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In Topic: PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

Today, 10:10 AM

When hardy is done with this case - he won't need to play another down in the NFL : I hope he gets good lawyers and not depend on the weak NFLPA.

Don't expect the NFLPA to do anything - this is the same organization that has running backs and offensive and defensive linemen under the same contract tier as wide receivers despite a difference in the way the wear and tear on their bodies.
The same NFLPA that can't set up a bank for their players that collectively would provide loans and protection from the hounds who want their every penny and of course they end up on ESPN broke or VH1 with some shitty reality show.

The same NFLPA that will sit there and let the Espn dictate the way the NFl handles lives of hardworking young men and have then discarded like they are nothing.

This is football a very very brutal game that wreaks havoc on the body of anyone who starts playing this game when young.
For anyone to honestly make it through high school , college and the NFl - there has got to be a screw loose somewhere.
That continuous intensity is not normal and holding the same players who depend on a whistle for their stop and go is well fools play.

NFL players are in a no win situation - the media glamorizes how much they make (and forget the crazy state to state taxes) and the fact that it's a contract and most of them will only see 20% of that money. Now monetary attention will attract every skank out there and when threatened - you will get a bee line of stories of hardy like situations.

People that think Hardy is going to sue someone and win in this case are just so cute.

In Topic: Best Odds to Win Pro Football Champ.

Today, 10:07 AM

Nahhh.....it is just more fun to create yet another thread on how the media give us no respect.


You guys need to find another hobby.....or get laid.


You take this poo WAY to seriously.

In Topic: PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

Today, 09:53 AM

My opinion: You let him play! He has not been convicted. What I remember was hardy had a good defense vs that chick and it was a" he said she said" case but the judge charged him any ways? Am I right? I would understand if there's video or something. Play him and wait for the verdict!

Ib4: grammar police


Rothlesberger was suspended and was not even officially charged.


Players are suspended all the time without being found guilty in a court of law yet.


The NFL does not have to follow legal jurisprudence.


I think they should wait until the legal systems plays itself out....just showing there is a prescendence for suspensions without and/or prior to legal convictions. 


As for a lawsuit.....the fact that there was a bench trial where a judge found him guilty is likely enough evidence for Goodell to go ahead with a suspension.....(even though it now is wiped out because Hardy is requesting a jury trial)

In Topic: Whiskey River is going full retard

Today, 08:18 AM

I hope the bar burns down.

In Topic: Whiskey River is going full retard

Today, 08:16 AM

I'm more bothered by a local promotion company organizing this than the bars hosting it.

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The owner of the local promotion company will absolutely NOT appreciate the e-mail that I sent him.

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