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In Topic: Gettleman's pre-draft press conference on Tuesday

Today, 11:43 AM

he is so going to take DGB if he sat him down and tawked to him

I am pretty sure he is talking about Shane Ray.

In Topic: Now open for discussion -> The Gettleman Presser Thread

Today, 11:32 AM

I always frown upon this notion because people bring it up every year, but I'd be open to trading down to the early 2nd this year. Like if we're at 25 and Gurley is still on the board, my first instinct is to work the phones and see how much people are willing to give up to move back into the first.

lol, if Gurley is there then he will be drafted faster than Star or Benjamin.

In Topic: ESPN Live Mock Draft at 1pm

Today, 09:39 AM

I believe the Panthers have met with Devin Smith more than any other prospect besides Shaq Thompson. Just saying.

In Topic: Shane Ray cited for marijuana possession this AM

Today, 12:13 AM

Gettlemen probably planted that pot on Ray.

In Topic: Kevin Johnson met with the panthers.

Yesterday, 03:13 PM

Who is he? What position does he play? What grade does he have? I dont watch or follow college, never heard of him.

How do you keep making threads if you don't even watch college football?