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You know, people keep trashing our easy schedule

05 January 2015 - 02:12 AM

Let's face it, the team has been turning around since the first Falcons game (iirc first game without Godfrey which was first move in revamping secondary). And the Falcons x2, Vikings, Saints, Browns, Bucs, and Cardinals isn't exactly murderer's row. But there is a five game win streak in there with a defense and OLine that are playing miles better than they were in the early and middle of the season. Anyway. I keep seeing people saying we have no shot against Seattle since we've faced cupcakes. If you're not aware, Seattle is on a six game win streak. Those six games were against...


The 49ers twice. A team that was completely nosediving and had a rift between the HC and FO.

Mark Sanchez. He carved us up but that was the old 2014 Panthers.

Ryan Lindley. LOL.

Drew Stanton

Shaun Hill-led Rams


I mean... this is arguably an equally as easy schedule. Of course they handled it a lot better than we did... only allowing 39 points aka 6.5 per game, which is fuging insane/scary. But they've only scored, what, 3 TDs against us in three games?


Not saying we'll win or anything, but the people who are taking the 11 point spread or the over (which is 40.5 wtf) are gonna be in for a shock. This is gonna be some nasty football. Can't wait to see it.

panthers inactives for tonight

10 November 2014 - 07:54 PM

  • CB Bené Benwikere
  • WR Philly Brown
  • RB Chris Ogbonnaya
  • S Robert Lester
  • T David Foucault
  • G Trai Turner
  • T Mike Remmers


sucks about philly. no backup T except for amini i guess... more dockery/jones at nickel. not sure if amini or norwell is starting; haven't kept up with pressers this week.

corey brown hates being called philly brown

07 November 2014 - 03:20 AM




so may i suggest we all begin calling him corey from now on? i mean, your name's all you've got, right?


and apparently he was an eagles fan growing up. hopefully he can do some destruction in the slot or return game in front of the hometown crowd.

Smitty was such a freak

17 May 2014 - 05:00 AM

First, read this if you haven't already.




Lots of great stuff. I decided to double check the numbers about the 2005-08 stretch with Delhomme and didn't exactly match up, but here's what he had over three 16 game stretches (including playoffs and not counting the 3rd game of the 2007 season when Delhomme got hurt):


2005 regular season (16)

Rec: 103/1563/12 (15.2 ypc) 2 fumbles
Rush: 4/25/1
KR: 3/61/0
PR: 27/286/0
2005 playoffs (3), 2006 regular season (13)
Rec: 93/1293/9 (13.9 ypc) 2 fumbles
Rush: 11/104/2
KR: 2/-1/0
PR: 9/77/1
2007 (first two) and 2008 regular season (14)
Rec: 93/1692/10 (18.2 ypc) 1 fumble
Rush: 6/42/0
KR: n/a
PR: 1/10/0
That's a pretty remarkable three season stretch of 289/4548/31. For perspective, from 2011 through 2013, when it's been easier to pass, the following players top him (regular season only):
Receptions: Wes Welker (313), Calvin Johnson (302), Brandon Marshall (299)
Yards: Calvin Johnson (5137)
TDs: Jimmy Graham (36), Dez Bryant (34), Calvin Johnson (34), Eric Decker & Rob Gronkowski (32)
And most of these players are on teams where they love throwing the ball. For more perspective, Delhomme had 1,438 attempts in those 48 games (giving Smitty a whopping 3.16 yards per attempt)... Matt Stafford had 1,406 attempts alone in 2011 and 2012. I'm guessing Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Tony Romo also all had a much larger amount of attempts than the John Fox offenses did.
So yeah, Smitty being a baller isn't new to any of you, but I found that blog and felt like digging a bit deeper into it since I have no life and felt like sharing!!! Almost have to root for Baltimore to get him to a Super Bowl and feed him the ball so he can win MVP and make a stronger case for the Hall. Ugh.

dave gettleman was in my dream last night

13 May 2014 - 06:19 PM

he was in a reservoir dogs esque ending mexican shootout with some kid, kid's mom, and two other dudes. one of the dudes shot getts right in the fug head.


so yeah everyone died and blood was everywhere. i should seek psychiatric help.


anyway, have you ever had panther dreams? were they wet? discuss.