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#3032043 Why winning the NFCS is so important

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 10:17 PM

Wanna bet $100 if we make the playoffs that we aren't one and done?


Who gives a poo?  Maybe we do, or maybe something else happens and we get on a run.


You can't go on a run if you don't get there.


I'm not saying that we will make a run like they did, I am saying that twice in the last 7 years other teams have, so why not us?  They had personnel flaws too.


Who knows maybe we get two home games even though we have a worse record than two of our opponents


And basically it is a fug you to the "derp who cares if we win NFCS.. derp" people

#3032033 Why winning the NFCS is so important

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 10:14 PM

I appreciate your optimism but I think even the biggest homer sees we have way too many gaping holes to make a serious run at this point in time. If we weren't technically in a rebuilding season and Hardy was back and things looked more like last year I would be more inclined to agree with you but I think just getting in would be a major accomplishment given the personnel and inconsistencies so far this season.

That said I think getting in is very possible and should downright be expected.


Depends on how you look at it.


That Zona team, every halfway decent team they played the last 6 games BLEW them out.  Some even worse than that shitshow we saw today




47-7 in their 15th game!!!


The only two teams they beat the last 5 games was the team that would go on to have the #1 overall pick and the 4-12 Seahawks.


Every other team blew them out.  The games weren't even close.  Even the Giants 37-29 win wasn't as close as the final score

#3031982 Why winning the NFCS is so important

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Look, getting your ass kicked is not fun, and it raises a lot of doubts about your team.  I get it, I am concerned too. 


Inevitably you get the silly sentiment of "Who cares if we win the NFCS if we just going to get your ass kicked anyway in the playoffs"


I have referenced in other threads the 2011 Giants as a team that limped into the playoffs playing in a weak division, and managed to win a Super Bowl


The first round they played a Falcons team that was probably better than they were, and were 6-2 at home but only 4-4 on the road.  Even though the Falcons were a better team with a better record they had to go to the Giants home field and ended up getting smoked 24-2.  That win injected a team that hadn't been past the divisional round of the playoffs in three year a shot of confidence that it road all the way to a Super Bowls championship (although in fairness the last time they made it past the divisional round before that they won the SB)


That was the same Giants team that got smoked by the 5-11 Redskins in what was thought to be must win for them, that led to boos and the infamous "Eli the Terrible" headline in the New York Post


But... There is an even more apropos example of why winning the division, even a crappy division is important, and can help you significantly get where you want to go. 


The 2008 Arizona Cardinals.  The Cards that year lost 4 of their last 6 games that season.  Here were the scores of those 4 losses:


Giants 39-29

Eagles 48-20

Vikings 35-14

Patriots 47-7


They still won the pooty (at that time) NFC West division


Here were the final standings:


Cardinals: 9-7

Niners: 7-9

Seahawks:  4-12

Rams: 2-14


Just a no good, terrible, very bad division


Ironically, they also played the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round.  The Falcons were a better team, and finished 11-5.  The Falcons were also a stout 7-1 at home.  But since Arizona won their division, the Falcons had to travel out to Arizona and Zona got the win 30-24.


The next game Zona came out to our own Carolina Panthers home here in Charlotte.  Jake imploded.  All I really want to say about that.


Here is the thing.  In the NFC championship game they played the playoff wild card team Philadelphia Eagles.  A team that had played them just a few weeks before in the year in Philly and they beat Zona 48-20. 


BUT because Zona won their division, this game wasn't in Philly.  It was in the desert.  Arizona got their revenge on their home field 32-25 and went to the SB.


In the SB against the Steelers they were a fumble returned 96 yards for a TD from winning that Super Bowl.



Who knows what is going to happen, who cares if you are in a pooty division.  The first step is to win the division.  After that anything can happen.


Maybe we get blown out in the first game.  Fug it.


But maybe, just maybe, we get a home game for winning the division.  Maybe we get a big win there and build some confidence and get on a roll at the right time.


But regardless, either way, don't tell me it doesn't matter if we win the NFCS.   You can't win a Super Bowl if you don't make the playoffs.


And if you make the playoffs, and win your division, ANYTHING can happen.


These two teams in the last 7 years prove it






#3031660 Dark spots

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 08:30 PM

Good news is, despite all that we will be leading NFCS after 8 games. Just keep working.

That isn't to sugar coat our play, simply meaning that we have played poorly but are still in a position to make the playoffs, so at least we aren't trying to catch back up, they are still trying to catch us. We aren't in a hole, we are in drivers seat

#3031631 Cam was off today

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 08:24 PM

If you isolate bad throws and fret over them, than every QB is going to worry you.

Cam is not yet a top 5 QB. He is like most young guys, up and down. If you try to compare him at this stage to guys like Manning or Rodgers, he isn't those guys yet.

But you shouldn't have to rely on a guy being an all time great every game to win.

#3031596 Cam was off today

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 08:16 PM

I'm talking about his high throws making a come back. I am afraid him getting confidence back in his ankle may be messing with his footwork.

I don't think so. Just missed some throws. Pressure also messes with footwork and follow through.

Not really worried about it

#3031462 Who else isn't worried?

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 07:29 PM

That team had had recent playoff success. We haven't won a playoff game since Britney Spears was still relevant.

If you try hard enough u can find ways to counter any glimmers of hope.

I try to look at ways and examples of how we can still achieve goals, not ways to convince myself we are going to fail

#3031320 Was Gettleman feeling himself too much after last year?

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 06:46 PM

If there wasn't a cap, 20+ million in dead money, and two huge extensions looming I am sure he would have loved to get some of those guys back

#3031293 Who else isn't worried?

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 06:39 PM

The only saving grace right now is that the NFCS sucks. We've turned into the NFCW of a few years ago, where the Seahawks limped into the playoffs as a 7-9 division winner

Or like when the Giants limped into the playoffs at 9-7, gave up 49 points to the Saints and lost twice to the 5-11 Redskins during the regular season

#3031253 Who else isn't worried?

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Look around the NFL this year. Every team has virtually been week to week.

We are better than this and I think the guys in uniform know it. We are in good position after 7 games.

Schedule is more friendly on back end.

Imam concerned with some of these losses, but we are right where we need to be

#3031166 Who else isn't worried?

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 06:07 PM

I am concerned but confident. We are right where we need to be

#3030784 "Defense should be good enough"?

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 04:31 PM

Some of you guys would act like the dude from coastal Carolina after every loss


Trust me what this guy says behind closed doors is not what he is presenting to media and general public

#3030401 changes need to come

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 03:35 PM

Good luck with that, Tee.

I'm afraid this board is set to be unreadably stupid for the foreseeable future.

Not gonna be much fun in here for a while.


I know, but I still am going to try dangit lol

#3030355 changes need to come

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 03:30 PM

Everyone just relax.

#3030341 Still in 1st Place

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 03:28 PM

That is all that fugging matters!!


We had the toughest schedule in the league based off of last years win % and it was all front loaded.  Our schedule becomes very favorable last 6 games.  We have to keep pounding, we are right where we need to be


Get in the playoffs and anything can happen

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