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panthers55Argus Plexus

Happy birthday to you as well. THe only thing that sucks with a birthday so close to christmas is you get less gifts. LOL.
Dec 23 2011 07:30 PM


I thought you had eluded to such in the past, but wasn't sure. Though he disagree on quite a bit I always get a lot out of reading your posts. As far as the economy is concerned, you're preaching to the choir. Do you live in the Charlotte area?
Aug 10 2011 11:46 PM


Sorry if I'm really behind, but are you a shrink?
Aug 10 2011 11:24 PM


I hear you on Yates. As a later rounder I think you would give him consideration but unless he is better than Clausen at this point, you are looking at replacing Pike. If we don't carry 3 on the active roster that puts him on the practice squad. I figure someone would snatch him up at that point making the draft pick somewhat of a waste. And if he were on the active roster you want a guy who could come in and play if needed. I just don't have faith that he would be not struggle mightily. If I were picking a guy to replace Pike I might also look at Tyrod as an option. I think Dalton may even go in the first..
Apr 15 2011 07:55 AM


I am in a bet so I can't put text on the message board until after the draft. TJ was given a raw deal by the fans at UNC. The criticism was unfair. He struggled as a freshman, then played REALLY well as a sophomore but got hurt. Struggled his junior year, but was playing with a lot of true freshmen in his offensive line and true freshmen wide receivers. He is smart, competitive, has a quick release, accurate down field, lit up Patrick Peterson and company, lit up FSU (400+ yards passing in both games), and mentally tough. I don't want him for the Panthers though. I just think he can be a late round steal which is what I took the thread to mean.
Apr 15 2011 07:49 AM

top dawgpanthers55

That av is some piece of creative photography. Nice!
Apr 01 2011 10:03 AM

Darth Biscuitpanthers55

Final voting is open, vote for me!
Nov 02 2010 03:28 PM