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In Topic: Something that bothers me about Luck

29 December 2010 - 09:34 AM

The one thing that scares me more than his weak conference (PAC-10) and the hype and expectations (the next Peyton Manning, really?) surrounding the kid, is the fact that he and Harbaugh are tied so closely to each others success.

It reminds me of Brady/Belichick, Clausen and Quinn/Weiss, Manning/Dungy.

Brady was behind Brian Griese and Drew Bledsoe and was drafted in the 6th rd. Belichick was coach of the Browns (91-95) and couldn't turn them into a dynasty with Kosar, Tomzcack, or Vinny T. It wasn't until he and Brady got together that they were both considered elite/great/guru etc.

Two of these (Clausen and Quinn/Weiss) have failed miserably without each other (some would argue together, but, I digress).

While Manning has been without Dungy two years and maintained his level of play (in Dungy's system mind you).

I would be willing to bet that if Brady and Manning were taken out of Dungy's and Belichick's schemes (Pats o-line, aside) and put on any of the teams in the top five, they would struggle.

That is something that has to be considered (by any team in the top ten) when drafting Luck. Is he a system Qb or can he be successful in any scheme?

In Topic: Ryan Mallett

29 December 2010 - 07:54 AM

IMHO,the best comparison to Ryan Mallett would be Kerry Collins.

They both have similar builds (Mallett 6-6, 238) (Collins 6-5, 248) and playing styles(great arms, decent not great athletic ability, and erratic decision making).

Mallett's stats this year aren't bad (30 Td's passing, 4 rushing, 11 interceptions, 5 of those INTS against Bama and LSU in close games).

However, I think the questions about his football I.Q. and overall maturity and intelligence (fair or not) are going to dog him and make him drop in this year's draft.

I think he's a decent prospect, but, a team like Dallas (Jerry Jones is Arkansas alum, plus Romo is coming off injury and has been inconsistant) will surprise some people and draft him, not us. He could sit behind Romo and Kitna and learn the basics while getting coached up by Garrett.

He seems like a project Jerry and Jason Garrett would like to take on. I think we will go in another direction.

In Topic: A different (promise) poll on Luck that...

28 December 2010 - 10:01 AM

I have not seen Luck play, other than videos on Youtube. He seems to have the arm, which is a plus, considering what we've had to witness with Clausen the last half of the season (five yards and clouds of dust).

However, the hype around Luck scares me because it reminds me of the reports on Clausen last year before the Gruden interview and McShay reports:

"born to play Qb"; he was touted as being the most NFL ready Qb because he played in a pro style offense under a great* name coach (Weiss); he was said to have all the tools, pedigree, coaching, intangibles, etc. that a Qb should want and need.

Unfortunately for us, we all found out this year that the kid doesn't have what it takes (the guts, mental toughness, courage, or arm) to compete on a high level on Sundays.

This is why terms like "can't miss" and "once every ten years" need to be retired. It's statements like these that get fans and sometimes front-offices into deep poo.

They are no more than terminology that talking heads and the publications/networks use to generate buzz about players in the upcoming draft.

I will not believe in Luck until I see how he reacts and plays in his first bowl game on a national stage against a top 20 defense (VT-16).

In Topic: Remember whe McNabb was passed over for Tim Couch?

28 December 2010 - 08:51 AM

I'm interested to see how Luck fares against VT. IMO, that is a make or break game for him and Harbaugh. If Luck can look good and put up decent numbers, win or lose, he'll be the #1 and I think Harbaugh punches his ticket to Ann Arbor (not Carolina, contrary to popular belief). If Luck stinks it up or plays poorly he stays another year and so does Harbaugh.

There is a lot riding on that game for both coach and player because they are tied so closely to each others success and percieved abilities (see Brady and Belichick).

That said, a 2-14* team needs more than a Qb, because even one that wears an "S" on his helmet isn't going to be enough to win games, now or in the future.

If the Panthers are smart, they trade the pick (blasphemy, I know) to move down and accumulate more picks. With CB, QB, DT, and OL being main concerns, it just makes sense.

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