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#1249572 Cam Newton up for 4 ESPYs

Posted by pnthrs on 28 June 2011 - 03:46 PM

The arguement of who has been a fan longer is invalid with someone in their 20's since the Panthers only began in 1995...so really anyone born from 1990 and before has been a fan since the beginning. And that date can probably be later than that if they remember anything before the age of 5.

Don't forget some of us can't remember anything from college as well!

#1242988 This is what happens when there is no football Season...

Posted by pnthrs on 23 June 2011 - 01:49 PM

This has already been posted, in the NFL section. And this has nothing to do with the Panthers.

ruh roh. panther forum football cops! 1/2 the crap on here doesnt have anything to do with the panthers.

#1217132 Panthers hire police to keep media out of workout

Posted by pnthrs on 31 May 2011 - 01:16 PM

circus is media created, though. players are just trying to get together to get their minds focused on what the panthers are going to be doing this year. they have playbooks and no doubt will be working on what they have. many (probably most) learn better in group settings and then they'll have a chance to see what it looks like on the field and try to implement it.

sure, it would be better with coaches...but these guys are professionals. they know what they are doing. they aren't just a bunch of guys off the street pretending they are something they are not. they have enough vets who know how these things go. very likely that they have brought in a couple coaches to help facilitate and run things in the training room and on the field.

Good point about the media being the cause for the circus. (and maybe some fervent fans.)

@ the players being professionals:

Yes and No. Some players we are lucky to have because they are so self motivated and can bring those around them up.

The examples are the 2 player run "camps" before this one. Jon Beason in Miami with about 10ish players at a facility for athletes. The other being Jordan Gross who brought his personal trainer from Iowa in to train with about a dozen guys in Davidson? (Slightly north of Charlotte somewhere.)

(I exclude Newton since that was 1 on 1.)

Those guys I/we can count on to be on their game and following the techniques and methods a NFL team would be providing for them (for the most part.) Those guys are beasts and are self motivated.

We unfortunately dont have 52 leaders and even if we did There are a million other moving parts for a real NFL practice that simply can not exist at their "team camp" @ Char Christian. That is just a fact.

For one thing there are not specific position coaches. That isnt going to help anyone who isnt a multi year vet get better at what it takes to be elite. (Gettis, Lafell, Armani just to name guys who need to have taken it up a notch who need a route running Ricky Prohel yelling at them.)

They are not running routines or practices that would and should be done if they were actually practicing for real. 1 trainer can simply not focus on a TE like he could an O linemen. That lack of specificity makes some people better off just physically training outside this camp with a vet. Is something not specific better than something specific? I dont think so but some will disagree.

The biggest area of concern I have is the physical training/rehabbing. The icing, the heating pads, the wrapping sore/pulled areas, the ice baths, the necessary injections, the monitoring of anything from athelets foot to a sore ligament that may tear if not rehabbed for a couple weeks . The NFL teams put guidelines and penalties in place for the players because they KNOW that many players would other-wise shrug off many effective methods if left to their own devices. I know for a fact that these guys are not going out of pockets for the intense therapies that it takes to maintain such physiques.

A perfect example is that Thomas Davis tweeked something small in his knee a week or 2 ago playing sand volley ball. He does not have access (through the NFL or personally) to someone who will be treating that with all the knowhow and elite medical prowess that a NFL trainer would. He could but isnt.

I dont mean to be doom and gloom by a long shot. I am happy we have players meeting in any sense of an organized fashion. I just want everyone to remember that the level of training and treatment that they will receive is so shoddy that we can not take anything they do as realistically preparing for a NFL season.

After hours of class room studies (not to mention rookie symposium needs) these guys should be in 4hour 2 a days with contracted weight clauses, expectations of physique, knowledge of playbook, increased stamina, speed, route running etc... The exact opposite has been the case for 80-90% of our team. Im not saying they are schlubs and fattys but the effort it takes an NFL player to go from insanely fit, to NFL field ready has been a March-Sept training routine for a reason.

The last thing I will say that I am sure some will agree with me and some will not:

There are a LOT of NFL players that would not still be NFL players if not for the strict and monitored regiment that the NFL imposes on the athletes. They are not responsible or motivated enough to take themselves from amazing to elite.

If we think their personal behavior is bad during a CBA and terrible in the lack of one, would it not be reasonable to assume their level of training is also as poor if not poorer for a good chunk of players?

#1169278 Draft Day Trade Rumors Starting Up *Cam Newton News*

Posted by pnthrs on 28 April 2011 - 11:43 AM

We are not, and can not be in negotiation with Cam Newton about a possible contract. If we engaged in this action the NFL would have to immediately open up free agency and "start the football year." If the NFL was to do that it would be for all 32 teams not just the team with the top pick.



"Two NFL general managers told Paolantonio on Thursday morning that all transactions (free agent signings, player trades) are still on hold. Most important there are no negotiations with potential draft picks. The Carolina Panthers, who own the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, which begins Thursday night (8 p.m. ET, ESPN), cannot contact any of the possible top picks."

If this changes it will be public 2 seconds after the Panthers get the news.

Come on yall!!!

#1110127 JR will be on "Panthers Pulse" with Hurney tonight

Posted by pnthrs on 25 March 2011 - 12:43 PM

The host asked JR if the football moves they made last year had anything to do with the CBA, in terms of being able to retain employees, etc... JR said the football decisions they made last year had nothing to do with the CBA.

BULL CRAP. You dont dump/eat that much salary unless its an uncapped year (due to the CBA being opted out.) So whether they want to admit it or not the CBA ALWAYS effects football moves either in its presence, absence, or limbo.

fu*king A im getting sick of these guys not being honest with us on the big issues.

#1045912 JR condescending to Peyton Manning during CBA meeting?

Posted by pnthrs on 13 February 2011 - 12:13 PM

I would love to know the whole context of this but of course we never will. I find fault in JR just based on his cranky ass hole press conference and general attitude to any differing opinion to his own. I must say though, In an intense CBA meeting I really dont think Peyton Manning or Drew Brees should even be talking about financial matters. They are not on the intelligence level of 95% of the people in that room and are just arm candy for the NFLPA.

Jerry has become (or maybe always was) a cranky old dick. It is really pissing me off. We really should not be surprised by this. He holds all the negotiating cards, has the support of all the owners, has basically turned everything to gold he touches... he acts like he isnt even on the same level as anyone else around him. I dont blame him, really but it is getting old and embarrassing.

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