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In Topic: Beer recommendation thread

Today, 10:48 AM

Really into Bell's Oberon Ale now.It's the perfect summer beer in my opinion. Light enough to enjoy in hot weather, citrus notes, great flavor.oberon.jpg

Belle's Oberon us a great summer beer.

I also like the old standby Sam's Summer Ale.

Also tried Highland's Little Hump Spring Ale yesterday. Very hoppy but refreshing.

In Topic: Carolina style bbq or buffalo wings?

Today, 10:45 AM

Don't be so quick to judge until you've had something from Skyline.

I would eat cheese...wrapped in cheese...with a side if cheese.

No such thing as too much cheese

In Topic: Kevin Weidl from ESPN on Morgan Moses

Today, 10:41 AM

Hell I'd go
5-Brandon Thomas

First four picks would be INCREDIBLE if they worked out like that.

In Topic: Carolina style bbq or buffalo wings?

Yesterday, 03:13 PM

Too much cheese?


Yep.....Too much cheese is like saying too sexy of a woman....just no such thing.

In Topic: Kevin Weidl from ESPN on Morgan Moses

Yesterday, 10:24 AM

Cyrus Koandjio and Moses are my top tackles for the 1st round and should be available when we pick. Both of the tackles plays to the strength of the Panther's Offensive scheme that involves man-blocking in the run game, while their pass protection will improve through coaching and facing two of the top DE's in practice.


With the depth at WR, we can still get a stud in the 2nd round. If either Moses or CK is there at 28, we should pull the trigger.

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