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#3304277 What is with the Christian hate?

Posted by teeray on Today, 01:21 PM

Also, let's quit the boo-hooing about the Tinderbox being nothing but a bunch of loud atheists who shout down poor sad little conservative bunnies. Line up the main contributors to this forum and off the top of my head you get

Cat (where are you btw?)

Pejorative Miscreant
Jim Stone

IMO that's a pretty dead-set even split between posters in terms of time spent in this forum and the positions on theism that each group holds (granted I may have missed some really obvious names and I may have gotten people split into the wrong group. I'm just guessing.) I'm guessing the whining comes from the fact that only one of those groups can really hold their ground with evidence and the other has to use tone arguments and god-of-the-gaps arguments to maintain any kind of position, which invariably leads to grudging annoyance at their arrogance. How dare you privilege your knowledge over my instinct!

Oh well.

That moment when you realize you are not a TB contributor.



#3304197 What is with the Christian hate?

Posted by teeray on Today, 11:01 AM

At times both Atheists and Christians come off as patronizing assholes.

Just live and let live.

#3303997 What is with the Christian hate?

Posted by teeray on Today, 12:09 AM

Because of the shot against Kentucky and playing for Duke.

Just watch the 30 for 30 doc

#3303884 [RUMOR] Falcons to lose 2nd round pick

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 08:54 PM

All comp picks stay where they are and in the round they are now. No other picks are affected besides Atlanta's.

It's like being in line for a roller coaster ride. The attendants have everyone in line to fill all the seats on the coaster, but someone chickens out and leaves the line. The attendants don't go and grab 1 person to take that spot, they just fill up the coaster with who's in the waiting area and leave the seat empty. That's what going to happen here. The Falcons pick is chickening out of the waiting area and not being replaced. The round will go with an empty spot and won't affect the next one. The next coaster (round of picks) will be normal.

Thank you for that explanation, but you were not supposed to take that questions seriously. :P

#3303772 Famous people you hate..

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 06:13 PM

Ryan gosling has an incredibly punchable face. Also, he's the only Hollywood actor that's better looking than me.

Late bloomer. He was a douche in "Remember the Titans"

#3303770 [RUMOR] Falcons to lose 2nd round pick

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Does that mean our compensatory fifth round pick is no longer a sixth round pick because it is before where a sixth round pick would normally be at? Or is our fifth round pick still a sixth round pick because it is after the fifth round but before the sixth?

#3303240 Operation Jade Helm

Posted by teeray on Yesterday, 12:23 AM

I am somewhat disappointed in the OP's content.

To be honest, I had hoped this thread was about one of Sen. Helm's hot granddaughters named Jade coming out as a flaming liberal.

True story. One of Jesse's daughters owned my house two owners before me. We still get mail for her from time to time, but I can't remember which one.

I think it was Jane Helms.

#3302532 Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 04:19 PM

And I think that when people say "get money out of politics" they are talking about current campaign financing structure, not tax brackets

#3302392 Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 03:38 PM

Sooooo we want Gettleman to sign OTs.


He gets a former second round pick on the dirt cheap


Everyone bitches.  smh





What do you guys think there is some stud all-pro OT floating around somewhere?


This is a solid move, if it doesn't work out it doesn't hurt us, if it does we have a possible starter or at least depth.


You guys are impossible to please  :D

#3302287 Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 03:16 PM

SO, me having to pay a higher % of my income than someone earning 50K is "fair"?

Sure. It is a progressive tax code.

Up until the 80's top tax bracket would have been paying 70% of top portion of their income in taxes.

At times of great economic growth it was 80%

Historically speaking it has been great for top income tax earners since the 80's. They are probably under taxed right now.

#3302254 Salesforce - 1 Bigots - 0

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 03:04 PM

Read up on the fair tax.

Is our tax code, the way it's set up now, hugely "unfair" to high income earners?

No. historically speaking this tax code has been awesome for very high income since the 80's

#3302029 Jarrett Boykin signed to 1 year deal

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 01:16 PM


#3301977 Alan Ball signs with Bears

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 12:58 PM

Ball don't lie.

Just his agent does to the press

#3301768 Florida boy, 13, shoots and kills 6-year-old brother during argument over foo...

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 11:07 AM

While we're not saying opposite things, we are definitely no on the same script.  The section devoted to it sums up the 2nd amendment fairly well and hits at its original intent:




It is almost as if any gun advocate could just place something on Wikipedia as long as it has a source... wait a minute

#3301409 same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

Posted by teeray on 27 March 2015 - 01:47 AM

People shouldn't even respond to TonyN.

The guy has been wrong more than anyone else on this board about just about everything.

I am not convinced he isn't really PFFL.

There are a lot of factors that go into evaluating a QB. Just looking at completion percentage and QB rating is not a good way