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#3327861 Surprised no one is talking about it....

Posted by Niner National on 20 April 2015 - 02:57 PM

I'm assuming you mean a 70' boat? A 70" boat isn't even 6 feet. 

#3317964 Whatever happened to WW2 games?

Posted by Niner National on 10 April 2015 - 10:13 AM

Could always play this: http://www.battlegroundeurope.net/home


All online WWI game that has been around for probably 10-15 years now. They've made massive updates to the game though, so the graphics, physics engines, and everything else has evolved and gotten better over time. The map is half scale of Europe and it is probably the most realistic war game ever made.


Entire cities are destructible. Each "game" can last months, although some have been as short as 10 days.


Contains infantry, navy, and air force. Really cool game, I just don't have a good enough PC to play it.

#3309034 Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Posted by Niner National on 01 April 2015 - 04:27 PM

Gay people would never have pizza at a wedding.  What normal person would have pizza at a wedding period?  That's the real question....

This was actually my initial response. I changed it to try to be funny instead. I came back to 0 pieces of pie, so I failed.

#3300183 [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

Posted by Niner National on 26 March 2015 - 08:56 AM

Apparently 2 assistants have already been lined up. One coming from a high major program and one is a former head coach. No names released yet. I imagine the third will be a Charlotte alum like Byron Dinkins or Demarco Johnson

#3298299 [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

Posted by Niner National on 25 March 2015 - 07:12 AM

Bonnell has confirmed it is done so lose your poo all you want

#3297465 [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

Posted by Niner National on 24 March 2015 - 01:41 PM

Ugh. I figured Mark Price would leave eventually, but to lose him to Charlotte? That would suck. After all the progress he's made with MKG...

MKG can just come work on his jumpshot with Price when recruits are taking visits  :D

#3289830 [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

Posted by Niner National on 18 March 2015 - 03:52 PM

Can a UNCC fan tell me a little about Bobby Lutz.

There is a rumor that Lutz may become Liberty's next coach and he's gonna bring Jason Allison (App State assistant) with him.

Relatively good coach, but bad about putting his buddies/former players in assistant coaching positions to the detriment of recruiting.


Our recruiting died after the first stint in CUSA. We basically had 1 assistant that recruited players (Rob Moxley) and he was very hit or miss. He went for the homerun signee to the detriment of signing quality guys early in the recruiting cycle. Instead, he went after longshots (top 100 players). We occasionally got some, but we missed more often than not and then had to fill in the roster with JUCO players or low rated HS players.


I'm a little surprised Liberty would be interested because Bobby was notorious for being extremely emotional on the sidelines. Can't imagine they'll be okay with him dropping fugs all along the sidelines.


He'd be a good hire for Liberty though IMO. Wish they'd hired him 4 years ago so we didn't have to pay him a million dollars to be NC State's assistant coach.

#3256089 Charlotte Gets an ESPN 300 Commit

Posted by Niner National on 26 February 2015 - 11:33 PM

Our students gave great support or many years in basketball. 10 years of suck though has taken its toll. The current coach has effectively killed the program. He has been a complete disaster. There is virtually no chance the staff is retained fortunately.


For years though, basically from the mid to late 90's to the 08-09 or so, we were in the top 25% of college basketball for student attendance.


It's asking a lot of people to watch a program that hasn't been fun to watch for years. Honestly, people supported the program for way longer than I expected and every year students surprise me at the beginning of the season by supporting the team, but at this point I can't blame them for bailing.


The AD deserves to lose her job, but it'll never happen. The basketball arena is named after a close friend of hers. That same person paid $2.5 million to name the football field house after the AD. Judy Rose is 63 years old with >30 years in the UNC system. She will probably retire in the next two years.


I still have hope for our basketball program. We have two of the best freshmen in Conference USA in Torin Dorn and Keyshawn Woods. We have a top 100 4 star recruit (247 sports) committed for next year. We return some other talented players as well. Our coaching staff is just terrible though. The right coach can win with our roster. We have played toe to toe with very good teams over the years, but they just can't seem to get over the hump. We overperform OOC most years, then tank in conference play.


In his time at Charlotte, Major has beaten programs like UT (ranked #7 at the time), Michigan (#12 I think), Butler (#10 or so at the time), Georgia Tech, Kansas State, South Carolina, Penn State, Xavier, and probably a few others that I'm forgetting, yet they've NEVER had a winning conference record. It's pathetic.


The reason I have reserved expectations for football is because college football has far too much disparity. It simply isn't realistic to expect to be relevant at the national level with any consistency in a conference like Conference USA. Can we have good seasons sometimes? Absolutely. Getting ranked from CUSA isn't impossible, but competing for a national championship or even a BCS bowl game is virtually impossible.


Charlotte has tons of basketball and football talent. The basketball team has done a good job either signing that talent out of high school or bringing them back as transfers the last 5 years. Lutz failed big time at keeping Charlotte talent in the city (with Curtis Withers being a major exception). Major has done well there, but he's a terrible coach.


I hope football can continue to get big time Charlotte players. We turned down a 4 star QB transfer from Tennessee this past season. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of that decision, but nobody else took him either, so there must have been some serious issues going on with that kid.

#3255485 Charlotte Gets an ESPN 300 Commit

Posted by Niner National on 26 February 2015 - 03:51 PM

Not many Charlotte fans here I know, but local product Benjamin LeMay of Butler has committed to Charlotte. LeMay is ranked 293rd on ESPN in the 2016 class and is 1 point away from being a 4 star running back.


I don't know exactly what his offer list looks like, but all the recruiting sites only list SEC and ACC schools as schools of interest (other than Charlotte of course).


His brother, Uriah LeMay was a very highly sought after recruit as well. He ended up at UGA, but transferred to Charlotte last season after getting into some trouble.


Really big get for us. We'll see if it sticks, but his interview made it seem like it was a pretty solid commitment.


Normally I wouldn't make a thread specific to one player committing, but at Charlotte we aren't going to get many noteworthy football recruits with any kind of national rankings unless they are transfers.

#3254693 FCC's "Net Neutrality" introduced to highly regulate the internet

Posted by Niner National on 25 February 2015 - 09:11 PM

Yeah this needs to be stopped. Keep the Internet free and Unbias. Just like it should be.

That's what the intent of the bill is supposed to be. Who knows if it actually is.


It's the ISPs that don't want the internet to be free and unbiased.


In reality, this should be a 1 page bill thay says "All data being transmitted on the internet should be treated equally, regardless of the source of that data. A byte of data is a byte of data whether it is text, audio, or video"

#3223418 Advice-Buying Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

Posted by Niner National on 29 January 2015 - 02:18 PM

I put laminate in my house, but a pretty high quality laminate. The people that have seen it were surprised that it wasn't real wood. I have one with a handscraped look, so it looks a little more realistic than some of the cheaper laminates.


I wanted real hard woods, but the guy at the store told me that since I have cats I'd be better off with laminate because it wouldn't scratch as easily.


Laminate is pretty easy to install yourself as long as you don't value your knees or back. 

#3223405 Advice-Buying Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

Posted by Niner National on 29 January 2015 - 02:10 PM

I pro hardwood.  If you decide to go hardwood, never go thru big companies.  Find some brazilians and they'll do it for the half of price.  If you live in Charlotte area and can't find Brazilians, let me know... I'll hook you up.

is this offer only for brazilians that want to sell me wood or do you also have some brazilians I can offer some wood to?  :cool:

#3213054 Full cost passed by the Big 5

Posted by Niner National on 19 January 2015 - 11:20 AM

I'm okay with it as long as it is a uniform amount. If school x is allowed to offer more than school y, then it is essentially just another pro league where the big players will hoard all the talent even more than they already do.

#3202842 Ted Cruz now oversees NASA and science programs...

Posted by Niner National on 13 January 2015 - 11:44 AM

Loving the chicken littles....

While hyperbole is strong in this thread, you cannot with a straight face say that these were good selections.


The devaluing of science in America for political gain should be concerning for anyone that isn't sucking at the partisan teet.

#3186561 Crude oil may drop to $50 a barrel

Posted by Niner National on 08 January 2015 - 09:35 AM

Oil is at $47 a barrel. We got notice that if it drops to $40 the industry starts layoffs. Shell, GE, Anadarko, and Noble. I hope all of you feel good about filling up your cars for cheap.

I figured they would have started way before $40/barrel honestly.


Good luck to you.


I barely drive, so I don't really mind paying a little more at the pump to protect the domestic oil industry and all the jobs tied to it. I think people forget that there are millions of manufacturing and logistics jobs that go along with oil production.


At the same time though, it is nice to see Russia and Venezuela get fuged in the ass.