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#3039999 Russia economy might enter point of no return today...

Posted by Niner National on Yesterday, 12:53 PM

Alcoholic, degenerate gamblers aren't welcome there. 

Russia then.


I met a guy from SC on my trip to Germany that was working for Halliburton in Sibera. Making big $$.


From the way he talked, it sounded like alcoholic, degenerate gamblers are preferred there.

#3039348 UCONN @ #18 ECU Thursday night game ESPNU

Posted by Niner National on 23 October 2014 - 09:27 PM

That run should just about put it away.


UCONN's run D is pretty damn good, but their pass D is terrible. They've had more PI calls than I've ever seen, and they probably deserve more than they've gotten.

#3037738 UNC "Paper Class" Scandal Report Released & In NCAA Hands

Posted by Niner National on 22 October 2014 - 07:26 PM

They are only faithful to the athletic program. They never went there so who gives a poo about the academics.



Many of the Carolina alums I know are ashamed. The fans that didn't go there are the ones I see defending it.

#3035549 Whatcha wearing for halloween?

Posted by Niner National on 21 October 2014 - 02:52 PM

I bought lederhosen while I was in Munich for Oktoberfest, so I'll probably just wear the traditional Oktoberfest costume. I don't feel like buying anything else.

#3025110 Preseason Coach's Poll Released

Posted by Niner National on 17 October 2014 - 03:45 PM

Do you have a cousin or something that was on the Mercer team? Or are you a dookie fan?


Jesus, man. This is embarrassing just to read. That was an embarrassing loss and any dookie with half a brain would admit to that. It's arguably the biggest upset in college hoops history and EASILY one of the biggest losses EVER in March. Dookies been on the wrong end of those twice now the past three years. 

Nah, I'm not a Duke fan.


It is embarrassing to retards that automatically assume a team is vastly superior because of the name on their jersey. It's why I hate Walmart fans that don't know jack poo about more than 10-15 teams in the country so very much.


There are A LOT of really solid basketball teams in the country that fall outside the top 25 and outside the major conferences that have the capability of beating big opponents, they just don't always get that opportunity to showcase it until the NCAA tournament.


The one and done rule has hurt major college teams by adding uncertainty and inconsistency, while teams that don't rely on one and dones can put together teams that have major contributors playing together for 3-4 years.

#3020835 Cannon Sentenced to 44 Months

Posted by Niner National on 14 October 2014 - 01:19 PM

If I were him, I'd be relieved. He got off pretty easy considering what he could have gotten under law.

#3016640 What Happened to Whittaker?

Posted by Niner National on 12 October 2014 - 05:11 PM

He had some nice runs in the first half, but I feel like we didn't see him any in the second or OT.



#3009173 Gay Marriages Start in SC

Posted by Niner National on 10 October 2014 - 04:58 PM

Marriage licenses can be issued in NC starting Monday.

#3008061 #19 ECU @ USF...HOMECOMING...whoops

Posted by Niner National on 09 October 2014 - 08:57 PM

ECU couldn't lose 2 games and get to an access bowl.


However, a 1 loss ECU team would get to an access bowl over an undefeated Marshall simply because Marshall's strength of schedule is the worst in FBS, and ECU has one of the better SOS's amongst the G5 teams.

If UNC keeps losing, that win isn't really going to do much for you guys and your SOS will drop. The AAC is pathetically bad this year too, so it isn't really going to provide any more of a bump than Marshall has from playing in CUSA.  ECU still plays Tulane, Tulsa, and UCONN. All three of these are among the worst teams in FBS. SMU is arguably the worst team in D1. Even UCF doesn't look very good this year.  


ECU has the inside track with 1 loss, but I certainly don't think it is a 100% sure thing over an undefeated Marshall. I'd say it is likely, but not assured. A 2 loss ECU absolutely wouldn't get in over an undefeated Marshall.


ECU at least has some margin for error. Marshall has none. Anything less than a perfect season by them and they have no shot.


ECU is undoubtedly the class of the AAC, and arguably the best team outside the power conferences, Although it is hard to compare teams between years, I'd put Marshall ahead of ECU simply because they humiliated ECU last year and returned their impact players and brought in some nice recruits. Not necessarily ahead for the access bowl spot, but I think they're the better team.


It's a shame Marshall had Louisville back out of their game this year. It would have given us a much better idea of just how good Marshall is. Marshall looks really good though. They've had their starters out by the start of the 4th quarter in pretty much every game.


It'll be interesting to see who gets the access bowl spot and you can bet I'll be cheering for that team over whoever the opponent is. 

#3007421 #19 ECU @ USF...HOMECOMING...whoops

Posted by Niner National on 09 October 2014 - 01:41 PM

i want ecu to go undefeated

too late. They lost to USC.

#3004543 Shane Carden - Heisman hopeful ESPNU interview

Posted by Niner National on 07 October 2014 - 03:00 PM

He won't even finish top 8 in voting.

Accurate, but he still deserves to be in the discussion. It is still an honor to even be considered for the Heisman trophy.

#2966494 How bout them Niners?!

Posted by Niner National on 21 September 2014 - 04:34 AM

We really need a  different QB before we move to CUSA next year. Matt Johnson is basically an HBack. He can't read a defense or make throws in the middle of the field.


Lost to a dreadful Elon team yesterday.


The guy has been practicing for 3 years now and he hasn't gotten better. If he's the best we have, we might only win 1 game next year.

#2936233 Utopia

Posted by Niner National on 08 September 2014 - 07:39 AM

I like how they basically just picked people that fulfilled stereotypes for characters



Redneck with no teeth.

Arrogant asshole atheist from Cali

Pregnant black woman

Black angry ex-con




I watched about 20 minutes of it and finally had to turn it off. It was awful.


It would actually be awesome to see an experiment like this run, but the only way you'd get any true results from it would be for it to not be a television show.

#2926800 Christian pastor offers atheists $100,000 to prove God doesn’t exist, at...

Posted by Niner National on 05 September 2014 - 09:28 AM

All things being equal, I do wonder why we have such intelligence and communication as we do?  As it stands right now, we are the only ones who can know the universe. (Of course scientists believe there is other life out there in the universe, but we don't know that for sure just yet)  Why us?  Why can't we be like all the other billions of creatures that live and have lived on this planet, and be care free?

You can make that argument about a lot of species that are unique in their own ways.


Humans only exist today because of intelligence. If not for intelligence, we'd be an extinct species. We have few natural advantages, so we had to use intelligence to use the materials around us to make us stronger.


Why do fish in the depths of the ocean create their own light? Are they divine fish because they can explore  the deep dark depths that the other fish don't even know exists? Hell no. They create their own light because that is what they had to do to survive.


Human intelligence is no different. It is a survival mechanism. Without it, we are a pathetic species. 

#2925248 North Carolina school grades 2013-2014

Posted by Niner National on 04 September 2014 - 04:38 PM

Class rank is often "one" of the criteria that they look at.....but it is way down on the list because there is very little way to calibrate the rank at one school vs at another school.


Interviews and essays are becoming more and more important.....as are GPA, classes taken, and test scores (always been very important).  These can be compared from HS to HS much easier....especially when you are talking about AP courses, as the year-end exams are standardized AP exams.


You can have kids at different schools with the same GPA, AP Scores, SAT Scores ....where one is #1 in their class and one is only in the Top 20% of their class.  Colleges rank them the same.


My son is in the process of applying to schools and for scholarships....and the criteria ranking has been very similar for all of them.  Class rank is only looking at quartiles now.

I do know that some schools limit the amount of students they'll take from a particular school.


A handful of schools in Union County and Mecklenburg County alone could fill a freshman class at UNC, but they want to get a diverse range of students, so being in the top 20 at a school with a lower quality student body means a lot more than being in the top 20 at a school where dozens of students easily meet the entrance requirements for a top university.


There was a big story about this in the Observer a few years back because a lot of very deserving students were denied admission to UNC because the school had already met their quotas from those school districts.

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