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In Topic: 2014 SCHEDULE

Today, 02:29 AM

I see 10-6 in our future.

Week 2 through 11 won't be a cake walk

Detroit is Detroit and can put up a lot of points
Pittsburgh will be better
@Baltimore is always tough
Chicago has been solid
@Cincy not easy
@Green Bay tough back to back road games
Seattle is the best team in the NFL
Saints we'll split like we usually do
@Philly never easy
Atlanta will be much improved

Baring injuries, our defense is just so good I think they can carry us to a 10-6 record.

I love the week 12 bye, finally!

And the end of our schedule is very favorable.


The team has already set our goal on 9 wins all offseason, "winning season" has been said way too many times. I think we start fast and throttle after the first 2 or 3 weeks of that 9 week gauntlet, I think we also close it out strong and somehow make it in as a wildcard after the NFC West kills each other, NFC East no worry, and who knows about the NFC North, luckily there are two wildcard slots. From there just hope our D does what the Giants D does in the playoffs from time to time.

In Topic: 2014 SCHEDULE

Today, 02:21 AM

Can you say BANDWAGON???


If that's Uptown Bully... then no...

In Topic: 2014 SCHEDULE

Yesterday, 07:01 PM

HOW is our seahawks game on CBS??????!!???!

In Topic: 2014 Schedule Leak Thread

Yesterday, 05:02 PM

just like last year. that could be flexed again, but I hope not because I want the Saints to go 0-16 and Brees poop mole face to get knocked off

Can't flex MNF... wtf u talking about lol?

In Topic: Mock(ery)

21 April 2014 - 07:05 PM

The Seattle stuff may be in the wrong thread, but I'd give my left pinky finger for their 2010 draft.

Cant wait for them to have to pay all their players so they can see how it feels to be cap challenged.

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