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#3141741 The Nightmare Scenario

Posted by panthers55 on Yesterday, 12:09 PM

I'll preface this by saying I live in Austin. If San Antonio gets the Raiders and the Panthers somehow botch keeping Cam Newton a Panther for the better part of his career, I'm out. Those two things would both have to happen. I don't care who is coaching as long as the team is winning, but if they manage to lose Cam, which I think is a possibility, I have no faith in the organization to build a Superbowl caliber team EVER.

We did it once without Cam and could do it again. I am a fan of the team and not a player. I was a fan before Cam and will be after he is gone. We have too many fans of specific players already. One less wouldn't hurt .

#3139435 So if R.R is retained and keeps Shula....it is possible

Posted by panthers55 on 16 December 2014 - 03:15 PM

So why would Cam be better off going somewhere else?  By all accounts he has far exceeded where folks thought he would be at this point in his career and has broken records for rushing TDs and improved every year with the exception of this one where a porous line and a very late start given his injuries really set him back early.


I just don't get this whole he should be allowed to leave crap.  Unless you are a Cam fan and not a Panther fan.

#3137130 Credit the Defense for the Victory

Posted by panthers55 on 15 December 2014 - 11:38 AM

Yeah, I was surprised that so many in the poll were giving DA the game ball as opposed to CJ. DA gets a B- in my opinion. CJ gets an A+.

CJ had a very good game and deserves lot of credit.  Still he is getting 20 million and better be great.  Anderson on the other hand makes something like 2 million and may be the best backup in the league right now.

#3131718 Interesting note on check plays

Posted by panthers55 on 12 December 2014 - 10:35 PM

Gil Haskell was also a great OC for the Panthers way back in 1999.

His O scored 421 points (26.3/g), ranking the Panthers 4th of 31 in the NFL.

Exciting best describes that year's offense (a word rarely used for this team's O). Unfortunately, Gil was only here one year and the defense allowed about as many points as the offense scored.

Likely explains the team's final record of 8-8.

It was an exiting year right down to the last game fighting for our playoff lives.

While I am sure Gil deserves some credit, the majority goes to Steve Bueerlein who had a great year and was tough as nails. If I remember correctly that offensive line allowed 50 sacks and the running game sucked. . And let's not forget Wesley Walls, Patrick Jeffers, and Moose who had over 1200 yards. We couldn't run the ball so Steve aired it out back before the rules favored the offense so much. He had 36 TDs and 4400 yards on 576 attempts. Completed 60%. I think the 4400 is a franchise record for passing yards.
A lots of coordinators could have worked with that. Getting rid of Beuerlein led to Seiferts downfall and not until jake had his big year in 2005 did we come close to scoring that many again.

#3131601 Interesting note on check plays

Posted by panthers55 on 12 December 2014 - 09:24 PM

Last week we learned that Cam is able to check out of about 30% of plays that shula runs. This morning on Mike and Mike, they were talking about the whole Jay Cutler thing and Cris Carter estimated that in any given offense there is probably a check on at least 80% of the plays. Just another tidbit to add to the laundry list of reasons why the shuster is inept at developing an offense.

Are we talking a checkdown or an audible? Are we talking calling a different play or a check between Cam and the receiver based on how the defense is lined up.

Additionally some plays like a read option has several options depending on what the defense is doing so there is not an audible needed.
If it any consolation, Shula lets Newton do more than Chud did if I remember the conversation from 2012.

#3130962 Dear Sammi Jo

Posted by panthers55 on 12 December 2014 - 12:18 PM

What is the fascination with posters badgering female posters for nude pics or body paint pics when you can easy find thousands of them with much more explicit poses or action scenes on the internet with a touch of the button.  Is it because they post that you think you know them or want to fantasize to the pic while you listen to a podcast or read their post. Because they are Panther fans?  Or maybe if they post pics here they might date you or some other kind of weird fantasy.


I truly am interested to know, I have never understood the big deal here with posted pictures that most times show less than you can find at a thousand other internet sites.  

#3130578 Police report is out: Cam was not at fault

Posted by panthers55 on 11 December 2014 - 09:01 PM

I disagree that he's/we're being oversensitive.

There's no reason whatsoever to paint Cam in that kind of light. That wording gives the impression that, at the very least, Cam was being investigated for wrongdoing, when in fact it was just a traffic accident.

I'm still not sure how "no one" was at fault, but it's not like they were looking at Cam for some kind of serious wrongdoing.

Sure, headlines are for attention, but over sensationalized media is ridiculous to the point of absurd in this country.

And you are being over sensitive as well because it is about Cam. The truth is that It isn't about Cam at all it is about the media trying to stir the pot and create interest in reading an article. It has been going on for generations. It isn't a Cam issue as if he is unique or even recent. Sure complain about the media but it isn't new, it is what generates viewership. If you are in the media's eye this will happen. You are just bitching because it is Cam and people feel the need to constantly defend him. He is a big boy and doesn't need everyone always trying to make sure everything is fair. Life isn't fair and some of us just learned it a long time ago.

#3129780 This accident to Cam is the reason why he needs to HOLD OUT next year

Posted by panthers55 on 11 December 2014 - 08:20 AM

As a fan, why would you want him to hold out? I want him to get paid like he should, but not to the point to where we can't spend enough money on other positions. Also, if AJ Klein gets into a car accident should he hold out that next year too?

Depends on if you are a fan of the player or a fan of the team.  Many making those comments like Cam should leave or get paid megabucks are fans of Newton first and the Panthers second because he plays here not the team as a whole.  Otherwise you would be totally correct.

#3129446 What is your excitement level for this game?

Posted by panthers55 on 10 December 2014 - 08:22 PM

Right now a 5. Come Sunday after tailgating and drinking all morning it will be a 10. Then again I always think we will win and I show up for all home games.

#3126365 Do we start out no huddle on our first possession vs the Bucs?

Posted by panthers55 on 09 December 2014 - 10:01 AM

Wow people are so negative. Sure it has been a hard year but we just kicked the saints ass and have Tampa in our house. I had waited to post for weeks hoping that a victory might take some of the negative edge off people here but damn. Lighten up Francis we are still in the hunt in December. I think it will be a defensive battle and we won't run like we did last week no matter who starts. But I do think we win this one and keep our chances alive for 1 more week at least.

#3125478 Rivera 12-8-14 Presser

Posted by panthers55 on 08 December 2014 - 04:28 PM

Why the big deal about who starts at running back. Stewart got the majority of carries the past couple of weeks and has 50 more for the season despite missing time.  The guys with the best performance that day will get the majority of carries.  Maybe not naming Stewart the starter makes him more hungry to show what he can do?    Stewart is doing a great job and likely will get the majority of carries against Tampa Bay despite who gets the first carry.


I don't understand why some folks here have to find things to bitch about all the time. 

#3124699 Can you hope again?

Posted by panthers55 on 08 December 2014 - 09:26 AM

I will be at the next 2 home games.  I want to win both games and let the other team's fans make the walk of shame down the concourse.  Then we can see where we are.  Finishing out well beats the hell out of losing the next 3.  Draft position be damned.. 

#3087029 Did Cam call players meeting?

Posted by panthers55 on 14 November 2014 - 06:23 PM

If the offensive line had gone after Cam and told him everything they were sorry for the meeting would have gone well into Tuesday and they would have ordered in breakfast.

#3086336 Steve Logan absolutely nails it about Cam Newton and Panthers

Posted by panthers55 on 14 November 2014 - 09:31 AM

There is a reason he never got another head coaching job. He had a bit of a reputation of being a bit arrogant and hard to deal with, although he seemingly has mellowed out as he has gotten older.

But I would take him as a QB coach in a millisecond. And he said at the end of that interview "I would give anything to have coached that kid"

But i doubt that ever comes to fruition.

Before they hired Chud I started a thread suggesting we should look at Logan.  On the other hand if we are going to part ways with Shula I really want a proven guy at the NFL level or at least one with successful NFL experience.  For every college guy who comes in and succeeds there are many more who fail.

#3086306 How We Got Here - A 2014 Timeline

Posted by panthers55 on 14 November 2014 - 09:07 AM

Exactly the reason I blame Gettleman not so much for the situation we were in at the time but how he mishandled it. BUT I also understand that this is his first job as GM and guys make mistakes they hopefully learn from.  Hopefully he will too.  The problem with bringing in folks who have not been experienced in their job is that you have to live with the growing pains.  2014 is Gettleman's.

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