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In Topic: lets hear it for bersin

Today, 02:23 AM

Yeah, Disney took some major liberties with that story.

What's really funny to me is that Garry Bertier actually had long hair and looked like a hippy himself, very much unlike his movie portrayal.


Its almost as if DIsney manufactures stereotypes for the rest of the world to follow...

Looking at you stage 5 clinger prince and your obsession with a chick you met 1 minute. The story of literally every disney movie.

In Topic: Riverboat the genius?

Yesterday, 09:01 PM

The only way the bengals game would have any bearing on the season would be if we had lost. Guy is seriously on another level with his strategy.


Bengals missed a chip shot.

In Topic: Ron Rivera: A Modern Day Wayne Fontes

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

In all fairness Rivera took a job for a team with the worst record in the league. He signed off on having Chud implement read-option concepts at the pro level(which was unheard of) and improved the team's record in his first three years and making the playoffs, winning the NFC South in year 3.

Although the team has taken a step back in year 4 Rivera may have the Panthers make the postseason in consecutive years for the first time in team history.

Also possibly salvaging a top 10 defensive finish in 2014... That would be having a top 10 defense in consecutive years.

Id say he is infinitely better than Wayne Fontes... I guess both are hispanic? Other than that I dont see it.

If Rivera can cut ties with Shula Id be in full support of hin but he loves him some Shula.


No no no no no, the liar said he learned from Buffalo last year. He clearly has not. He went back on his word and went pussy and it instantly cost us both times this season. Had he gone for it and lost I wouldnt have minded because he would have given us the best chance to win both times against the Bengals and Falcons@BoA . And our defense would have failed, and we would have seen it WOULDN'T HAVE MATTERED if we went for the field goal we would have lost.

In Topic: Harper Says TD Wasn't On Him

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

Honestly guys, it was an all out blitz, its not a surprise someone got hit for a TD. That's why its such a risky play. That play happens on most safety's in the NFL.

In Topic: Pretty sure I called it, the 7-8-1 Divisonal Title, look for my thread

Yesterday, 04:19 PM

2 plays away from being 9-7... Bengals and Falcons... Hell 1 play away from having a clinched playoff spot and resting our starters next week :(

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