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#3243288 Huddle Up with Cam Newton

Posted by goodoleboy on 16 February 2015 - 08:55 AM

Twas a good post, broseph


I agree. Hadn't seen the videos.


I do sort of wish OP hadn't included the R Wilson hate. Guy has a ring. He earned it. Cam hasn't earned his yet.

#3231366 So, no one learn anything from the bad call from the superbowl?

Posted by goodoleboy on 04 February 2015 - 07:37 PM

Any fool can criticize and most do.

Shula wouldn't have called that play. Remember getting stuffed running the ball against the 9ers in the playoffs last year

#3188520 A lot of people talk about Cam and his backfoot

Posted by goodoleboy on 09 January 2015 - 09:14 AM

He probably spoke about it because a reporter asked him about it


I heard that interview.Kirwan asked him specifically about Cam throwing off the back foot. It should be noted Kirwan spent many years coaching QBs before becoming a GM.


I coached a technique specific sport for 30 years (swimming). Changing ingrained habits is not easy. There comes a point where working on something like that can be counterproductive. We used to say "Over-analysis creates paralysis. Cam is in his 4th year but has really only had 2 off seasons working with the Panthers staff. The first year was the strike and last year he was rehabbing from ankle surgery. The off season is when these habits need to be changed. There is simply not enough time and more important things to work on during the season. Spending too much time on this will take away from something else. Coaching is always about focusing on the most important problem that needs fixing. I would rather Cam make the right decision on a check play call or at the mesh point with the back on the zone read than worrying about that.


People here like to say let Cam be Cam. That requires that he play fast and thinking about footwork too much slows it down.

#3185192 Which secondary gives up less passing yards this Saturday night?

Posted by goodoleboy on 07 January 2015 - 04:22 PM

Not accurate... but okay

It pretty much is accurate. Yesterday on his weekly Sirius segment Kirwan asked Rivera about Cams throwing off his back foot. Rivera said he was rushing his throws anticipating pressure. Called the Az game a teaching tape of what not to do throwing the ball for Cam.

#3169559 What time parking usually open?

Posted by goodoleboy on 02 January 2015 - 05:46 PM

That would probably depend on the lot. I have been to some where I parked and started tailgating before they were open. They came around and collected once they got there

#3169493 Is this year Riveras best coaching job?

Posted by goodoleboy on 02 January 2015 - 05:15 PM

How long did it take before Ron put the guys on the field who gave the team the best chance to win... good coaches don't do crap like that.


Who is to say those players were ready earlier. Lots of learning takes place during 12 games of your rookie season whether you play or not. Good coaches play them when they are ready to play well. That's what Ron did.

#3169453 Panthers might not get Chip Kelly twice

Posted by goodoleboy on 02 January 2015 - 04:59 PM

Ideal scenario:


Beat Cards, get a huuge upset in Seattle...and the Lions get it together and beat the Girls and Pack.  


NFCC in Charlotte against Detroit.  


If the Lions win they play Seattle and we play Green Bay. Seattle gets the lowest seed left. Lions are a 6 seed, we are 4, Cowboys are 3.

#3169445 Panthers might not get Chip Kelly twice

Posted by goodoleboy on 02 January 2015 - 04:56 PM

I don't think Rivera gets fired even with a loss tomorrow. As ugly as this season has been being the first coach in the NFCS to repeat counts for something.

With that said I fully believe we will win tomorrow, it's when we play Seattle in Seattle that has me concerned


Torn. Potentially playing Seattle means the Cowboys win. I can never bring myself to root for the Cowboys.

#3168849 Is this year Riveras best coaching job?

Posted by goodoleboy on 02 January 2015 - 10:49 AM

So many x-factors in much of the criticisms out there.

I do believe he is weak with his game management at times. That is certainly frustrating.

The knock about sticking with a failing starter has some merit, but there is much more involved than simply waving a hand and moving players in and out of starting positions.

I also believe that retirements, Cam's injuries and Hardy's failure to stay on the active roster were huge blows to what this team does to win.

All that led him to one of the things he may be a top five coach at executing: having the team behind him and believing in the staff. I heard rumblings that losing the locker room was possible, but didn't believe that. He's a player's coach and frankly held this potentially ruined season together and suddenly we find this team in the neighborhood of last year's roster.

Rivera seems to be still evolving, I'd really hate to see him dismissed and having another overhaul in the staff after investing the time in developing him from a rookie HC.

Best year? I'd really like to wait until the fat lady sings for this season, so far I'm really impressed that we recovered to find ourselves playing tomorrow.


Very good post. Responding to the bold part.


How likely is JR to hire and pay a finished product coach? Fire Rivera and you lose the growth he has taken the past 4 years. Many of the top coaches today are on there second team in the NFL. Fire the staff and replace them with a coordinator or college guy and you start the learning curve over.

#3164544 Superior game plan by Ron & Co. led to ATL win

Posted by goodoleboy on 30 December 2014 - 04:57 PM

Rivera won my respect when he benched 3 starters in the secondary and started playing the rookies. That took balls.

#3164525 Kirwan Picks Cards

Posted by goodoleboy on 30 December 2014 - 04:48 PM

kirwan openly dislikes cam. he has never has been a fan of him.

He had some good things to say about him today. I think he is pretty objective actually and listen to his show almost every day

#3154382 The Panthers win on Sunday if...

Posted by goodoleboy on 27 December 2014 - 08:30 AM

CBS has the game so Pat Kirwan has been scouting tendencies for the Panthers. He threw this out there on his Sirius radio show last week. The Panthers have won close to 70% of its games when Cam runs the ball 8 or more times. When he runs it below 4 that number drops below 25%.


Cam needs to keep the ball enough on the zone read runs to open up the runs for the back when he gives it to him. We will need to run the ball to win, burn clock and keep Ryan off the field.

#3131404 Cam's First Facebook Post Since the Accident

Posted by goodoleboy on 12 December 2014 - 06:30 PM

I never realized Cam was a Christian. I have never seen him join the prayer huddle at the end of games. Personally I hope he continues to share his faith. My opinion of Cam went up significantly with that facebook post. Maybe it is genuine when he gives a kid a ball and not shrewd marketing. Way to go Cam.

#3125251 Gettleman's Scouting Department

Posted by goodoleboy on 08 December 2014 - 01:55 PM

On one timeout, Cam & Cotchery both seemed confused. I wonder does it have to do with what one poster said about the design of offense going through some changes, some non-Shula changes


They use timeouts to sort out communication problems that shouldn't happen in the first place. I wish we would run at a pace similar to San Diego. Get up to the line quicker with more time left on the play clock. Then either go fast or slow but change it up. Another benefit would be Cam not having time to do that gay first down celebration.

#3106675 Picking 8th vs 21st

Posted by goodoleboy on 27 November 2014 - 11:18 AM

Just win baby. Picking in the 20's every year never seems to hurt the Patriots very much. Nor does always picking in the single digits seem to help the Raiders.