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Today, 07:55 AM

lol look at the government bureaucrat trying to insult someone else's intelligence. just another welfare queen on the dole, getting paid to steal other people's incomes on behalf of the state

I'm glad I am working for NCDOR, I have saved over 30 businesses by risking my job which means I did not destroy family lives. I am very minarchist in nature or classic liberal in nature. Also I have a job offer to be trained as an accountant and probably will be helping a law office with customers that have state tax issues. So, no I do not regret gaining experience and seeing how government is inefficient, has biases, learning tax law, and growing as a person. When I scream for no more income tax, it is because I see how tons of poor people actually do not benefit from the progressive tax rate and flat income rate because that is my primary taxpayer that I help besides small businesses. You know how you eliminate bias go to a flat consumption tax and shove responsibility back to politicians because lobbying would take a hit and a ton of other inefficiencies would be eliminated by just switching tax systems. I did more than collect a paycheck from the government.

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Yesterday, 07:53 PM

I'd tack on the sunset amendment for good measure

Yup Patriot Act.....Cotton is screaming for five and half more years like a hawk.......

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Yesterday, 06:50 PM

Government needs to change:

-Public finance for elections
-Term limits
-Close-secured borders
-No more corporate subsidies
-Only Congressional vote declared wars or troop involvement
-Eliminate foreign aid
-Eliminate income tax replace with flat consumption tax
-Focus more on the welfare of the individual in our country
-No more bailouts allow for free markets to truly work
-Ensure the Bill of Rights
-Balance budget
-Congress over Central Bank (abolish it imo)
-Eliminate wasteful positions in government in all agencies

In Topic: Koch Brother 2016 GOP Choice: Scott Walker

Yesterday, 06:48 PM

I dont trust Cruz at all. He was born in Canada for one, and also he just has that empty suit factor like Romney had. You can just see the coruption on his face.

Plus his wife is an executive at Goldman Sachs.

The only two people I would vote for at this point are Rand Paul or maybe Donald Trump.

I liked Ron Paul a lot, but the son is pretty different than they father. No one better at this point though.

People do not realize the web of the Washington machine which is intangled with lobbyist of big corporations, the MIC, big financial institutions, etc.

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Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Did you guys know that Walker is another politician from the "Bush Clan" ?

George Herbert Walker Bush

George Walker Bush

Scott Walker

All the same family.

Ted Cruz was apart of the Bush campaign team in 99 as well so the Bush family will have three members to hedge against any other candidate running for the Republican nomination. Oligarchy has been engraved in our 'democracy' for years.