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Smitty was such a freak

17 May 2014 - 05:00 AM

First, read this if you haven't already.




Lots of great stuff. I decided to double check the numbers about the 2005-08 stretch with Delhomme and didn't exactly match up, but here's what he had over three 16 game stretches (including playoffs and not counting the 3rd game of the 2007 season when Delhomme got hurt):


2005 regular season (16)

Rec: 103/1563/12 (15.2 ypc) 2 fumbles
Rush: 4/25/1
KR: 3/61/0
PR: 27/286/0
2005 playoffs (3), 2006 regular season (13)
Rec: 93/1293/9 (13.9 ypc) 2 fumbles
Rush: 11/104/2
KR: 2/-1/0
PR: 9/77/1
2007 (first two) and 2008 regular season (14)
Rec: 93/1692/10 (18.2 ypc) 1 fumble
Rush: 6/42/0
KR: n/a
PR: 1/10/0
That's a pretty remarkable three season stretch of 289/4548/31. For perspective, from 2011 through 2013, when it's been easier to pass, the following players top him (regular season only):
Receptions: Wes Welker (313), Calvin Johnson (302), Brandon Marshall (299)
Yards: Calvin Johnson (5137)
TDs: Jimmy Graham (36), Dez Bryant (34), Calvin Johnson (34), Eric Decker & Rob Gronkowski (32)
And most of these players are on teams where they love throwing the ball. For more perspective, Delhomme had 1,438 attempts in those 48 games (giving Smitty a whopping 3.16 yards per attempt)... Matt Stafford had 1,406 attempts alone in 2011 and 2012. I'm guessing Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Tony Romo also all had a much larger amount of attempts than the John Fox offenses did.
So yeah, Smitty being a baller isn't new to any of you, but I found that blog and felt like digging a bit deeper into it since I have no life and felt like sharing!!! Almost have to root for Baltimore to get him to a Super Bowl and feed him the ball so he can win MVP and make a stronger case for the Hall. Ugh.

dave gettleman was in my dream last night

13 May 2014 - 06:19 PM

he was in a reservoir dogs esque ending mexican shootout with some kid, kid's mom, and two other dudes. one of the dudes shot getts right in the fug head.


so yeah everyone died and blood was everywhere. i should seek psychiatric help.


anyway, have you ever had panther dreams? were they wet? discuss.

the 2011 draft was so freaking bad

04 May 2014 - 02:08 AM

was just looking it over. actually i should say OUR draft was bad. because that 1st round was pretty miraculous. like 20 picks had their 5th year options picked up. a lot of guys who are top 5-10 at their positions. and only three of the players are on different teams now i think. ANYWAY.



cam newton - beast, only good pick

terrell mcclain - has been on four teams, might make cowboys roster since their DL is so bad

sione fua - cut, brought back to change positions, cut again, now on denver

brandon hogan - had some decent playtime iirc, was cut, now in the CFL with the blue bombers

kealoha pilares - good rookie year, meh 2nd year, injured/waived to get stashed on IR, probably not making team this year

lawrence wilson - busted with weed so we cut him, now with bears

zack williams - dont think he ever played a snap, not even in preseason, currently with the orlando predators (AFL?)

lee ziemba - cut after second preseason, now on the colts




at least hurney gave us a nice parting gift with kuechly, silatolu, and nortman. and the g-man gave us like five future defensive starters in one draft/udfa signing period. yay getting better.

Rookies the Panthers are interested in

21 March 2014 - 09:41 PM

Someone mentioned we should have a thread of players we've met with... so... here it is! Mainly taken from WalterFootball.


I also know we've had reps at Ole Miss (Donte Moncrief) and Florida St. (a lot of players... notably Kelvin Benjamin and LaMarcus Joyner).




Tahj Boyd - Clemson (Senior Bowl)



Brandin Cooks - Oregon St. (Private)
Jordan Matthews - Vanderbilt (Private)

Jared Abbrederis - Wisconsin (Senior Bowl)

Kevin Norwood - Alabama (Private)

Corey Brown - Ohio St. (Private)


Eric Ebron - North Carolina (Private)


Morgan Moses - Virginia (Private)

Brandon Thomas - Clemson (Senior Bowl)

Billy Turner - North Dakota St. (Private)

Cameron Fleming - Stanford (???)


Justin Ellis - Louisiana Tech (East-West)



Chris Borland - Wisconsin (Senior Bowl)
Adrian Hubbard - Alabama (Senior Bowl)


Jason Verrett - Texas Christian (Private)

Pierre Desir - Lindenwood (Private)

Bill Voth with a great article on Gettleman's plan

17 March 2014 - 04:37 PM





Gettleman isn’t focused on just next season. He’s trying to do the job Jerry Richardson hired him to do – build a consistent winner. You don’t do that by giving LaFell, Ginn and Mitchell the deals they got elsewhere. You can’t do that by making your already cap-challenged team – which faces future big paydays for at least three of the core – even more financially strapped with new free agent deals. 




In the meantime, a warning – this next week may not make you feel a whole lot better. When the Panthers start signing replacements for what they’ve lost, the names may not excite you. Yet you likely weren’t thrilled March 21, 2013, either. That’s when the Panthers brought in aRaiders safety who took a shot at Newton the previous season and a returner whose receiving career died in San Francisco.


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