part of the problem.  As you know this defense requires discipline and responsibility with everyone doing their job.  One missed tackle and there is a big gap.  Last year guys would swarm to the ball and keep the mistake to a few yards so there were not as many big plays.  This year one missed tackle results in a 60 yard TD because other players are not swarming to the ball and making up for mistakes or missed tackles.  

#3035001 When a student fails, do you blame the teacher?

Posted by panthers55 on 21 October 2014 - 11:27 AM

Rivera doesn't pick who he wants from what I can tell.  Gettleman seems to run the show and picks the talent and manages the cap.  I suspect Rivera can say who he wants but unless we can get him for cheap he isn't coming here right now.


I also don't think you can blame coaches for the Hardy debacle nor for the long list of injuries which are affecting both sides of the ball but have devastated the offensive line and backfield.


Truth is that with the cap issues and fruit basket turnover we had hoped to field a competitive team as we go through financial hell.  Right now Rivera and the rest of the coaches have done the best they can with what they have to work with.  Time and again everyone keeps writing that we are doing pretty well given the lack of talent.  Seems to me everyone knows it except people on here.  We are not the same team as last year and it shows. I think players are not executing plain and simple.  As Davis said, guys are not swarming to the ball and making up for mistakes.  Lets add that tackling is abysmal and that is something players learn from pee wee ball.  That has to do with desire not coaching.


Sure the coaches need to do their job but like last week where we were down 21-0 in the first quarter, if we don't have 2 stupid penalties that extended the drives and resulted in scores we are down 7-0 and still in the game.  Penalties and poor tacklinng are our biggest problem and that has little to do with coaching. 


Rivera was coach of the year last year, he didn't forget how to coach in 12 months.  He has always had good defenses so is it him or the players right now??  I think players.

#3024765 What Packers Fans are Saying

Posted by panthers55 on 17 October 2014 - 10:39 AM

Unfortunately the fans have no say in the outcome so it is really what the players and coaches are saying and preparing for that matters.  And after watching film on CAm they are well aware of his passing ability.  The fact he can run and scramble not only puts the read option on the table but means you have to stay disciplined in your blitz angles or he can pop free and go for a big gain.  It tends to slow down the rush. 


#3024208 Rivera firing back to criticism on how he handled KB's concussion.

Posted by panthers55 on 16 October 2014 - 08:36 PM

People shouldn't talk about what they don't know

If people applied that across the board, most folks would only use about a tenth of the words they now do and sports channels like ESPN would be like silent movies.

#3018210 Breaking down the Bernard touchdown run

Posted by panthers55 on 13 October 2014 - 07:20 AM

Calling out one play? lol I just told you about the whole season. This play just epitomizes the whole season. The line and LBs not knowing what gaps to fill, the DBs running around lost. Giving up yet another long run. It's called scheme. When players know the scheme, knowing where to be, we should be a much better unit. Better than dog poo at least. We're just lost on D. Coaches need to direct them.

You can take any thread and find the way to blame Rivera and the coaches and give the players a complete pass.  Guys like Davis know the scheme and frankly he totally wiffed on the play.  It was his gap they ran and he should have made the play for a few yard gain.  Coaches set up the players to be where they are supposed to be  Star getting blown up and Davis wiffing has little to do with coaching. It has to do with tackling and that is something that players have been doing since grade school  What is disturbing to me is that on at least 2 of these long runs it is Davis who is wiffing badly.  And last year he was a solid tackler. .

#3017917 Us sucking D on Defense, is it the coaches or the talent?

Posted by panthers55 on 12 October 2014 - 10:48 PM

Tackling is the difference. Last year we tackled well in the open field and limited yards after the catch. This year everyone is missing tackles and giving up big plays. This defense requires everyone to do their job. Just 1 or 2 guys out of position on any play and we get picked apart. Even. Guys like Davis are giving up big plays.

#3009226 Bengals Fans Predictions

Posted by panthers55 on 10 October 2014 - 05:39 PM

Truth is that we need to show we can beat a team on the road that is favored to beat us before we can act indignant when opposing fans predict a big victory. I surely hope we get to do that in 2 days. I for one liked the feeling that we could beat anyone last year. I would like to recapture it from here on out.

#3007926 Former Panther Steve Justice loses septuplets :(

Posted by panthers55 on 09 October 2014 - 08:07 PM

I feel for the parents.  They acted by their faith and paid the price.  Personally I believe God inspires men to do his work so doctors are there to help preserve life and help us made those decisions.  Plus I am a pragmatist and would do what made the most sense which was to have a reduction.

But I can't fault them for going by their convictions.  If she gets to control her body she gets to decide what to do with her unborn children. Until they are viable outside the body they are part of her. Not independent or sentient.


My thoughts anyway... not trying to convince anyone to change their mind. 

#3007867 The KEY to Winning Sunday (Key Stat)

Posted by panthers55 on 09 October 2014 - 07:47 PM

Not turning the ball over would be nice too...

I think the key to winning on Sunday will be turnovers. Causing them on defense and avoiding them on offense and special teams. So far every game has been influenced majorly by turnovers positively or negatively. 

#3007834 Are We Headed for a Fire Sale?

Posted by panthers55 on 09 October 2014 - 07:27 PM

Until we get out of cap hell we are going to lose guys we really want to keep but can't afford to keep given our issues.  It is really value for the cost.  We can't justify high prices unless the production is there.

#3007821 Are We Headed for a Fire Sale?

Posted by panthers55 on 09 October 2014 - 07:14 PM

The part that bugs me is that we're going to have to spend some high draft picks to keep our defense strong, and our offense will keep ailing because of it. We will need DEs for sure, and we'll also need an LB and S and maybe a CB or two.

You have to admit that at least in the first 2 rounds, Gettleman has gotten some great talent.  BPA has worked up to now and will work going forward.  You can't really decide it will be offense or defense.  Wasn't Bemjamin part of the offense.  If we could find a LT in the first I know we would.   What we haven't been able to do is pick up enough free agents with our cap issues.  SO we rely on UDFAs  aka, he wasn't in the top 200 drafted to compete for spots and projects..  Hopefully in the near future we can get the money we need to pick up guys who can really help us in addition to the current core players who we are going to pay and keep. If we keep drafting BPA we get guys who are going to help the team whether on the offense or defense.  It shouldn't matter as long as we can bring in enough guys to fill the gaps.  Something we really haven't had the money to do so far. 

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